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Ashe Build Guide by RedLizalfos

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RedLizalfos

Ashe the Ranged AD Carry

RedLizalfos Last updated on January 21, 2012
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Hey guys this is Lenwulf (or RedLizalfos on here in honor of bloodfury renekton skin) with my personal Ashe build, now im not going to say im ranked, im not (not yet at least) and I have about 150 pvp wins under my belt, now your probably thinking why should i listen to this random dude and even consider his build? Well id certainly ask you to consider it because Ashe is my main champion (i try and play her all the time when i can) and i have had alot of success with Ashe and this build personally and id like to share my knowledge of Ashe the bodacious frost archer with you guys.

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Pros / Cons

these are the pros and cons i have personally found playing Ashe:

-excels at pushing lanes early
-with summoner spell set and speed, can kite and escape effectively
-can dish out great damage even without feed
-amazing slow
-easily most useful and fun ulti in the game
-VERY useful E spell
-great passive that synergizes with this build

-easily ganked before lvl 4
-cannot take too many hits, very squishy
-cannot realize full potential in the hands of an unskilled player
-despite what riot says, she does take some skill to play... effectively
-ulti needs practice and timing to be effective
-Very farm and item dependent, you cant carry without an infinity edge, dont even try.

and thats it! just a little practice with ashe and her cons are slowly and gradually reduced to almost nothing. in fact you can with practice and skill nullify her cons. I am now going to tell you the secret to a skilled ashe, gather around the campfire guys. In order to play a great ashe you must be cautious; your not invincible, even with bloodthirsters lifesteal you cannot take trynd 1v1 while hes pounding your healthbar away, in order to play ashe well take great advantage of your range, ashe is a kiting champ much like the hunter is in WoW, use your slow, ulti, and volley to keep up damage and maintain your distance from the enemy so they cant touch you. When you shave off half of your enemies health and they havent touched you once, proceed to kite them as they run away for a quick kill. notice when done correctly you took zero damage! it is possible to play a perfect game when your team has good cooperation and you play ashe correctly. the only major counter to an ashe is ap champions, but once they use up all their cooldowns they melt like butter to your damage and net you a nice kill. keep this advice in mind next time you pick ashe and i will try to add in as many tips as possible throughout the guide to help newbies and veterans alike be a better ashe.

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Alright so my initial rune build with Ashe has gotta be Greater Mark of Desolation x9, Greater Seal of Resilience x9, Greater Glyph of Clarity x9, and for quintessences i grab 3 Greater Quintessence of Desolation. Now why this build exactly? Well as you can see up top Ashe already has pretty decent magic resistance on her own, she doesnt really need any more of that which is why i go with mana glyphs, so i dont need any mana regen items with ashe. I pick up armor for obvious reasons, ashe is squishy and we want to negate some of that so she isnt dominated by vayne and cait early game. And of course i go armor pen runes and quints since she needs that extra damage and it keeps me from needing a youmuus or a black cleaver, so i can focus on getting ashe crit chance and damage from bloodthirster.

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For masteries i run a 21/0/9 build, i grab damage and boost to ghost first, then go for attack speed and cooldowns so i can rush infinity edge and spam volley a bit more for harass and kills. Then demolitionist so i can take mid or bot lane a little faster so i can start my roaming phase sooner. then armor pen, crit strike and damage for obvious reasons, ashe is like trynd imo since with her passive and slow crit works well with ashe. Ashe is most sucessful when she can pull off some crits and take out those carries with incredible burst damage rather than stack bloodthirsters and rely on minion farm for damage when she could be roaming and getting more cash to finish that phantom dancer. Then i finish off with more armor pen and executioner for increased damage. Then in the utility tree i start with mana and flash buff, then go for extra move speed, you might be surprised how well the extra move speed works, its like an extra half a zeal on ashe. which increases her kiting potential. then lastly i grab longer buffs so i can have my blue and red buffs just a little longer to secure more kills

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For items start with a dorans blade, the extra health will be invaluable and damage is always good on Ashe, especially early game. once you grab first blood and some minions head back when you can to secure boots of swiftness for extra kite and roaming potential. Then dont wait for 3800 gold get your best friend sword as soon as you can, the damage is great on her at lvl 8-10, as soon as you can rush Infinity Edge, this is the soul of your ashe build here, its very important to always grab this and a phantom dancer, once you have this you should be doing great damage to those pesky noobs, dont worry too much about getting a zeal unless you find you need the extra damage, otherwise in some games you might be able to just wait to buy phantom dancer outright if your doing well and in a snowball. Then i choose to grab a bloodthirster if the game goes that long, the extra damage makes ur crits even more deadly, and with some farm your only increasing your survive-ability and damage even more. If your being focused and cant seem to avoid it get a banshees veil and go into teamfights last, if a specific champion is focusing you collaborate with your teammates to focus him down quickly so you can continue to carry, remember, your still very squishy even with banshees so dont charge in like leeroy jenkins and expect the initial spell block to keep you alive very long, just because you blocked brands conflagulation doesnt mean your safe from his pillar and skillshot stun. Then if the game is STILL going on grab an extra phantom dancer for more crit and attack speed, sometimes ill grab this over the initial bloodthirster if im already doing enough damage, dont need lifesteal, but i could use more attack speed for speedier kills.

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Skill Sequence

i always start with volley for harass, when you get in lane wait if you can until you see an enemy champ and hit them with your focus crit and a volley for quick and massive damage, make sure you hit the corki though, not that pesky blitzcrank. just by doing this your already putting yourself at a great advantage and forcing the enemy back and making them play defensively so you cant get first blood, with this quick combo you can easily shave off 1/2 of their health at the start, if its a vayne without a dorans blade, you might just get first blood right off the bat with a good support in your bot lane. for mid its the same strategy, just finish them off when you hit level 2 and pick up your frost shot. at 3 grab volley again for a shorter cd and extra damage then grab hawkshot at lvl 4. this is when you are most likely to be ganked, their jungle is thinking damn this ashe is insane, ive got to shut her down with a gank. once you grab hawkshot use it wisely as it has a long cooldown, if you think your about to be ganked or before you kite that stupid tristana to death fire a hawkshot into that top bush, if lee sin is there waiting for you just back up and let it go, with ashe a kill is never worth a death. after that get one more in volley at 5 and finally ur ult at 6. now some of you might be amazing at grabbing kills across the map with Ashes ult, and if you are go to town with it. seriously. use it to stun that vayne before she can get behind her tower, use it on that tryndamere across the map so he cant ult and your garen gets that kill. use it to shut down their mid so your lux can grab a kill and push tower. her ult has so many uses and besides her other moves this is what makes my ashe tick, this is the number one reason why i love ashe is because of this insane ulti she posesses. if you arent good at amazing skillshots with ashes ult practice! its so helpful in getting her to snowball out of control, and you might just finish that infinity edge with the extra gold from tryndamere! after 6 just follow my build up top, prioritize volley always and grab frost shot after, then hawk shot last as the extra gold isnt necessary, just use it to check for ganks and so you dont have to facecheck a bush and run into their garen.

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Summoner Spells

I grab flash and ghost on ashe, now why is this? well ignite isnt all that useful on ashe, her range already beats out ignites range, so trying to use it to grab a kill is usually a dumb move, i MIGHT get it over ghost if i see the enemy team has alot of heals, but its useless late game, exhaust isnt too helpful either since you already have a slow and shouldnt be shooting arrows close range into tryndameres face anyway, just kite that sucker. clarity isnt too helpful either as u already have good mana regen, and if you get low turn off frost shot you shouldnt be using it on minions anyway. if you do actually manage to get low wait a little bit and just stop harrassing. let it fill back up and your ready to continue the domination ashe style. note my mana per level runes are meant for increased mana regen mid to late game, so its still possible to oom early game if ur using frost shot too much. in this case, lower your harass with ashe and last hit for awhile, your primary focus is farm anyway kills are just for burst gold and increased lane dominance. killing that vayne in 30 more seconds wont make much of a difference than chasing her with frost shot now only to realize it toggled off since u oomed and shes recalling and you have no mana left to volley for that kill. now finally why i go flash and ghost... for surviveability, rushing to teamfights, and that quick flash early game to place that last auto-attack for first blood. flash over a wall to escape a gank, ghost if your against a high movespeed champ thats getting away and you need to keep your slow up, its both offensive and defensive and i love the utility this summoner spell set gives you. use it well and dont hesitate, you might regret not using flash to grab that first blood.

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Team Work

Ashe is actually very reliant on team work and cooperation, if your volibear is feeding that xin and he comes to your lane, he might just end your kill streak. And even worse when that stupid soraka your laning with thinks she can steal your farm and kills, oh maybe thats not so bad since we all know soraka can 1v5 easy when shes fed right? WRONG! The most successful ashe players run in premades, with a reliable bot support they know will help them get feed and players who are skilled enough to hold their own lanes. To be TRULY successful with ashe you must keep this in mind, you will win more games with premades than solo que trash when playing as ashe i guarantee it. Yes ashe is an ad carry, no she cannot carry a feeder team, you arent tryndamere you cannot go 1v5 against an entire team when your doing great, if your looking for that kind of potential screw ashe you want tryndamere and xin zao as your main not squishy ashe. BUT! if you want a champion with great potential, amazing damage, and potentially a game ending ultimate then you havent wasted your time reading this guide. keep playing soloque, find yourself a great team player or two, and run together. In all honesty if it wasnt for me doing this same thing and finding my LoL buddy Saria (Shout-out to you bro!) I may not have gotten as skilled with ashe as i have, and may have abandoned her completely due to my bad luck getting feeder teams in soloque (yes its actually bad luck not a lack of skill i promise you) So if you like ashe, like my guide, and want to utterly dominate find a skilled friend on LoL and start winning games, eventually you may get yourself on a ranked team one day and start running tournaments! (My own ultimate goal for this game)

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Though teamwork is very important with ashe, nothing is more important than the farm. pay attention to how much damage you do vs minions and last hit as often as possible. if alistar beat your minion score you need some practice. But thats okay! thats what Bot games are for! learn to last hit, build up that gold stockpile, and once you get your Infinity Edge farming is just as easy for you as it is for tryndamere, except you have volley for even more last hitting! Kills can be just as important for ashe as minion farming. Make sure you are putting your enemy lane under great pressure, make them fear you. use the range to your advantage, dont try and put a volley on blitzcrank when hes tower hugging and his grab is up. know when you can hit an enemy with a volley and when they will be safe from it. a volley that did not last hit or harass an enemy champion is a complete waste of mana and a cooldown. A trick i learned with volley that may throw your opponent off guard: with volley if the enemy champ is behind enough minions your volley may be eaten by minions even when the champ is in range, pay attention to how your volley works and where your arrows go, then if you take out the minion thats blocking that arrow from volley you can fire it and hit the champion! its that simple, say your both behind 6 minions, all caster minions but in a line in front of that corki so you cannot hit him with volley, focus the minion in the middle, once he is dead that arrow that would normally be eaten by that minion is free to hit that stupid corki, now fire away, congrats you just learned a trick not many ashe players know about volley! ever played an ashe and thought how the hell did he hit me with that w? i was behind minions! what about the one in the middle? the one to the side of you? watch out for that when your playing against an ashe, if you see she is focusing that minion move so she cant hit you with volley, against a skilled ashe this quick tactic could possibly save your life.

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Well guys that summarizes my guide to ashe, thanks for sticking around and reading the whole thing! I will continue to update this guide, post videos as i am able to, and keep adding more tips to a sub section below this conclusion line so those of you who have read the guide and already learned these tips presented dont have to re-read to find out more. As the writer of this guide i hereby promise to maintain updates, include nerfs, reworks, and buffs into my build so it is always up to date just for you! I sincerely hope by reading this guide i have helped you to become a better ashe player, or possibly even a better player in general! if there are some tips you would like to add please comment below if they are indeed viable i will include them into my tips section! lets all contribute to make ashe a top ban! (or not so we can keep owning face with her)