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Ashe Build Guide by Micke

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Micke

Ashe the enchanted archer

Micke Last updated on May 11, 2013
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Welcome to my first build, as I picked Ashe. Here I gonna guide you to why I pick Ashe and why she is a good pick.

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Why Ashe

Ashe has great stun and slow. She can crit whit his passive. Check bush and make coins with her e and W, well that is a good ability to make crazy damage

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I take flat damage at marks and quints, because if you have good attack damage, I promise you it's much more easy to last hit creeps (cs). If you last hit creeps it's going to be much more easy late game to carry your team to victory.

Flat armor seals and glyph of scaling magic resistance I have because you need a lot of protection when going in late game.

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Here I take as much as possible in damage, because your job is to stay behind your team and make as much damage as you possible can. Then I take mastered in both utility and defense so I get more mana so I can spam my w and health so I can live longer. I also need cooldown reduction in barrier and flash.

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I go with Doran's Blade as first item for good damage and health and I see all pros in lcs go with Doran's first.

Then I go with Vampiric Scepter and berserker because you get a lot of speed and health per second. Also I have seen many go fo it.

B.F Sword for more damage.

Zeal for more attackspeed and crit that adc needs.

Ie and PD for so much output damage as possible, also easy to chace your enemy down.

Wardens Mail for armor and vin against championship as jax, or an AD Carry.

Then last Whisper to shut down enemy's tank.

Last but not least we have Randuin's because you get health, armor, and you lower you enemy's speed with 15% and movement speed with 10% it's op.

You can also take possible items instead of one of this but ie should be you first item, don't change it.

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Skill sequence

I go with w first for max damage output, then I go with slow to chace enemy down a it easyier, and last e because w and e is better to max first. And r when possible because it's your ultys roles/op.

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Summoner spells

I go flash because you can even flash to the enemy's if they flee with low hp. If you have flash you can take them down and get the kill, or you can flash away from enemy's to make a success escape instead of die.

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I take flat attack damage with quints and marks, good for last hit creeps. And magic resistance per lvl and armor for survive easier.

Flash for escape and get the kills easier, and barrier for good protection.

Masteries. I go 21-5-4 se the topic masteries for why.

Items for much damage output as possible, I go for one defensive item.

Skill sequence. W for good damage q second for more slow, last e for money and r at lvl 6, 11, 16.

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Ranked games

This build works for both normal and ranked games, but if you die a lot like me, I recommend go for guardian angel like 3:e or 4:e item.

In ranked play you should think about wich adc you pick try counter you enemy ad carry and try pick an good AD Carry for you team that is good with your teams. Here is some examples

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pros and Coins

Ashe have food slow and stun and can look in brush without buying wards. You spare some coins then. And you e he'll you get more money

The bad is that Ashe is bad to flee from enemy's.

Ashe is weak against Ezreal.

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Try only last hit minions. The Mage is easy to last hit the you go for the warrior that attack you with sword try this remember a good AD Carry is a good farmer.

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Stay behind you team and do as much possible damage as you can. Your support and you team come help you with that. They come protect you so you won't die.

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Ashe is good with support. She good with, Tresh, Taric, Nami, Leona