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League of Legends Build Guide Author auura

Ashe the WTF!?! critter

auura Last updated on January 3, 2011
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Alright this is my first build so give any ideas and feedback you might have.


This build may seem a bit familiar to most people as a typical Crit Ashe but the key difference is that you're lowering their armor while regenerating any damage taken with the bonuses of still being able to chase or get away when need be.

Early Game lvls 1-6

Buy a vampiric scepter and go mid(5v5) or top(3v3). Hang back and last hit the creeps and volley when needed to push the enemy champion back.

Mid Game lvls 6-11

By this time you should head back to base and have enough for your berserker greaves and avarice blade if you're lucky. Right now you should be watching out for any gank and teamfights that are happening or about to occur. throw hawkshot to help prevent any surprise attacks by MIA champions. Conserve ur ult for either saving an ally or last hitting a running squishy.

Late Game lvls 11 18

At this time you should be focusing on teamfights/ganks while grabbing the spare red/blue buffs(5v5) or green/red(3v3) for added damage capabilities. Black Cleaver is a situational item depending on the team. If your team is doing well and winning then by all means get it for the damage and armor reduction. However, most times this will not happen in which case you may decide to grab items like Banshee's veil if your facing a team of stuns and slows or if the team is not heavy on the defense you could grab an item such as lich bane for when popping ur ult to double your guaranteed crit strike damage.

Pros and Cons

Pros - Ashe is in many ways a great lane survivability hero who can dole out massive amounts of damage at a very high speed. Great in teamfights, she can slow enemies who try to chase an ally or prevent the enemies from trying to run. Her high damage output also allows her regen any lost life very quickly.
Cons - however, Ashe can still be considered a squishy hero even with her high recovery from the lifesteal which makes her a focus target in teamfights. Also beware of teamfights when ghost/flash are on cd as this limits your ability to run or chase.

Tips and Tricks

This is where the fun of Ashe having flash really shines. If you are attempting to gank an enemy on your own this is flash dominates. Pop ur ult at them and run at them and right as ur arrow is about to him them flash in and pop volley and smack the hero around with frost shots if they attempt to run. Flash is also very useful for other ganks and retreating when necessary. Flash will be used primarily as a use to jump over terrain like the boundaries in the middle (3v3) or from river to the ground(5v5). This advantage of jumping over the terrain combined with your slow will make you a nearly impossible force to outrun.

Final Summary

As Ashe you can take easily take control of the game, just focus on last hitting and timing for when to enter ganks/teamfights and when to throw out your ult. Timing is everything for Ashe, if that arrow misses or you misjudge your flash you may wind up dead.

Once again this is my first build and any feedback(good or bad) is appreciated. Suggestions are also welcome and will be considered as well as tested to help improve this build.