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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BK Retribution

Ashe-Cubed or Crushed?

BK Retribution Last updated on March 31, 2011
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This is my second guide I have made using this wonderfully easy website. I chose to base this guide on Ashe and her Frost Shot. This guide uses the awesome ability to slow targets and I built items accordingly. The focus of this guide is slowing enemy champions down with their movement speed and attack speed. Once slowed, you can pretty much just walk up and take their life. Please comment on this guide and give me feedback or advice that you think would benefit all who would like to utilize it.

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The first item on our list is the Berzerker's Grieves. I start with these first because movement speed is crucial to early game kills as well as attack speed. This item will help you late game as well as you slow the enemy champions in their tracks and pick them off one at a time. The next item is the Frozen Heart. The reason I chose this item is because it will help you to slow down opponents in addition to your Frost Shot. It lowers the enemies attack speed and movement speed which allows you an easy path up to the target and to kill them without fear of being harrassed. My next item, the Frozen Mallet, pretty much plays along with the rest of the items you have so far. As you can see, this build is all about slowing the enemy and making them regret ever laning against you. By now, you should be past the laning phase and be farming minions or killing champions to maximize your gold. The next item is indeed Warmogs. This will help you stay in team fights longer and let you be more efficient in addition to the fact that you are ranged means you can hang back behind your teammates and squeeze in that last fatal blow. Now, the second to last item, Atma's Impaler. Since you already have Warmogs, that will help to give you an additional attack bonus. The last item is the Manamune. This is basically the same as Atmas, but for mana. A good Ashe knows her limits and in doing so requires a decent ammount of mana. Now that you are packing, it;s time to ice some sprees!

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Summoner Spells

The summoner spells I chose are Ghost and Exhasut. Ghost will help you catch up to the slowed opponent and quickly dispatch them. It is also used for getting into a gank position to help your team or flom fleeing a gank that nobaody called MIAs for. The reason for me using exhaust is because yes it is a beginner spell. That doesn't mean that it's bad though. In fact, this psell will come in handy early game when you are out for kills and maybe even help you get fed a little. It also comes into play really nicely by complimenting your already slowed attacks.

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Pros / Cons


Will be able to slow like crazy which will allow for plenty of assists or kills
Give you the edge you need to add to make your threats more lethal
Make people Rage Quit(hee-hee)


The bad things about this guide are you don't really get much in the attack area until later on in the game and if you don't like assists, you won't like this guide as it can very easily lead to them. If you don't want assists, then you must be able to apply skill to your attacks and time them well.

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Team Work

In case you haven't been able to tell by the items listed above and in the last 4 chapters, this guide involves teamwork. It doesn't require the kind where you have to constantly have someone baby-sit you, but if you want kills, get used to the fact that about half of "your kills" will be assists. Let's just face it, some people out there care more about themselves than their teammates. They will often jump ahead of you to kill the enemy you just slowed and lethaly wounded. Assists are not a bad thing though, sure they aren't kills, but they still give you gold and it means that you now have to worry about one less champion for a couple seconds which can give you the time you need to finsh off that last turret or inhibitor. Also, with this guide I would personally go top or bot but not mid. I know you guys are like wtf is wrong with him. Ashe is ranged and thus goes mid, well not with this guide. You certainly can go mid if you would like but I would strongly advise you not to. The reason for this is you will need more champion kills early game and will need a teammate to help you get your slowed victims. Once you have slowed someone they are at the mercy of the nearest person or the nearest with range. Now if you are laning with Nocturne, then that is a different story. His skills are all about tealleporting to other champions to deliver the final blow. As Ashe, you must be patient and not expect to rack up a whole lot of kills right off the bat. Don't worry though, trust me the kills will come to you and mid to late game, you will be the team carry and will be constantly stalked by people not daring enough to set foot in your range. One hit and it means the difference between life and death. Also, please do not turret dive. I hate it when people complain about a guide because they died turret diving to get the kill. Just don't do it, if somebody is low on HP, you should be able to kill them using your range. One last tip would be Never, Ever fire right when an enemy champion comes within your range. If you let them think your range is smaller than it really is, then you can kill them as they flee with the movemnet speed of 200. Stay sharp and shoot sharper!!!