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League of Legends Build Guide Author Diesel

Ashe - The Old Build

Diesel Last updated on April 6, 2010
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EDIT [4/6/10]: Changed Rune Book and Abilities.

IMPORTANT: This build is most effective going Mid.

Hello everyone, Diesel here.

When I first started playing League of Legends, I always thought Ashe was a character only n00bs played since she was the tutorial character and was a simple character to play. Not only was I right, she's still a very fun character to play, and is my most played character at 75 games:

What got me a nice looking W/L ratio in League of Legends was one build I call "The Old Build", simply because it was the first build I specialized in the game, before trying other builds: failing, then scurrying back to this one. This Ashe Build is a very late-game build since you won't be doing hellish damage early, but more gold farming for the late team fights. So let's continue into the build.

Starting Up the Build:
When the fight has loaded up and you're ready to play. Start off by grabbing a Regrowth Pendant, since this will drain you of your 475G at the start, just start heading Mid. Your first ability should be Volley, used mostly to grief champions and pick up multiple minion kills at once. Use it sparingly since you don't need to run out of mana early game, your mana should above 50% at all times throughout early-mid game.

Continue to play passive until you can 640G to get Philosopher's Stone, if you can, try to stay in lane until you get about 1560G so you can grab Berzerker's Greaves while you back. The longer you stay in lane, the better since you'll be leveling up your Plentiful Bounty to at least 3 before you hit Level 6. With the Philosopher's Stone, Plentiful Bounty, and the Greed Mastery all together, you'll be gaining 6g/10sec while gaining another 3g/kill. You'll be gathering Gold fine when you hit Level 6.

Switching to Mid-Game:
When you hit Level 6, you should be 3 deep in Plentiful Bounty and 2 deep into Volley when you get your Enchanted Crystal Arrow. The ECA can really be used for one of two ways: for you or your teammates. If you're good at using the ECA at long range, try and set up long ganks from your lane with ECA and let your teammates pick off their lane enemies, or use it to take out your mid opponent. Whenever you get your next 1050G; back to grab a Recurve Bow to add another 40% attack speed.

Since you're midding, you can try to gank either top or bottom lane, but when I run this build, I usually stay in mid for as long as possible to I can level quickly and gain gold quickly as well, your call if you want to help or not. By Level 12 you should have Volley and Plentiful Bounty MAXed to 5. You can switch out one of the Volley levels to get a Frost Arrow if you're going to be gank heavy/champion killing, but most of the champion killing with this build will be during team fights or later to grab quick gold when needed.

After grabbing the Recurve Bow, the next 910G should pay for a Last Whisper, which is a HUGE item for Ashe. The added +20DMG and the Armor Penetration really does help in the long run against Tanks, along with the late game items you're going to get, which is actually the next item you will start saving up for. Since your Level 11-13, your attack speed will be in the ballpark of 1.335, you'll have enough speed to do decent damage. Which is what Late Game is going to be all about.

Stacking Damage/Late Game:
At Level 13 is when you start stacking Frost Arrow for slowing Champions down in Ganks and Focus Fires. Whenever you get your next 1850G; grab a B.F Sword for the +50DMG, this'll decide whether you kill that champion or let him away, especially when you combine the Stun Arrow and take pot shots at the enemy. If you're doing good at killing champions, getting the next 1215G will not be hard, thus getting the Black Cleaver. Having Black Cleaver and Last Whisper together will absolutely RUIN Tanks, with 40% Armor Pen plus the -12Armor/atk when you get Black Cleaver. You should be plenty over 150ATK at this point, even before Infinity Edge; at that point you'll be slapping kids around for over 300ATK + Crits. But that's for later down the road.

You'll be hitting Champions pretty hard at this point, and being a major factor in team fights. The multiple kills/assists you'll be getting will help you net 1195G to grab Zeal. Since Zeal will be your 5th item, you have room to invest in another item towards Phantom Dancer; if you're doing fine enough to not back, just muscle out the 2200G for it. You should be Level 18 by now, boasting around 200ATK and an ATKSP of 1.774, and a Movement around 414. Your Crit chance should be incredible by now, with Ashe's Passive increasing it whenever you don't attack any opponents. If the game has not ended by now, invest in another B.F Sword then get another 2230G to get Infinity Edge, which not only give +80ATK and +20%CritChance, but also make Crits hit for 250%, which could hit champions up around the 500-550DMG range.

Build Review:

  • Play Passive Early Game - For the first 10 levels or so, you're not gonna hit hard, but you will hit fast. Use this to your advantage during focus fires and when you get pot shots after connecting with a Stun Arrow.
  • Until Mid/Late Game, Minions First - You'll be gold farming hardcore with this build, trying to get your speed items quick so you can grab the Black Cleaver fast and start terrorizing champions later in the match. Try to get as many last hits as you can on minions and if you can, defeat Dragon if mid is not under attack.
  • Turn on Enemy Champions Late Game - When you got the Black Cleaver, you'll have enough Attack and Armor Pen to do some good damage against any champion, make sure to be out of melee range of enemy champions and start bringing the pain and keeping the constant Slow with Frost Arrow late game. You will be a HUGE factor in team fights, make sure you are part of all of them so you can get Phantom Dancer and Infinity Edge to be Godly.

Summoner Abilities:
Teleport - I tend to use Teleport mostly as a quicker way to get back to mid to Minion farm, but Teleport is useful to defend your towers or to help attack other Champs/Turrets. When your movement is in the 400's after Phantom Dancer, Teleport isn't needed as much, but is always easier than running.

Ignite - Ignite is great early game to help kill your mid enemy, but also late game to kill Champs quicker in a team fight. Since Ignite gets more powerful the higher level you are, this build feeds this Ability since the faster you get to 18, the better it's going to be against squishy Champions.

Thank you for reading The Old Build and making it through the Wall of Text that this build is. If you have any concerns or ways to help me out Don't bother about the Rune Book, it's what I have for Mages and just works with Ashe. do comment and if the build worked well for you, comment saying so! I love hearing good stories and I am all eyes for it. :)