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Ashe Build Guide by SnRaider

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author SnRaider

Ashe: The Storm and Fury (UPDATED!)

SnRaider Last updated on September 12, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello! This is my first guide, an AD Ashe build.

Basically, this build focuses on attack damage and speed, while taking advantage of ashe's critical hit potential, delivering powerful DPS.

I mainly use this build playing alongside Warwick in 3v3

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Pros / Cons


+ Very High DPS.

+ Armor Penetration and Magic Damage to ignore enemy armor and life.

+ Very Fast Attack Speed.

+ 25% cooldown reduction to cast Volley and Crystal Arrow much faster.

- Very Squishy. (Make sure to stick with a teammate)

- Early to Mid game, low attack power, until items buff your power.

- Average Movement speed until Phantom Dancers, then Above Average

- Vurnerable to Nukes.

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The idea with the runes here is to maximize your skill usage.
The Mark of Desolation will give you armor penetration, to deal damage past enemies' shields,
Seals of Clarity give increased mana regen that will allow you to spam Volley,
and Glyphs of Celerity will decrease cooldown, allowing you to cast your volley and crystal arrow more often.
Quintescence of Desolation for more Armor Penetration.

The Seals of Clarity and the Glyphs of Celerity work together, the mana regen necessary if you want to keep casting. A different approach might be to give health and magic resist instead, using the Seal of Vitality and the Glyph of Shielding, as Ashe tends to be very squishy.

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For the Masteries, I use a 21/0/9 split.

In the Utility Tree, it is important to take Good Hands, Awareness, and Utility Mastery.

At high levels, Good Hands can give you 6 seconds less respawn time, which can mean the difference of losing a tower or the game entirely. Perseverance is NOT used. (Even if you had a preposterously high regen of 100 hp per 5 seconds, it would only give you 4 more per 5 seconds.)

Awareness can help you get an edge over opponents from the increased experience points, while mana will no longer be a problem after about level 12, making the increased mana of Expanded mind unnecessary.

Utility Mastery is just great, seriously. Get it. 15% longer buff timers. Trust me.

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Summoner Spells

The spells I use are Flash and Ghost, which are flexible for both attack and retreat.

Exhaust is a good offensive spell, but I don't advise it because of Ashe's very low hp.

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Skill Sequence

You should emphasize upgrading your Volley skill first and foremost, it is your strongest attack, capable of damaging and slowing an area of effect. At higher levels, this is your spam skill. You want to use it as often as you can, because it has a greater range than your standard attacks.

Second Priority is upgrading your Frost Shot to increase the power of Volley, and to slow enemies attempting to run from you. This allows your teammates to deal additional damage during team fights, or in 1v1, will prevent your victim from escaping.

Lastly, Hawkshot can stay at level 1 until your last levels, it comes in handy to scout ahead for ganks, but you won't need to upgrade it. The passive becomes useful to you endgame, as it increases your gold gain per kill by 1 per level. Considering you will have a lot of attack damage, this comes in handy when killing minions (using volley, of course)

Of Course, the Crystal Arrow takes priority over any other skill; upgrade it as soon as you get the oppurtunity. It can deal a massive amount of damage and stun an opponent, making it great for mid-end combat. In team fights, it can be used to initiate combat on a target that your group plans to focus, and almost ensures the target's death if used at the right time, with another stunning character on your side.

The Arrow only hits champions, so you dont have to worry about minions getting in the way, and it will fly across the map until it either hits someone or goes off screen, making it useful for helping teammates that you would normally be too far away from.

For the first few levels, it is crucial to have a correct packing order for your skills. You want to make the most of your abilities while everyone is struggling to gain an advantage early game.

Your first skill (useful especially in 3v3) is frost shot. This allows you to slow an enemy, allowing your teammates to pile on the pain. Levels 2 and 3 will are put into Volley, allowing you to kill minions quicker, gaining more xp and gold. Level 4 is when you pick up hawkshot. The passive will start earning you extra gold per kill, and will be useful to watch for ganks. Afterwards, the progression follows the above proirities.

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Now for the Meat and Potatoes.

Starter Items

1.Doran's Blade: This will make you much more combat viable in the beginning of the match, and will help you until you replace it.

2.Boots of Lucidity: These are only Movement 2, but they give 15% cooldown reduction, which is crucial to the build.

Building your CORE items

3.Zeal: This is part of the Phantom Dancers, which you will buy later, and it will give you a significant bonus to your attack speed, movement speed, and critical chance.

4.Dagger: This leads to The Black Cleaver, and the attack speed bonus can be handy. Alternatively, you can buy a B. F. Sword if you have the cash, which is the other ingredient.

5.The Black Cleaver: upgrade from your previous purchases. Attack Speed, Damage, and it shreds enemy armor as you attack them.

6.Phantom Dancers: One of my favorites. Upgrade of the Zeal. Trinity Force can be bought instead, for its many bonuses, but the focus of Phantom Dancers suits this build.

End Game Setup

7.Infinity Edge: The staple to all Ashe builds. Honestly, I don't think I've ever seen one without it. It cranks your critical damage to 250% instead of 200%, and is one of the highest damage boosting weapons available. A must have.

8.Madred's Bloodrazer: this one is a bit under appreciated, in my opinion. It deals 4% of the opponents life in magic damage, as well as a very nice attack speed and damage boost. This is essential for any attack speed build. This item is an amazing tank destroyer, as the amount of life the enemy has is irrelevant, due to the percent-based damage.

9.Stark's Fervor: An excellent team item. Boosts your attack speed, then boosts nearby allies' (including your own) attack speed, life steal, AND, decreases nearby enemy armor.
Honorable Mention goes to The Bloodthirster and Last Whisper.

The Bloodthirster gives a great increase in attack damage, but the 40% bonus speed that Stark's Ferver gives outweighs it, in my opinion. Last Whisper is best known for it's 40% damage reduction, which is good for enemies that pile on the armor, but Madred's Bloodrazer will deal Magical damage to cover for that. Of course, this last item is personal preference, all three items are viable.

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Items, Continued.

This particular Item setup has fallen under question, mainly due to my inclusion of the Black Cleaver and the Boots of Lucidity, while choosing not to include Last Whisper or another choice of boots.

1.Boots of swiftness. Seems nice, but in the end, gives 20 movement speed. The additional 20 is insignificant when combined with the other bonuses of Phantom Dancer. (Changing to these boots would give an additional 23 movement speed, with the bonus of Phantom Dancer applied to it, before applying the penalty for additional movement speed above 400.)

2.Beserker Boots. A popular choice. gives 25% bonus attack speed. But we already have a massive bonus of attack from all of our other items, so this isn't necessary.

3.Boots of Mobility. This is good for running really fast, when you're out of battle. This might be good for ganking, or for returning to battle quickly after dying. These aren't necessary to us, however, because the Phantom Dancer is already giving us a big enough bonus, and, if you're concerned about getting somewhere quickly, use Ghost to get there.

4.Mercury Treads. Tenacity is good against crowd control, but if you get stunned, you're probably going to die anyways. A better strategy would be to stay back away from the combat. Close enough to damage, far enough to not get hit: this is key to playing Ashe.

5.Ninja Tabi. Like the Mercury Treads, this is primarily for melee builds. Ashe can't take the hits, so don't risk them.

6.Sorcerer's Boots. These are actually a viable option, the Crystal Arrow attack does magic damage, and if you plan on boosting AP or using the Madred's Bloodrazers, this will allow you to penetrate your foes' defenses, doing some extra damage as you attack.

7.Ionian Boots of Lucidity. These are my preferred item of choice. There are few items that give cooldown reduction, Most of which do not fit Ashe well. (You COULD get the spirit visage, which would make Ashe more hardy in combat, but that would require you to sacrifice another item, which could hurt you more than it helps you.)

Offensive Weapon Choices:
Infinity Edge. With the Phantom Dancers, you already gain 30% crit chance, and this item pops it up to 55%, plus any runes or masteries you might have. It is essential to take advantage of this item, as it boosts your Critical Damgage to 250% of your normal attacks instead of 200%.

Stark's Ferver. This item is essential for your team, especially end game when teamfights break out constantly. Everyone surrounding you will gain benefits from the aura, and your enemies will have decreased armor.

Madred's Bloodrazer. This item gives a small tidbit of armor, but more importantly, gives you 40% attack speed and deals magic damage equal to 4% of your opponents life. This is very good at destroying tanks quickly, especially when coupled with fast attack speed, armor penetration and high damage output.

The Bloodthirster. This item does give a very big bonus to damage and lifesteal, but the fact that you have to fill it up, and that it's bonuses reset upon death really turns me off to the item. Not any less valid of an item, just not my favorite.

Last Whisper. This is a good item to pick up in your 6th slot, but is only necessary if your opponents are stacking 400+ armor, or have thornmail.

Last Whisper vs. Black Cleaver/Stark's Ferver

The Last Whisper ignores 40% of your opponents armor. The other two give a combined bonus of 65 reduced armor. By doing a little bit of simple math, we can determine which is doing more armor reduction, Black Cleaver and Stark's Ferver, or the Whisper.

If an opponent had very low armor, such as 100, Last Whisper would decrease this amount by 40, less than the 65 that BC and SF are doing. If they have very high armor, such as 400, LW will penetrate 120 of this, greater than the other two items. Simple math shows us the point at which the effects are equal is when the opponent has 160 armor. Therefor, the last whisper WOULD give better armor pen at this point and higher. However, this is not the only thing to consider; The Black Cleaver also gives 15 more damage than Last Whisper, and 30% more attack speed. This makes the calculation a bit more tricky, but the added attack speed makes a significant difference.

Therefor, Last Whisper is only needed to counter excessively high armor counts, or when an enemy has Thornmail, if that becomes a problem for you.

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Team Work

This build is made to work in a team setting. It isn't very hardy on its own, it does not have any armor or health, so battles can get very tough if you get focused right away.

The good news, however, is that with Volley's range, you can sit well behind your tank and still damage your enemies, and once they start running, you can ensure that they won't escape.

I play alongside a Warwick, using Crystal Arrow in conjunction with his supression, effectively sealing the victim's fate. Your crystal arrow can also be used to save a teammate from a gank, even when you are across the map from them. Use it wisely, and you can kill fleeing enemies, hitting them when they think they're safe, or ending a battle quickly when your target's hp is low enough.

The Bloodthirster can be replaced with Stark's Fervor, and, unless a teammate buys it, should be considered. It will benefit your teammates substantially, causing a great deal of damage as long as you stay in a group.

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With this build, your items, runes and masteries all mesh together to give the greatest DPS.

The main stats boosted are Mana Regen, Cooldown Reduction, Attack Damage, Attack Speed, and Critical Chance.

The Mana Regen and Cooldown Reduction allow you to continually use Volley at higher levels. This skill does flat damage PLUS your attack damage to multiple targets, at a greater range than your normal attack, AND slows enemies.

The combined item effects of Starks Ferver (20 armor reduction), The Black Cleaver (45 armor reduction) and Madred's Bloodrazer (4% of opponents max life in magic damage), with the bonuses of your runes and masteries are more than enough to overcome any opponents armor, and the massive increase in Attack Damage, Crit Rate, and Attack Speed will ensure that you will take down any target quickly.

The Cooldown rate decrease translates to 60 seconds (80 - 20) recast time for recasting Level 3 Crystal Arrow and 3 seconds (4 - 1) recast time for Level 5 Volley. This translates to a massive increase in damage

The Downside is that the build is squishy, vurnerable to direct confrontation and mages. This, however, is where your teammates will come in, and they will be more than happy to hang around you to benefit from the effects of Stark's Ferver.

As of writing this, I have won 7/10 of the matches in my current history, dealing on average 4x as much damage as I take.