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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author A7x Impulse

Ashe-The Ray Gun of LoL!

A7x Impulse Last updated on January 9, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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I am trying out ashe because I got bored of using tank/off-tank/support heros and wanted to try out someone with good damage. This is just for my perference and playing style, therefore it may not fit in with the common ashe builds and ways of playing. Feel free the comment as you wish. Let's get started!

There is no Ionian Boots yet on Moba, but that's what you are suppose to buy instead of the boots of swiftness.

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Runes and Masteries

As for runes, it is completely up to you! I am leaning towards more criticals and armour penetraion for my Marks and Quintessence. I am also stacking hp for early game on my seals, and ability cooldowns as my glyph. This setup is purely to make my early game laning more easier since I am not so good as ashe yet, and hate how easily it is to get ashe to one or two bars of hp at the begginning of the game. The ACD runes will help you spam volley more since that would be your main CC skill, and it's a good early game killer when someone is running away at low hp.

As for Masteries, I am going with the standard 21/0/9 build. 21 points on offense to maximize by killing potential, and the 9 points on ultility for more exp gain per minion kill, longer neutral buffs, more hp and mp regen, etc...

However, masteries should be completely up to you because you need to set the appropriate ones for your choosen summoner skills, and for your style of play.

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Summoner Spells

BTW: I am using random summoner skills for fun LOL.
*skills are reccommanded.
Summoner spells are purely up to you, I would reccommand *flash to escape those pesky ganks, and the instant gap closing towards your enemy is often enough to frost arrow them to death while they slowly walk away.

That *Mana spell is also good because ashe has a very low mana pool even at end game. Heal is a good spell to have early game as it allows you to stay in your lane longer, but it is completely useless at late game.

Ghost is a OK substitute for flash, but I've found it useless in running away, and only mildly effective in chasing down an enemy. Only reccomnand for players below level 12 since they don't have flash.

I've tried the fortify skills and found it really good at early game when combined with heal. People will often recklessly tower dive ashe, pop the heal and fortify and watch/chase as the tower rip them up to shreds.

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Skill Sequence

I am going for a balance of skill points distribution at early game to give lots of flexibility. Volley at level 1 because it will be your main harrass/farm skill, and than hawk shot to scout for ganks. At level 3 I will upgrade volley again to give that skill a boost in dmg for even more harrassment. Frost shot at level 4 to kite more effective, and it is a good chase/get away skill because people will surely be targeting you. Ashe is really defenseless, and if you are not careful, expect around 3-4 death before the game hits the 10 mins mark. (Its pretty much over for you if you fall into this unfortunate situation) The Ultimate skill at 6,11,16, and the rest you can decide for yourself, or just follow my sequence.

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Game Stages: Early

*I have no idea how to do those link icons of items or skills, someone please enlighten me!
You may have noticed that at the very begginning of my build that I chose to grab the Vamperic Sceptor instead of the common Doran's Blade + Hp potion. This is because I feel that when I just try to last shot the minions I am always pushed back to my tower, and cannot harrass as well in that position. Not to mention the suffering that the tower takes, and therefore I began auto attacking minions, and trying for that last shot when ever the opportunity arises. The 12% lifesteal that I gain from ever attack helps very much to keep me in lane, and it builds into the first item that I get; which is the Bloodthirster.

When you are laning against an opponent, always try to harrass with volley when they leave themselves open, volley and then one auto attack. Also try to take advantage of ashe's passive which increases her critical % when she's not in attack mode. With this build I usually never have to blue pill (recall) until I need to get my B.F Sword.

After you reached level 6, you should be close to getting enough coins for that B.F Sword. Once you get your ultimate, you should just spam that to harrass your opponent if you are mid; why keep if you are not going into a team fight. This way you will have more chance to force them back to their tower and free farm those minions for more coins. However I must warn you not to push too far in mid with Ultimate spamming, and not to use the Ultimate on an enemy that is too close to their tower. Because that's how you set yourself up in a position to get ganked by the other team. Be very aware of MIAs because ashe is a very common early game target.

Hopefully by level 10, you will have a few kills under your belt with the help of your tanks/jungle by ganking mid. This way you'll have your B.F Sword and then build your Ionian Boots! This will make your volley, and more importantly your ultimate skill more spammable. What about mana? Well with the reccommanded mana recovery summoner skill, you'll recharge your mana pool to full even at level 18.

By the time you are building the Infinity Edge team fights stage of the game should have began.

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Game Stages: Mid (team fights)

With your Blood Thirster in hand, feel free now to grab any of the red/blue neutral buff, and also kill some neutral monsters to farm up its stats. Work towards that Infinity Edge because that will increase your damage significantly!

When teamfights are about begin, make sure to stay behind your teammates or tank because everyone will be saying "Target the squishy ashe first!". Remember you will need to be dealing a lot of dmg, and you can't do that when you charge in and die. Either Wait for the tank or teammates to initiate the fight, and then use your ulitmate to stun the target you want to kill or help kill and begin to arrow him down with frost shot to ensure constant slow. Or you can be the initiator with your Ultimate Skill, your team then should charge in to surround and your tanks should be trying to disable other enemies to ensure the death of your initial target.

Teamfights will take practice as many teams will have one person backdoor/charge through to quickly kill the range carry; in this case ashe. This person will usually be the offtank or a melee dps. Heros to look out for are Master Yi, Xin, Tryn, any types of assasin, Leblanc, and Dr. Mundo.

BY staying alive during teamfights your can gurentee that your team will have a constant dps with no drop offs, and this is very important in finishing up those 1% hp left get aways. Frost Shotand Volley are great at finishing kills as well.

If you are doing the right things, ashe can always pick up a kill or two. This well help you finish that Infinity Edge and Phatom Dancer. With these two items at hand, you will have no problem machine gunning anyone down except for their physical tanks. That is why we target the tanks only after their carry and caster; perferably with the numerical advantage on your side.

Also sometimes it is good to check bushes with Hawk Shot when some enemy members are not accounted because they may be in position for an surprise attack. STAY ALIVE!!!!!!!!!!

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Game Stages: Late

If the game is getting into the 45min+ mark, then both sides will be decently farmed and will have good items under their belts. Any mistakes made by an ashe on the battlefield at this stage will mean instant death. Your best hope to survive a gank would be to stun, flash away, and spam volley behind you in hope to slow your chasers. But usually you will just be instantly killed if your position is not correct. Stay/Hide behind your team in a bush or something, and wait for the fight to begin, stun and then auto attack the most easily killed target and move from one target to the next. By this stage you should at least have part of Stark's Fervor, and this means that you will have decent attack speed to go along with some nice base dmg and criticals.

Help your teammates push towers after team fights that you've won, and then recall once your enemies have respawned. Ashe is a very good pusher, and will take down towers and inhibitors quickly at this stage of the game. However, if you lose a team fight and you are still alive, then you did not help your team because you will most certainly be dead in a lost fight. Ashe is useless at this stage for defense, because you will simply be tower dived and killed without your teammates' support.

You want to end the game fast by this stage, because everyone will be getting tired. Usually you will almost never get to a point where Black Cleaver is obtained unless you are very fed! However Once Black Cleaver is obtained, as long as you stay alive and attack. You enemies will be dropping like dumplings, 3-4 secs average per hero for an easy ace, and then push for the win!

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Alternative Items Builds

Youmuu's GhostBlade: This item is prefered by some players as it gives decent Armour Penentration and Ability Cooldown; and it also provides some critical and attack dmg in less amounts. Plus the Ghostblade has a kickass active! More attack and movement speed FTW!

Banshee's Veil: This is a main Anti-Crowd control buff, as it neglects one negative ability every 30 secs. However, I find this not as need on ashe as those melee dps carries because they will be right in the middle of the action drawing all the caster fires, where as ashe is at a distance. If you are close enough to be nuked in a fair team fight, you are most likely dead.

The Sword of the Occult: This item is a good early/mid game item IF you can get the stacks up, but this is mostly only usefully on melee dps assassins like the fist of shadow and Katatrina. Not reccommanded for Ashe because you could lose your stacks so easily.

Guardian Angel: If you really feel like their entire team is out to get you, this is an option; this is more for AP mages though.

Any other items that you feel useful on ashe, please don't hesitate to tell me about it.