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Ashe Build Guide by Cranberryy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cranberryy

Ashe does NOT suck in dominion

Cranberryy Last updated on December 24, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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My introduction:

So I have had a many people in game rage quit on me for selecting Ashe in the champion selection screen, I don't blame them because most of the Ashe players I encounter are down right terrible. But when Ashe is played correctly, she can carry her team. A few people have asked me to make my build and put it on mobafire in game, so here I am.

So this is my first mobafire build, I have been playing Ashe since I first started on League of lets be honest, Ashe is a fairly easy champion; but as most would say this is true except if you're playing dominion she's useless. WRONG!

Ashe is over powered in the right hands. I have to say Ashe is one of the funnest dominion players. I play her about 80% of the time. For anybody who likes to play range AD carry as much as I do, this build is for you.

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For runes I take:

-Greater Mark of Malice x9
-Greater Seal of Malice x9
-Greater Glyph of Focus x9
-Greater Quintessence of Malice x3

The reason, obviously being, you want a great chance of critical hits. Your objective with this build is to stay behind your team, let them take the damage and poke away in the back, slowing with your Q enabled allows for easy take downs for your team early game and late game you can pretty much 1v1 anybody including tanks if you play your cards right. Just poke and kite, that's all it takes. With these runes and your full build you'll be hitting critical shots about 50 - 70% of the time.

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I start off with Prospectors Blade, Boots of Speed and 2 health pots. Depending on how the initial fight goes, if I get 1 or 2 kills and have enough health to just stay up on top and farm to 1650 gold and just return and buy a BF sword right off the bat, that's usually what I do. If you're a little banged up and feel you need to return to base, just buy Berserker's Greaves. I usually build the same items, but depending on the other may need to build some armor pen, magic resist, etc. But I tend to stick to this guide as a core for Ashe.

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Summoner Spells

I usually play top as Ashe, getting ghost enables you to get to top and use your Volley to slow 1 or 2 of them.

I use exhaust for anybody who thinks they're gunna dive me and get away with it. Remember, stay behind your team so if they have the balls to dive you, exhaust them and run away...let your team do the dirty work and get a free kill. Just stay in range incase their team decides to give him some support, volley and poke!

Later in the game, I basically use ghost to get away from sticky situations. Anytime I feel a gank coming on, or simply realizing the situation I am in may just feed somebody who is already fed.

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Basically what it all sums down to is letting your team soak the damage for you, staying behind them and slowing them so you can get easy assists or in late game, easy kills.

Poke and kite, poke and kite, poke and kite!!!

This is my first build here on mobafire, let me know what you think. Thanks.

This is one of my good games as Ashe, now I know this isn't the same build but this is a screenshot a friend of mine took for me. Still the same core items though :x