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Ashe Build Guide by BeyondImagina

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BeyondImagina

Ashe for the WIN!

BeyondImagina Last updated on January 9, 2012
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This is my build for Ashe as a pure ad carry. This guide is all about being able to give dmg, and carry your team, to secure the win.
The reason i love Ashe is cause of her ability to heras, take last hits and really push enemies to the limit. Her incredable speed and dmg late game, will secure every win if played right!

The main problem with ashe is that she's so squishy, but what she lags in defense, she has in offense.
Know some of you are sitting, thinking that ashe would be better of with some more armor, magic res or atleast some kind of dmg block... But i say no! Ashe is a carry who only works with, if not a tank, then an offtank on the team. Pure ap team with 1 ashe, wouldn't work at all, unless it's someone like offtank Sion or Singed.

The basics of ashe is, heras, heras, heras! Both on side as well as mid lane. Get all the minions you can, since Hawk will give you an increased gold gain. Do that and you won't fail as Ashe.

More will come... Enjoy !

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Why those runes??
Well, marks gives the highest armor pene, so of course you should get all 9 of them, for more dmg on enemies.
The seals i would buy with mana, as you need mana early game, where she lacks alot of mana. So that might be the best choise, since it makes you lane longer and heras more. But late game it's not so nessercary, since i never run out of mana with ashe.
About Glyphs, i would take cooldown reduction. It's not that helpful early game since it's based on char lvl, but late game it's so great to do W more, as well as hawk shoot. Ulti will never get that low of a CD, but still helps a little bit at lvl 18.

My masteries are all build to dmg! nothing else.. Remember the dmg to minions, cause as lvl 1 and 2 it can be hard to lasthit, if enemies heras alot, so the more dmg you can do to minions, the better the chance for a last hit is. The last 4 point i didn't really knew what to use on, so i choose cooldown reduction, which as said before, is good both early and especially late game. You could also go some armor or magic res in utility or if you use other summoner spells, use it on those.

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The items i've chosen is cause i wanna go full ad carry with ashe. No dmg reduce, no block, pure dmg.

I start out with Dorians Blade for the highest gain at lvl 1, the life, life steal and dmg is good early game and secures more minion kills than if you wanted to buy boots or Vampiric scepter.
And if you are going mid lane, you will get gold fast enough to go get speed from Berserker's Greaves early.
The first thing to get is Bloodthirster, purely for the ad and life steal, which is very helpful early game. Some might want Phantom Dancer first, but Bloodthirster is so expensive, and you will kill minions faster and stay on lane longer (cause of life steal), so that you will get Phantom Dancer faster, than if otherwise. Besides your boots gives attack speed too, so more isn't nessecary early game.
After that you build your Phantom Dancer, for the crit % chance and attack speed + some movement speed, which is good when hunting down enemies or escaping slow(ed) heroes.

The next item you should build (a must have item) is Infinity's Edge. Gives alot of dmg, crit chance and increase crit dmg from 200% to 250%, totally indespensable!
After that i usually build Phantom again, base upon crit chance and attack speed, that way you can easily take down some enemies in late game teamfights.
After that one more bloodthirster.. Dmg + life steal with all that attack speed = game winner.
Then as last item (when i've sold boots - no worries cause of Phantoms move speed) I've thought about buying Youmuu's Ghostblade, which i haven't tested yet.
Now, some might ask, why not another Phantom or Blood?? Well, until it became clear that another Phantom is kinda useless, i always bought that as last item, based on the crit chance, which will get a 100% with another Phantom. But since you have alot of attack speed and 85% crit chance, i thought, why not try to go for more dmg and still reach 100% crit.. That is where Ghostblade comes into play.. 15% crit chance will let you reach the 100%, and with 30 ad and passive CD reduction and armor pene, i thought, why not just buy that? And if you, in a teamfight, wanna increase your attack speed, you can just activate Ghostblade. Also works if hunting down foes in very late game.

Even though i wrote Ghostblade as last item, i now know that the only real build is to get a Phantom Dancer more, cause of the attack speed and move speed.. therefor you don't need boots + you have above 2+ attack speed, so your life steal is over the roof!! I've even encountered trynda full build and survived!

ANd that is why i've choosen these items and in that order. You will crit above 1,2k dmg, when full build, which is sick with 2,xxx attack speed. Enjoy!

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