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Ashe Build Guide by doomlord7878

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author doomlord7878

ashe for lvling rating

doomlord7878 Last updated on August 15, 2011
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armor pen Ashe

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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my guide

this is my Ashe guide for just getting your elo up because it lets you get the most consistent results and hopefully get you a wining record. this is how even not a set in stone build they are just the 2 builds that tend to use about 9/10 times as you should know you still need to be able to change up any build in order to work with what your team is doing and what is going on with the other team.

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I play Ashe as a champion that controls the flow of a fight almost more like a support then a carry and because of that I use a 15/0/15 mastery build. now I know this may seem odd for alot of people but think of it she has slows, hawk shot and a godly stun. all of that will allow you to change when and how a fight will happen. now I take a 15/0/15 build for more movements speed imp flash and more mp5 well still getting armor pen attack dmg and speed. this seems to workout very well with hardly being able to see a big difference in dmg. Now i don't get improved buffs because i just don't feel that Ashe need red as alot of other ranged ad do and another person on your team would end up doing more with it. you can always go the 21/0/9 that alot of people do nothing wrong with that I just feel it just doesn't give you as much of what you need on Ashe as it would for other ad carrys.

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summoner spells

I take flash exhaust but you can always go ghost flash. I just find that exhaust keeps you alive better vs feed ad champs better then ghost would and as I see it I have banshee for casters and exhaust for ad buying me at least a few sec to live to take down a few people on the other team. + it allows you get to the kills you need to get feed in the lane or stop the gank that would of killed you. + in most games their melee ad champ like tryn, noc or xin
is going to go after you like crazy and I find this is almost the only way that you are going to live and most likely kill them. trading ghost for exhaust is the only of summoner spell set up that I use for Ashe.

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OK I think my Runes should speak for them selves but you never know armor pen marks so you guess it you do more dmg. mp5 seals this is so you can spam volley more have mana for that arrow when you need it and don't have to worry if your wasting to much mana slowing people with your q. I get magic res blues about 95% of the time because getting burst down before you get your banshies is never fun you can always go attack speed if you want but I just don't think its worth it. for quints I go one armor pen because you can never have to much armor pen and 2 + 26 health I feel you just don't have the health you need with out them for the first few lvls unless you go dorans and I just feel boots 3 health pots is a better start.

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Ok my first build is kind of the norm for most high elo Ashe players start boots 3 health pots go to lane first back get 2 dorans and a ward unless your with a support. next I like to build my zeal attack speed crit and movement speed just cant be beat. now why take this over rushing bf sword well I feel you already have 2 dorans to add some dmg and as i said I like to be able to move around more in team fights and that attack speed might mean the difference between getting that slow off or not to get your team the kill. next bf sword into Ie so you can start doing some real dmg next just get your rank 2 boots and build your banshee because if you get cced or nuked you do no good for your team or yourself. now just get your last whisper becuase people will start stacking armor so you'll stop killing them.

my second build is one I do if I am going to be fighting alot of low armor low health people its meant to just true dmg everyone. unliek the last build this one is all about just getting dmg attack speed and armor pen. I like to use this one whenever I can over the other one for one reason its coast a hell of alot less then the other one does. this also seems to give you more consistent game all around only down side is if you go past about 45min mark will not do as much dmg as my last build would have. same start boots 3 health pots first back will be 2 dorans. now next this you will get is a brutalize this is just one of the most amazing items for any ad champ in game and cost almost nothing only 1337g so just cant be beat. next I will go for my black cleaver more attack speed dmg and armor pen. from here rank 2 boots and start on your banshee. then just finish your build off with last whisper.

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what you should so in your lane is just farm farm and more farm. yes you should harasses that other team but not to the point it hurts your farm. as a late game carry you want lane to last as long as you can and get as much farm as you can because you are more dependent on items then any other champ on your team. this means if you don't have the highest cs on your team your doing it wrong. now because of this and your low dmg out put until you at least get your 2 dorans blades I don't even look for a kill until 6 and get arrow. now this doesn't mean if someone does something dumb don't kill them just means don't worry about it to much remember 2 creep waves out does a kill in gold. also because you want lane to last for as long as you can I try to avoid pushing to hard into my opponents turret. I normal only chose to kill the turret when I get my first bf sword or father into my build because this about the time I feel I can do the dmg need for team fights.

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team fights

ok for team fight I like to just poke with volley until I see someone on the other team get to far away from their team (make sure its someone other then the tank 95% of the time unless he is way out of position). when this happens arrow them and let your team burst them down letting you start the fight 5v4. now the key to playing Ashe well in team fights is knowing you are not a tank and therefore avoid being in the middle of the fight at all coast stay be hide your team slowing people who are going for you or your other squishes well doing as much dmg as you can to the focus target. a good way to stay alive alot in team fight is use wall to keep your self away from the other team and shoot threw them and volley if you need to. just because you need to flash over a wall not to die doesn't mean you have to be out of the fight.

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still to come

at some point I will be putting up videos and maybe a replay of some of my Ashe game just so people can see how I tend to play her...