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Build Guide by Neurotoxins

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Neurotoxins

Ashe:The Frost Archer...Of The Apocalypse!!!!

Neurotoxins Last updated on August 25, 2010
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OHAI. I'm neurotoxins and this is my f*ck everything murder everyone build for Ashe. Now, as Ashe is somewhat of a glass cannon you may want to go with a 9/21/0 build, but personally i play with friends who know to look after me so i prefer to go with the 21/0/9. As for runes glyphs and seals are interchangable to whatever pleases you. I like +health seals to help out early game since I usually solo mid and +mana glyphs since late game your AS is around 2 attacks a second which with your Q active will eat through your mana pretty quickly.

Item Build and Explanation
boots + 3x health pots: i take this over health regen because as solo i usually have to dodge skill shots a lot and since Ashe has a slow base movespeed this helps a lot. pots for in case they do get a couple hits in. If you aren't soloing feel free to take the regen since you can always hang back and let your mate take the focus for a while

Zerk grieves: Since you'll be getting phantom BoS isn't really necessary. Plus if you're about to get your face hammered in you can just ult (which if you didn't solo you might not have by the time you get these) or exhaust for those few precious seconds.(more on escaping later in the guide)

Wit's End: GENIUS item! On hit takes 42(sometimes a few less) mana from your target and deals magic damage equal to the mana drained. It is an incredible harassing tool and also provides a bit of survivability. if you're soloing against vlad(or any other champ without mana as a resource) feel free to take malady instead, although if the other team has atleast 3 champs who do use mana this could be a tough decision.(lane opponent with mana, always take wit's)

Infinity Edge: This is where it starts getting fun. you already have a decent AS, so let's get some dmg. Start off with BF>axe>cloak. I don't think it needs any explanation as any champ with a dps build grabs this.

Phantom Dancer: AS, crit, dodge and movespeed all in one YES PLEASE. This is why you passed on BoS as you will be able to chase just about any champ with this+your slow(yi is a huge exception, though once you get close to the end of the build you can basically 3-4 shot any squishy champ)

2x Black Cleavers: Now these may be expensive as hell but i promise, it's worth it. Any tank will bow down to you if not willingly then by force. Almost no champ will be able to touch you without the jump. Since the passive is not unique this provides a -120 armor debuff to your target(-12 a stack after 10 stacks) coupled with your rune master this gives you a whopping 150 armor penetration. Anyone not stacking armor will cry and rage at your ability to swat them like a fly, and tanks who do will think twice before engaging while you're there. Some of you may be thinking that this is overkill, not at all as you can actually give someone negative armor making them take increased damage instead of being mitigated. (I have gotten 1300-1500 crits on squishies with this build)

Bloodrazor: Now as awesome as Wit's End is early game, it's completely useless late game 42 mana won't even be noticeable on most champs(not to mention they'll be dead before it matters). This is a great choice to replace Wit's with, if you weren't already able to get a penta kill, you will now. The AS loss is hardly noticeable, the passive in case any tanks were somehow giving you problems, and the armor incase you have to tower dive for that little bugger who thinks he can get away.

The Game
Early Game: Play it safe, you are very squishy right now, until you get Wit's you shouldn't be harassing too much unless you get pushed back to tower. Keep on farming until you're able to down your lane opposite. This should be around the time you get Wit's. Now if you somehow get into a sticky situation use exhaust first, the slow/blind(it slows more than your current level frost shot does) almost guarantees an escape, but if that somehow doesn't work and they are chasing you back to base, don't be afraid to blow your ult. being called a noob by the other team for doing so is better than shaving precious time off your farming.

Mid Game: You've got some kills, you're using your ult+tele combo to make people rage.(OH! i forgot to mention, some of you may know this combo, but this is for the newbz. If you haven't already, buy some green wards and place them where you can tele to for ganks when your towers are being pushed. Your Ult+tele combo is when your tower is being pushed, you ult from your fountain at the tower, get a lil mana and tele to the tower before your ult hits. This results in a decent duration stun and almost always ensures a kill and a failed push on their part. While this may work on preschoolers anyone with half a brain will run away when they see the tele animation on the tower. This is why you have wards. teleporting to a ward does not show the animation and most of the time allows for better positioning for the gank. ie the bushes closes to your turret on top and bot and near the entrance to the river in mid. I've had a 99.99% success rate with the ward combo.) After a couple of these combos every lane will be reluctant to push your towers for fear of you coming to smash their face in. So unless they've got elixirs or purple wards do this whenever a tower is in danger.(always be sure to bpill first so no one sees you ult, letting your teammates know you are doing this helps too). you should have you infinity edge and phantom dancer by now.

Late Game: The other team has either surrendered or is raging up a storm in all chat. If someone quits on their team, it's your fault. you are now a true carry, but you're not done yet, oh no. Team fights with competent teammates should always go in your favor just remember, is that extra kill worth the 1000g the enemy gets if you die?(read:DO NOT DIE)though you lose ntthing on death, the absence of your insane dps will be sorely missed and you may lose a tower or two. If you're doing well, the game is close to over, but if it's a close game, you've got a lot of fun left. You shouldn't be going anywhere alone as most of your income is from kills now, besides, venturing out to farm lowlies will leave you vulnerable and trust me, if you do YOU WILL GET GANKED. The other team hates you and will do anything to kill you, even if it means a 5v1 gank. leave the lowlies to those who can't ks you. Chances are, you'll rarely get your second cleaver.(i've only finished this build a handful of times, though those games i did over 200k)

Now go get legendary and watch people rage!
GL and happy hunting

Feel free to leave any questions or comments...just don't troll please xD