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League of Legends Build Guide Author Einareen

Ashe - The Consistent Marksman (Markswoman?)

Einareen Last updated on November 24, 2010
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Welcome to my first build, The Ashe Consistency build

I. Introduction
II. Stats & Skills
III. Item Build
IV. Gameplay (How to play as Ashe)
V. Runes & Masteries
VI. Tips & Advice
VII. The end & Credits

Remember to comment! :-)

I. Introduction

This build is meant to make Ashe less squishy and be able to stay in fights longer, thus the name "Consistency build". Now, the first impression might be that this build seems a little bit tankish or non-carry for a character as Ashe. But believe me, this health and un-squishiness is more than worth it. Cause squishiness has all ways been my biggest issue with Ashe, and I think that this build can solve that very problem.

Before we start I must say I am not the most experienced player, even though I'm still a player who is not reckeless and plays smart.
And because of the lack of Influence Points, I have sticked with only one rune build. However, if someone has any objections against the rune build, or the masteries setup, please comment and tell me what you would have wanted and why. Advices are very much appreciated, as I can see myself learning from this as well.

Now, let's start. We have quite an adventure in front of us. :-)

II. Stats & Skills

Frost shot

Toggle: Ashe's basic attacks slow her target's movement speed by 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 35% for 2 seconds.

Cost 8 mana per attack | Range 600

This skill speaks for it self. Gives great contribution to Ashe's amazing CC abilities. Along with volley, this skill is just plain dangerous and ******** annoying for the enemy team. Use it to slow down the enemies for your own benefit or a for a sweet team effort.

NOTE: Be careful to turn it off before attacking minions or neutrals, cause this spell really eats up your allready thin-scratched mana reserves.


Ashe fires 7 arrows in a cone dealing attack damage + 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 80. Volley also applies Frost Shot.

Cooldown 20 / 16 / 12 / 8 / 4 seconds | Cost 60 mana | Range 600

Actually quite all right this one. Its skill shot that really only requires minimum skill to use. It slings out 7 arrows where you aim it in a wide area and medium range to hit enemies for extra damage (No crits or on hit effects. Except for the built-in slow) and slows them.
This should be the skill you would spam in a teamfight, where on the other hand only eats your mana if you use it too often in a one-v-one.

The trick is, be careful with your mana until you get that Manamune or the blue golem buff.


Passive: Ashe gains 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 extra gold whenever she kills any unit.
Active: Ashe animates a Hawk to scout for her, revealing terrain as it flies toward target location.

Cooldown 20 seconds | Range 6000

This skill is rather useless in my eyes. The extra money is all-right i guess, but it isnt really worth it to put more than one point in it before lategame. What it does though, is a free clairvoyance. This is very helpful if you can use it right. Especially on Twisted Treeline, as the map is small which in some way gives it better range. So if you are solo-laning, just use it frequently at the red lizard buff to see if your teammates are being ganked or not.

Enchanted Crystal Arrow

Fires a large arrow in a straight line. If it hits an enemy champion, it will stun that champion for up to 3.5 seconds, based on the distance the arrow traveled, and deal 250 / 425 / 600 (+100% of ability power) magic damage. Additionally, surrounding units take half the damage and are slowed.

Cooldown 75 seconds | Cost 150 mana | Range 20000

This is an excellent ultimate. It beats Ezreal's global purely out of the stun. The stun is just marvelous! Its a perfect turret-defense skill as well as offensive.

For defense, use it the exact moment someone tries to harrass you while they are in turret range. This doesn't happen often, and surely less in higher tier games. But still, people get greedy and want that squishy Ashe! This your time for payback. Your moment of glory. Hour of power. Shoot them, watch the turret tare them apart without them unable to do anything and be sure to spam slow afterwards. They sure regret trying to kill you and that wont happen twice in one game. One of the better offensive ultimates in the game. (Define "offensive" :-D)

For offense, use it to save a teammate running from a nasty enemy, or just use it to disable that *****y Master Yi and kick his arse. These are the simple uses or this spell. Its short cool-down makes this one somewhat "spammable". Even though the cool-down is not short at all, it is for ultimates. And this is very helpful.
600 damage + stun, 300 damage and slow for enemies around the target you hit = ****ing awesomeness.
This is a great initiator skill for a teamfight. This slows them down and scares and confuses them. But there are even more ways! Use it in the middle of a teamfight for a nasty surprise, or at the end just to make the final touch look cool and demoralize the ones still standing.
What you would want to do is to hit the squishiest enemy, possibly their dps or caster nuker. Hopefully he stands close to his tanks and teammates, meaning you get a slow + collateral damage. Now, when they are hurt and slowed, go in, use your volley to damage the whole bunch and let your team have a feast they wont forget in a long time. This is a skill that you most definitely will have much fun with.


While out of combat, Ashe's critical strike chance increases by 3/6/9/12/15/18% every 3 seconds, removed after next attack. Focus will now display a buff showing how much extra crit chance Ashe has.

This is why people can call Ashe a crit user, and have little crit items. Basically, you want to stand away from the minions and not auto-attack, and poke those last hits. This is such a good poker skill, and can be used for a lot. Again, this works like an initiator. Allways hit the champion with the first hit after running from spawn or running from mid to help out your team, and this passive will help you a lot.[/h3

III. Item Build/Sequence

The core item sequence:

Basically, what this build does is to maintain better survivability for Ashe. She really has none from before. Probably one of the squishiest champions in the game.
There are several factors contributing to make Ashe less squishy. In this build you find some of them, and one factor is in the Item build.

Lets talk only about the core items since we will be mentioning the items quite much in the "Gameplay" section anyway.

There is a lot of discussion going on about what boots you want to take and if you want defense, attack speed or pure movement speed. Personally, I don't like buying defense boots like the "Mercury Treads" or "Ninja Tabis". Why? Because I need either movement speed or attack speed much more. Now, movement speed or attack speed is again a matter of preference. But then again, its really just how you play Ashe that decides one of the two. If you poke-shoot with Ashe, like many do, Movement Speed is important. Thus leaving you with the Boots of Swiftness. However, if you are the one scaring the enemy off with conescutive hard hits, attack speed is great.
What i would recommend though, is get attack speed runes and buy those swift shoes. You need them without a Phantom Dancer present.

Situational item: Boots of Swiftness (More speed is often needed for better kite ability)

This super expensive weapon is made to make you a god mid game. I'm not saying you can or should go take on everyone else. But if you get this early, it tends to be great. ("Rape" is being used too often in this build :-S).
Now I have seen builds that go around this item by insisting on buying "Bloodthirster" as their early damage item. And really, it is tempting. But not as tempting as "IE" is! Again, every Ashe build has this weapon and it might seem boring. But it is in every build for a reason! Ashe has 100% crit-chance on poke-shots. Use these shots to scare away enemies chasing team-mates or just to initiate a 1 v 1 duel. Either way, this item is better than "Bloodthirster" and a good item for Ashe.

This item is of utmost importance. With this item you no longer are the squishy one. This one makes you survive long enough to run away and live to die another day. Okay, that sounds a little squishy, but at least you dont get killed immediately. And, when you get this you can beat that Master Yi's *** off a little easier than before. That would be nice, wouldn't it?
This item upgrades into "Randuins Omen" later on. Which is just awesome!

Situational item: "Catalyst the Protector" (For upgrading into Banshee Veil)

This item rapes.
Well, you might say that "Last Whisper" is a perfect item for Ashe. And yes, I must agree that "Last Whisper" is also a weapon for the rapist. But still, the life steal, the aura and the attack speed of Starks fervor is the item me and probably my team prefer Ashe to wield. But if you are so stubborn, go use your "Last Whisper". And actually, if they have 3 tanks or more, Last Whisper is a must. So it is really how you like to build it that comes first. Just remember to buy the "Recurve Bow" before you decide what you make it into.

Situational item: "Last Whisper" (For heavy tank teams)

Ashe is quite mana starved throughout the whole game. In the end you can however change that and get some damage in the process. Basically, what this item gives is mana regen, a great mana pool and some surprisingly amounts of damage.

Your defense item. This makes enemy phys champions seem like *******. Just stun that Master Yi with your ult when he uses his highlander and piss him off cause he cant harm you anyway. Now, its a bit worse against those AP people. But just stay out of their range. It still helps a little against them too though, there is some health in this item.
This is actually where i would say the game has ended. This is your final item unless the game is going on forever. In that case, you want damage.

Situational item: "Banshee Veil" (For teams with three or more nukers/casters)

In the end of a long match like 60 - 80 minutes long you will find your damage low compared to other champions in lategame. Then there is only one mandatory way to go; bloodthirster.
100 damage and 25% lifesteal. Need I say more? Lifesteal works great with Starks fervor and adds up to a whopping 45%. Damage gets you as far as 300 damage. Which is enough in lategame.

Weird as it seems, with this current Ashe build, 40% of the games or so turn out to be those "rare" long matches. Which is really cool! Maybe I have found the recipe to get matches to last? :-)

IV. Gameplay (How to play as Ashe)

Let's start with the laning gameplay and the interesting part. Cause lets be honest. All that information up there is pretty much both tiresome and barely interesting.
But, let's have fun...

Early game/Laning Phase

Buy the Dorans Shield and one mana potion and go mid. If you're in a premade team with some good teammates on Teamspeak or something, you might want to lane. Ashe is really good in laning the sidelanes. Thats really only because of her amazing CC abilities. You might want to assist a carry or be the carry of a tank.

Anyway, lets stick with you heading for the mid lane.
Buy the Dorans Shiled and a mana potion and head for the mid lane. What champion you will face is irrelevant in the beginning. What you want to do is last shot those minions. If it is a mellee champion in mid or someone you are certain plays badly, you can be aggressive and harass some more. Ashe is a good harasser, that is well known.
You will have to be careful with your horrible squishiness. And when you get harased, just set back, one shot minions and heal with your shield. Be careful about having minions around you all ways. At early game, minions can change the outcome of a 1 v 1 mid duel easily. The enemy champion attacks you with alot of minions around. She will have a massive health drop since all your caster minions engage her at once. Use your volley, use your slow and kill that overconfident douchebag. Be careful as you may fall into this trap as well.

Mid game/ganking phase

You will know that mid phase has started when you see minor ganks going on in sidelanes or mid lane is being pushed by three or more champions.

By now you might want to have these items:

And started building this one:

A tower or two may have fallen all ready and this stage is crucial to get towers and kill minions. You need to lvl as fast as possible and farm a lot. There will be passive team fights going on in lanes where teams pretty much stand gazing at each other and tower hugging. This is the time for you to lvl fast. You will get more gold than the enemy team and lvls.
If you are passively fighting in mid, make sure to utilize every mistake your enemy might do. Master Yi is probably alpha striking at a close minion to try to hit some of you. Now is the time for your stun and to initiate this cold war into a outrageous slaughter for your team. Shoot your arrow at the moment he arrives to the last minion in his alpha strike. He will land at the minion he aimed at and run the fastest ha can back.
Just shoot it. Shoot your arrow and watch him die to your and your fellow teammates hits. Now the enemy will try to engage to save him. They are doomed. Collateral with your volley and watch them die too. Push turret and mid phase evolves into late gaming.

Tip: In mid game you should try to use your CC abilities to the fullest. You are not yet capable of dueling and not sturdy enough to endure team-fights. Therefore, its your job to poke their carries and to slow collaterally. And maybe even def your towers. You have a minor role in mid game.

Late game / The end of all things

At late game you have a good initiator skill with your ulti, and you have gold. Lots of gold.

By start of late game you want to have these: (or the situational items of your choice)

And started building on this one:

In case of very late game: (Which happens quite often now-a-days)

Now is the time for the Ashe show off. People will rage. And i mean it, it will most definitely be people who rages. If you're doing good, you maybe know the reason.
Now you have your beloved attack speed, your mana, life steal... You are pretty much ready to walk around a little on your own. Now is the phase for heavy teamfights and baron buffing. Still, now you can go around and duel people. This is because you have a low cool-down on your Enchanted Crystall Arrow, and you can beat some ***es. Physicals is the preferred target. Take out junglers with your hawk-shot and just mess around.
Late-game is difficult. Its now the tactical geniuses of your team have to step up and to their job. Not saying that YOU are a tactical genius. Anyway, now you have to organize your fighting and deffing. No more going solo just to kill minion waves. Work together! This is teamplay time.
Okay, your role in lategame? Do damage. Pure consistent slowing damage. Now you dont slow for others, you slow for yourself. You are a goddess or war and a queen of slows. You stun with gigantic arrows and do hell lot of damage. What is there to worry about?

Now, that would be if you where winning. If you are loosing, you will have to defend your turrets. Ashe is a brilliant turret defender. But not even you, Carry Ashe can defend a turret against four enemies. Use teamwork. Slow enemies and push when they are dead. If you can, check baron continuously for a possible gank. Baron gank might be your only chance for a push-and-win, which is quite an awesome way to win.

So i hope you get the basics. Be careful and be deadly. You are an archer. You are a marksman. Actually, you are Ashe the markswoman!

V. Runes & Masteries

Sorry, but we are not finished yet. Or maybe your lazy and have read only half of the thing. Or maybe you love runes? Either way, you are a weird douche, and you need to be told something.

My current runes are complete crit chance except for the blue ones. They are cool-down runes.
Before you kill me, i want to say something about crit chance runes. My mains are Tryndamere, Ashe and Master Yi (Weird huh? I am talking a lot of **** against Yi in this build)

Then its not so weird with full crit chance i hope. Trynda need the crit chance, Master Yi works great for me with crit chance and Ashe is going well with crit Chance. But i know that Ashe needs other runes and that are the ones i listed in the runes section up above and that is how you should build her runes.

Why? Because of these facts:

For early game pwnage. Might be a little un-useful considering your lack of any armor penetration items. Still, even though its most useful in early game, its usefulness is gold. Go make some awesomesauce with arrows in it.

These runes help you let go of Berseker greaves and lets you buy the Boots of Swiftness. Rawr! Speed! Keyword: Movement Speed

Cool-down to help you spam your volley and to cool-down the Enchanted Arrow. Spam spam spam! Thats the key word(s)

These are very useful for your kiting ability since the lack of a Phantom gives you movements issues. But with these, you are just overall faster.

VI. Tips & Advice

Welcome to the last section where we will be talking about something relating to Ashe.

There are several tips that might be nice to follow for a better gaming experience and bigger killstreaks.

What you want to do is kite. Kite and poke-shoot is one of your strongest areas until lategame.

When late game arrives, i find that I am contradicting myself by saying, auto attack. You are dangerous enough to screw them over with pure damage.

Late game you must also be consistent. If they come at you, don't be afraid. You are not squishy anymore. Use your skill arsenal and right click them to death! And if you are ****ing stupid you probably wonder how a mouse-click can kill someone...

In the end it all depends on experience and skill. It depends on how good you know the other champions and abilities. You need to be aware of your sorroundings! That sounds Jedi'ish, but its true.
By the way, its easier to keep an eye about your sourroundings with hawk-shot. Use it :-)

VII. The end & Credits

And thats it. The tips section concludes my build and i am happy to be finished. This has been a good experience for me to reflect on all the sides of Ashe and hopefully it will be a good experience for you to play Ashe the right way, as i would say.

It has been quite and adventure. As i said it would be!

Have fun with "Enchanted Crystal Arrow", and all ways remember, Only a dead terrorist is a good terrorist!


The other Ashe builders - Thank you for inspiration :-)

The mobafire community - Which actually flourishes with Ashe build at the moment

The members of the [BH] guild - Amazing people from Germany :-)

Apotheosis for teaching me to play Tryndamere and to make guides like this one!

And last but not least, the readers of this guide, that i hope can leave a comment and help me too on the conquest for Ashe Supremacy!

Cheers, Einar

In-game nickname: ExodusLantern