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Build Guide by Disko Vrucica

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Disko Vrucica

Ashe-DPS Queen

Disko Vrucica Last updated on January 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This is my first guide so pls have that in mind. :)
We all know that Ashe is Godlike if she is well played,well im here to share my believes about Ashe...Hope you will like it! With this you have ~+15 armor penetration which helps a lot.

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9x Greater Mark Of Desolation

Well,i choose this beacuse if you play on my way,you will find that you can get down tanks rly easy in backup which is realy usefull for your team.With this you have ~+15 armor penetration which helps a lot,and you will kill those squishy champions like monsters in jungle.

9x Greater Seal Of Furor
9x Greater Glyph Of Furor
3x Greater Quintessence Of Furor

With this build you have +60% critical strike chance,and in most cases you will crit. 5 times in a row,and with those runes I guarantee you will own any enemy(of course if it's not feeded from you or your's mates.) :)

Ashe is squishy champion,you can get down very easily in mid game if you get in 1v2 so dodge runes,health runes or something like that is not usefull if asking me. Thats why all my runes are Furor except mark beacuse Ashe can hit fast multiple it with crit chance then with your BIG attack damage and you are GODLIKE... believe me with this build i never lost if we get 45+ minutes only beacuse im MASSIVE DPS.(of course you can win alone but you are BADLY needed to yours team.

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I choose 21/0/9 .

My advice: if you are lower lvl then 21 then go in this order if you are bigger then it's not important which way just first fill offense tree then utility.

3x Deadliness
1x Archmage's Sawy
4x Alacrity
2xOffensive Mastery
3x Sunder
3xBrute Force
1x Archmage's Sawy

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I always start with vampiric scepter,it provides me more time on lanes without going to base which I need if I want to hit Infinity Edge.In item purchase tree I put berserker's greaves before infinity edge in case if you are ignored and cant get 1850g fast.If im MID lane i can always get it fast(just try to hit mobs last hit,practice with bots;it realy helps).If asking me that is only debateable from infinty edge I go in way which I writed on item purchase tree.

If you are able to get infinity edge in first 10-15 mins,then you will see how ashe is powerfull,and believe me its realy possible,just play smart and always look for LAST HIT.

After you got Infinity Edge and Phantom Dancer go for Black Cleaver.You need it for those tanky guys. :) After it you must go for Last Whisper, it gives +60 attack damager and passive +40% armor penetration( do you remember +15 from runes?),thats where story begin :) .With it + black cleaver=SHOW TIME. :P

Stealth champions(Evelyn,Twitch)

You need Banshee's Veil for them.Banshee will provide you more HP and mana+magical resistance which can save you easy from stealth champions.

My suggestion: Buy it after phantom dancer,beacuse you need some damage before,sometimes they can underestimate and then its yours turn.Before you buy it dont go to further on lanes if you are alone.

When you play against stealth enemys(if asking me worst enemy for ashe-you cant see them and escape) you need to look on unstealth champion,he will tell you how near are they. if he proceeding hard on you-RUN they will gank you. if calculate it well you will be saved in most cases,in that situtations nano seconds are important in judging-so be quick. ;)

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Skill sequence

Just go way I posted you will not have problems. :)

I go on lvl 3 with hawkshot beacuse it can be help to me but to my team mates too with it... In too much cases it saved me from ganks...Someone say i go better for valley,but from lvl 1-2 you will not get too much damage with which you will kill your enemy but with hawkshot you get team advantage and of course some little control around you.

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Summoner spells

In most cases i use flash but i posted here ghost beacuse im looking to help players who are starting to play or are lower lvl's beacuse they dont have it. if you got flash then in mastery tree go for 1x good hands except 1x haste.

I use heal beacuse it saves a lot. :) Im talking from mine experience. :P and of course if you pushing,and 2 or more players have it then it starts massive healing time! :D

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-massive damage
-great support
-great farming ability
-you can be most valuable player(in mine case almost )every match

-low HP
-experienced players will always attack you first so beware of them

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In any moment if you are able go kill low mobs:wolfs,golems.When get infinity edge go kill mobs for blue and red buff... I always go first for red beacuse you got slow on your frost shot+red buff you can be a rly good assist.In mid game always when possible go for blue beacuse you need it so you can push lanes very quick with your valley.

In most cases i got both on me,and believe me you are epic with them,with this build. :)

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Team Work

HAVE IN MIND: You are not tank and you don't go in battle,you stay outside and doing MASSIVE DAMAGE, always hit first squishy champions and damage dealers(in most cases they are low health or armor and with armor penetration from runes+your damage you kill them rly fast)-NEVER attack TANK that only noobs do.TANK is last one,he dont hit too much damage and you first need to take care of those around him. ;) Sometimes you will lose in team fights,you need to calculate when you need to runaway but beware in calcuating beacuse we all hate team fight LEAVERS. ;)

Always use your crystal arrow when its possible,use that damn good skills which RIOT gave you,dont let it be unused.Dont be afraid hiting from one side to others,think when he could probably go and fire,you wont hit it if you dont fire it. :P

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Farming/LAST HIT

This is the most important part in this guide... As you can see item list is rly expensive and its rly important how fast can you farm money beacuse faster you get infinity edge the better you will be.Use your volley to last hit,getting last hits is MUST DO,use volley when there are 2 or more creeps on low health,or last hit the siege machines beacuse they give 29g.and of course kill some neutral camps between pushes/ganks so you farm more and more money.

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Sorry for my bad english,i will be honored if i can help someone,if need any help add mi in-game: DiskoVrucica,im open for some practice game if you have doubts,or add me so we play some normal game.

Thats all for now,if have any suggestion or questions, pls comment I would like to see yours opinion and take it if its better(after i try it).


*Kibblinator-i taked yours advice and tryied to play it,its better then Hextech Gunblade. ty on help.