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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Thorn

Ashe: Fast and Furious

Thorn Last updated on March 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi and welcome to my very first build. I would like to start off by explaining a few important things. People always wonder why I usually get no boots, the way I see it is that two Phantom Dancers gives more than enough speed boost and if you want to get somewhere fast just use Ghost (I added boots into another build for those who want to get them. For those of you who really want to get boots, I suggest getting berserkers greaves first and omitiing the black cleaver at the end. This is my first build so some feeback would be great if you feel that you have something to say. This build relies on getting some gold early on, if you don't get alot of money, it might not go over so well (so try it a few times). I know the item build might seem a bit weird, but I find that it works fine. Well, I think it's time to get on with the rest of the guide.

P.S. I know the builds are almost no different, but I made the 2nd one for people who want to get boots(and know when to get them).

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Added Boots To 2nd Itemization

This is for people who want to get boots. I would like to say that this is a very effective, but really expensive build and buying boots really hinders your power. my guide will stay the same because I am basing it off the first build (I added a small bit about the boots after the item section).

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Pros / Cons


-Really strong all game
-Eats squishies and does nice damage on tanks
-You can stay around for a long time beacause of high lifesteal
-High crit rate
-Really high attack speed
-Really good damage
-Awsome passive
-A move that doubles up as a gold giver and a clairvoyance
-3 slows and a stun
-An ultimate that travels the whole map, does decent damage, stuns and slows


-A bit gold reliant
-Have to play well to do good
-Targeted a lot
-Ultimate is sometimes hard to land
-A bit slow
-Not good if your team is feeding a lot because of low survivability
-Early game mana problems

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I chose these runes because the bonus attack speed really helps Ashe all game, and the armor pen. Quintessences help with handling tanks.

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The mastery tree I provide basically gives the same bonuses it provide in my item list: attack speep, a bit of armor pen., damage, etc. I went for more offense when picking these masteries.

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I chose these items in this sequence because they give Ashe much needed boosts at the time when they are most needed. At the beggining of the game, a Dorans Blade gives you a must have life boost, a bit of damage and some life steal to heal up if you have been hit. A Zeal is great because it gives you attack speed, a bit of movement speed and decent crit chance (you don't need much else early game). Getting the Bloodthirster is a must because it gives great life steal and damage, that increases with each minion you kill. The Phantom Dancer is like upgrading you Zeal, and the Zeal after that is like adding fuel to the flames. Along with it's great passive, the Infinity Edge gives high crit chance and good damage. Finishing off the 2nd Phantom Dancer means you dont have to cry about lost movement speed from no boots. (If you havent sold your dorans blade by now, you should because it is just taking up space)Anything after the 2nd Phantom Dancer is just overkill: 2nd Bloodthirster = loads of damage and lifesteal, Black Cleaver = even more attack speed and damage, and armor pen to finish off those pesky tanks.

P.S. I've added together all the Item bonuses and it makes: +80% crit chance, +140% attack speed, +30% movement speed, +30% lifesteal, +250 damage, crits do 250% damage, every hit lowers the targets armor by 15 (up to 3 stacks), and after killing 40 monsters lifesteal becomes +50% and damage become +330.

P.S.S. If your following the second build get boots early and sell them late if you need money because it is better having any one of the other items.

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Skill Sequence

Not much to say here, just max volley, get a hawkshot early for scouting, ultimate whenever you can and frost arrow after volley for slowing.

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Summoner Spells

Ghost and Flash help ashe with running and is especially helpful with my items because she ends up bit slower than most champions with no boots. They also help her get out of tough situations because she doesn't have much survivability.

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Early Game

To start the game, grab a Dorans Blade and head to whichever lane you want to (Ashe is fine in every lane). When you get to the lane and start battling just harass enemies with your attack when you can. If you want to you can throw in a volley every so often but ashe has early game mana problems so try to save up some mana to slow enemies if they try to chase you or turret dive you. when you get between 1200-1600 gold and you haven't died, you should head back and grab a Zeal and a Vampiric Scepter if you have the money. If you keep getting harassed and you must head back or you have died, you might want to invest in a health potion or two, so you can stay for longer. Remember to follow the skill build I suggested and you should be fine.

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Mid Game

Once you rack up some gold head back and get the vampiric scepter if you havent yet (you should have by now), after that get a B.F. Sword and you can start to gank enemies. Having the red lizard buff helps when you start to gank because it can be the deciding factor of a kill. Blue golem buff also helps if because it gives you more mana to have frost arrow When your ganking always have frost arrow on so that it's harder for the enemy to run, Initiate the gank with your ultimate and spam the emeny with volley as well as your attacks for maximum effectiveness. just stay back a bit so that you don't get hit, and farm up lots of gold. By the end of mid game try to have the 2nd Zeal and part of the infinity edge. Basically it's not much different from early game.

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Late Game

If you have done good in early and mid games, You will shine at end game because you will be hitting massive damage and healing most of it back. Try to get the Blue golem and red lizard buffs because they are both very usefull for Ashe, try to keep blue golem because it helps you spam volley and wreak havoc. By late game you shouldn't have many mana problems even without blue golem. Remember that you can hit really fast and hit massive damage, so focus the enemy squishies. In late game you gotta just keep cool, try not to get hit, go buy some items when you have built up a good amount of money, and spam the enemies with volley whenever you can.

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Well, I'm pretty much done here. Have fun playing Ashe and please leave a comment.