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Ashe Build Guide by CSKorndawg

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author CSKorndawg

Ashe, The Unknown Support

CSKorndawg Last updated on September 29, 2012
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Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 5

Honor Guard

Defense: 4

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 21

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Introduction - Why Support Ashe?

Hey everyone, this is CSKorndawg and this is my first guide. Don't be too harsh. Many of you may be wondering: Why would you ever go support Ashe? There are a couple of reasons. She has a LOT of slow. Her Q is a built in slow, her W is an AoE slow. And her ulti is just a long, long stun. Also, her E is a built in clairvoyance. Need more?
Maybe Ashe isn't THE best support, and for teamplay Janna or Soraka would probably be better. But if you're in solo Q and you don't want to lane with someone who can't really play as Janna or something, then Ashe could be a choice you might want to take. You can always go into an AD build with her if anything goes wrong and get assists by slowing enemies etc.


This guide is complete ****. It was my first guide. I might redo it sometime, but im too lazy at the moment. However, you can still read it to give yourself an idea of support Ashe. It's not really viable though.

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Pros / Cons


Lots of slow spells
Built in clairvoyance
Nice AoE slow
Good early game harass
Across the map stun capability

People will think you're trolling
No heal
A bit squishy
Not good in much other than greatly slowing
Slow at first

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I chose Greater mark of resilience for more armor. Armor is useful early game, especially for Ashe because she's extremely squishy. This will help you survive early game. And the Seal of Resilience is just more armor. More survivability = less deaths, and it renders you more useful to the team. The Greater Glyph of shielding is armor vs magic. This is against the enemy AP, who might do a lot of damage to you in a short time. This MR will help you survive. For the quintessence, it's just more armor again. More armor = more survivability.
Why don't I get the runes for more money? I find that armor is better early on, you get money from items + masteries. Also, if you last hit like 10 CS, thats enough for the money you need.

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I go for a 5/4/21 mastery build. I take 5 points in offense to make last hitting easier (read further for why) and making it easier to harass early game. The 4 points in defense are there so that you have more survivability. I don't think I need to repeat why. And there's 21 in survivability. This is your main skill tree. I take 1 in Summoner's Insight because I use Flash. Sometimes those 15 seconds can save your life. Then I take 3 in Expanded mind because Ashe's Q uses up 8 mana per shot, and if you're spamming it at the enemy together with volley, you may notice your mana draining. This mastery helps early game too. I take a few points in Swiftness too, because Ashe tends to be quite painfully slow. Also, you might not want to get boots at first, and this will help you keep up to speed. And of course there's the point in Scout, seeing as you're the support and you should be warding whenever you can. Greed is a must have as any support. As you shouldn't be focused on last hitting, you won't have much money. This'll help make up for it. Wealth increases starting gold by 40 with 2 points. That's enough for a potion. And Awareness helps you overlevel the enemy, especially in the laning phase. Strength of spirit goes well with Expanded Mind, so I take 3 points in that. And of course Mastermind is a must-have.

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To start off with, you can buy a Ruby Crystal and a health potion. This will allow you to survive a lot longer in the laning phase and not have to recall. You can also buy boots, a ward and health pots, but that makes you a lot more squishy. Also, Ruby Crystal builds into Heart of Gold, giving you money faster. You want to get boots sometime soon, if you don't have them already. Then, go for a Philosopher's Stone. This gives you health regen, which is quite useful, money over time and mana regen. Mana regen you don't need so much, but everything else is good. You'll want to get your upgraded boots soon. There are a few options to consider. Boots of Swiftness just make you fast all around. They allow you to move from place to place faster and help out. However, they don't do much other than that. Boots of Mobility are considerable. Although you want to be there in teamfights and take the damage for the AD carry, the 5 movement speed passive is nice otherwise. You can move quickly from your base if you recalled, or through the jungle to help out another lane. Apart from that, however, they are quite pointless. Berserker's greaves give you attack speed, but since you aren't the one lashing out the damage, there's not too much point in them. Ionian Boots of Lucidity make your CD go down, but the only thing you would take that for really is your ulti, and you shouldn't be worried about a 5 sec difference change. All in all, I think boots of mobility or swiftness are the best.
Next, go for Shurelya's Reverie and Locket of the Iron Solari. These help your team out in fights. If you're not sure when to use them, when a team fight begins use them. Then Aegis of the Legion helps your team out with armor. Late game it's quite pointless, however, so if you're gonna sell it soon don't buy it. Guardian Angel just gives you survivability. Also, if the enemies kill you while your team is being chased, and they will see that you'll resurrect, then rather than chasing further they'll camp by you. This can really save your team. Black Cleaver should be your 5th item (leaving the 6th for wards). This item gives you some AD, and it also allows you to be more useful in teamfights. Just attack an enemy champion, and their armor will go down, making them easier to pick off. After that, just buy an oracle's elixir and ward the map.


DO NOT FOLLOW BUILDS BLINDLY. These are only the recommended items. Do whatever you want, really. Do counters to counter your enemies builds etc.

Also, remember to buy wards whenever necessary. So more or less always.

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Skill Sequence

Basically, level volley first. Apart from that, level depending on the situation. Your Q is great for lane fights, if you're dominating the enemy then level that and attack them so your AD carry can finish them off. If they're pushing your turret, level your W (volley). This is a nice AoE slow, and also deals nice amounts of damage. Don't level you W too much, however, because you don't want to be the one getting the kill. Your E should be leveled depending on how often you're being ganked, or if the enemy jungler is walking around your jungle a lot. Don't forget that leveling Hawkshot increases its range and money you get for last hitting, but doesn't decrease it's cooldown. It may be smart to level this later.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells, there are a lot of options. You can get Flash to get away easily. Remember, try to Flash over walls and not just forward. Use it wisely. You can also take heal, to make up for your lack of healing spells. Exhaust is good too, seeing as you can stop the enemy from dealing damage to you, stopping them from getting away and helping your AD carry. However, your Q and W are built in slows, so it's mostly only useful for the damage. The rest of the spells are up to you, really.

Spells NOT to take:
Clairvoyance. Completely pointless. Your E is a clairvoyance. Getting another one is completely pointless.
Promote: Quite self explanatory, I think.
Smite: If you even think about taking this spell, uninstall LoL now. Seriously, a jungle support Ashe is an even larger troll than an AP Ashe.
Surge: Kind of pointless. You're just supposed to support.

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You'll want to farm a bit early game. Let your AD carry get most of the CS, but you will also need a bit to be more useful. Ashe requires some money here. So just last hit once in a while. However, mid game let your AD carry get the farm. He needs the money more than you, and you should be generating enough money from items.

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In team fights, just auto attack all of them. Don't focus on just 1 enemy. Auto attack one (with your Q on, of course) then attack another, and another etc. Spam your volley into them. Use your ulti as soon as a teamfight starts. Just spam it in there.

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Game Times

Early game - get some CS, focus on harassing the enemy. You'll probably be better than the enemy support at first with harassing, so don't be afraid to do it.
Mid game - Ward the map. Help team-mates finish off enemies. Be in every teamfight.
Late game - Be in teamfights, slow all enemies with your W and Q. And ward the map all the time. ALL the time.

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Basically, just slow enemies and let your team-mates finish them. It's a difficult thing to do, actually. But just do more or less as a support usually does. And of course, have fun!