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Ashe Build Guide by okhumet

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author okhumet

Ashe, The Frost Fury

okhumet Last updated on September 15, 2011
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The Frost Fury

This is my first build to publish and its still in testing. So I hope you enjoy.
9/9/2011 - changed items to 3 blood thirsters, phant dancer, inf edge and b.g.
9/9/2011 - change skill squence to obtain more frost shot and less hawkeye
9/15/2011 - completly deleted first guide, new guide below

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I am convinced the doran items are some of the best starters in the game and i always use them simple as that,
next the vamp sceptre it to lane for longer, stacks with dorans blade to get more life steal,
by this time chasing has occured and boots are necessary
emblem of valor is to promote health regen and life steal,
now comes the bulk of the build i suggest saving your cash to at least 1650 for BF sword, by this time the enemy thinks u dont to really large damage come back with a BF sword and blow them away :D
beserker grieves are for a lil more speed and DPS,
then finish infinity edge, gets major critting and promotes life steal with large hits,
the phant dancers is like peanut butter and jelly with the inf edge, gives u uped crit strike and attack speed, what more do u need?
starks thats what you need uped move speed and more LIFE STEAL (Ashe is pretty squishy i tend to jungle a lot mid-late game to regen health fast)
now that you have the main build its time to go OP,
black cleaver, thats how you spell OP, black cleaver, lolz -15 armour per hit! for 3 hits! on ashe that ruins a guy,
with frost shot enabled and a guy has -45 armour and your hitting crits at 250% for almost every attack they are dead just plain and simple,
then because i don't think -45 armour is enough we get 40% penetration of the remaining armour :P goodbye other champs lolz,
selling ur boots is tought to do, but a last item could be necessary, this could be anything i will give you some senerios
#1 - you are bossing it completely raping everyone but they just wont surrender, one more phantom dancer or trin force will fix that maxing out ur DPS and movement speed to make up for lost boots
#2 - they are AD heavy ur not bossing but not sucking either, thornmail will change that to bossing bounceing back damage as you life steal them and crit them
#3 - your never targeted except last in team fights and your doing pretty alrite and they are pretty all around team, merc boots to take away CC or madres bloodrazor to add the extra damage as well as a lil armour.
Some all around good items - guard angel, banshee veil, zonya's hourglass, keeping your boots,tiamat and possibly warmogs

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so the runes are mainly to get you a boost early game the quint, seal and mark give attack damage to you so in total at level 1 you have 19.17 increased attack also adding the 10 from doran's ring you come with an attack over 90. the glyph increases attack speed so you can hit quicker. then in late and mid game the items come in and really take place. Other alternatives can really be anything related to attack or movement speed, there is no reason for AP even though it does boost Crystal Arrows damage, you are relying on her physical attack and slowings for kills.

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Skill Sequence

frost shot first in case of lvl 1 fights, this helps single someone out and get them ganked or stall the faster ones if you are getting ganked, max frost shot then volley, get your ultimate whenever you can and then hawkeye, hawkeye is to get the expensive late game items and getting away from ganks/ finding mia pplz

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So once you are pretty built its time to hunt down champs, then easiest way is this sequence (p=physical attack) w,q,p,p,p, after that just spam physical attacks and volley with frost shot active this way they are always slow and taking massive damage. keep in mind your ultimate can be used at anytime really as a initiater or a finisher i use it for both

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thanks for reading if you wanna play together okhumet is my LoL name feel free to friend, more builds will come as i test them out. Enjoy the build.

- okhumet -