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Ashe Build Guide by Kmo253

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kmo253

Ashe Speed AD

Kmo253 Last updated on January 8, 2012
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Hey guys, been playing LoL for a little under a year now and I decided to show the community how I play Ashe. I like to play Ashe as a CC carry. Basically means I just annoy champions and kite them until my team and I can get an easy win. Plus, I'm sitting at the GF's house unable to play so this is the next best thing.

P.S. Sorry I'm not very savvy when it comes to this website so please bear with me. And I would like to apologize for the wordiness of my guide.

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This build is intended to show that Ashe is more than just an AD carry. However, this might not be the most enjoyable Ashe to play if the only concern is player kills. This build will produce a lot of assists, think of it as being a PG in basketball.

* An important note: To successfully play Ashe using this build it is recommended to take mid to farm creep. This is your primary source of gold, NOT KILLS
* Save your first arrow for the opposing champion for the crit. Very simple, but do it in a sequence where you can arrow/volley/arrow. Volleying right after your first arrow reduces the cooldown time on your next basic attack.
* When farming mid, last hitting is crucial, BUT players make big mistakes here. You have to match the opposing champions damage output. Simple example: If your facing Heim mid, he is gonna push the lane very hard. To counter, constantly do damage to higher health minions while
watching the minion your minions are attacking. Try to use volley to pick up those extra minions you'd miss from your creep.
* When chasing an enemy champion (many players don't do this) make sure that after each frost arrow fired you are moving towards the direction the enemy is running. This space will allow you to chase an enemy down for you and your team. Also, when an enemy is running to a bush, proceed with caution. Many champions can burn down Ashe and use the bush to get the jump on you. Either Hawk shot the bush or know that you can burn them down before they kill you.

Early game, farm farm farm... Avoid taking damage from other champions especially since your first item is Doran's Blade. Most champions Ashe will face mid have extra gold to purchase potions that put you a quite a disadvantage if you take any amount of damage. There are very few champions that you can zone or harass early game (seek perfection in farming mid). Try to stay in the lane as long as possible, the game can be lost if your forced to back before level 6. For early game kills, rely on your jungler. It just isn't a good idea to have an early death and Ashe is very squishy.

Lastly, during the game this is your goal. With this build your move speed will be much much higher than any other champion you face. (Avoid Rammus...) Try to Arrow or slow any carry or squishy champion that over extends in fights. I don't know how many times I see teams focus fire the tank. Anyways, you want to single out and focus their damage dealers. Just pretend that the tank has thornmail and avoid them. Another important tip that will win you a lot of games; During team fights, stay as far back as possible and flank. Usually a bad strategy, but with the move speed you have you can kite/bait their carry into chasing you. Remember, when their team is chasing you, your doing well. It will take a few games to get the timing down and really learn to kite players.

This was my attempt to show players my take on Ashe, sorry for the length of type and I've probably missed a lot of important details, but I will go ahead and leave my screen name on here so people can look me up for tips. It would be much easier for me to speak with anyone directly who would like any help. Thanks guys and enjoy