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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author RitterIronHide

Ashe they hate me

RitterIronHide Last updated on March 5, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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this is my ashe build i like it it works well for me i know shes squishy but u should have a tank to hide behind ow and dont get stunned or ur helpless

If uve got positive comments let me hear um this is my first build if u have constructive criticisms let me hear it but saying ur too squishy isnt a kewl answer it doesn't help me it doesn't help anyone reading plus it makes me think u cant actually think of ur own ideas just trying to bring others down well i hope u enjoyed from what ive seen a highly ORIGINAL BUILD that might actually work

do what u like with runes and etc i usally take three avarice quints cuss money is just so nice and after an hour of play its a free recurve bow mana regen seals cdr glyphs and arpen marks iam not to sure about the avarice but there its it

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game play

can u say squishy can u say farmer can u say most annoying ***** in the world their team will hate u if u play well u will force them to over commit every time if ur smart u will be their focus allowing ur mates to kill them and win the game it pays to be alittle selfless if their team wipes trying to kill u even if they do kill u ur team regains valuable ground/destroys turrets

Laneing get dorans and farm farm farm and farm some more ur no good until lvl 6 and u need money u dont have to mid get good at last hitting and doing ur aoe when the whole group of minions is low its pretty basic i know but it is what it is this guide is for as much auto win as possible because winning is fun
(but dodging isnt an auto ability and u will need to learn to duck dodge dive something d and dodge)

Ganking u are support gank got it no nonsense of jumping out of a bush and bashing someones head in with a bow ppl just dont do that but fireing a crystal arrow out of the bush is great and then by the time u are within auto atk range u get to start slowing them and dealing dmg allowing ur teammates to kill them and feed u with an assist dont get greedy and dont think ur a one man show
remember ur hawk to cuss their side my be coming to gank ur buddy thats if they dont already know about u
if something goes wrong or terrible dont just run away cuss ur squishy u have an aoe slow and a 1v1 slow save ur buddy u can do it and depending on items/skills u could escape almost anyone u may not be the fastest champ on the map but u are the one who can slow ALL OF THEM down if u play it right

Hang back make their initiator pay u can do it with the amount of magic dps u put out taking out tanks can be easy also harass their team with ur aoe slow sometimes this will cause their squishes to run allowing ur team to pull down a tank let someone else tackle the next guy u provide backup/escape or if u arrow is up pull one down but u are the most squishy person on the field and the most hated (if ur doing ur job)(Save the arrow it will save u 9times out of 10 and allow ur team to kill someone like eve who is ur nemesis)

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Ok so lets take a second to look at my unusual build plz forgive my English iam a native speaker and i still dont understand dat **** disclaimer my math is off the top of my head and not entirely accurate if ur worried about it do the math ive developed this through trial and error

wits end i hear no end of complaining from my mates about this but lets break it down end game 42 magic dmg per attack(magic bf sword) you will have 2.5 atks per second with this build that's 105 mag dmg per second ever have problems with tanks or carries this will hurt them alot plus its the cost of a bf sword + attack speed +mag resist and did i mention magic dmg and lets not forget mana burn while at first its great when some casters dont have much mana its not to shabby at the end either when kar thinks hes just gonna run in and ult everyone for ten minutes this puts a real damper on his parade its work well on plenty of champions if used correctly

Sword of the divine attack speed and 100mg dmg every 4 attacks so lets see that's 62 mg dmg a second plus its fairly cheap so far we have 167 mg dmg every second (at 2.5atks per second)

Zeal and phantom dancer taken mainly for their atk speed and move speed but crit is nice since one tank may figure out hes gonna eat a lot of mg dmg i usually see tanks go something like 2:1 on armor to mag def not always but usually

Recurve ok u need to get ur atk speed up end of story for this build to work well u need 2.5 atks per second and this beauty gets u there u will end up buying three all told but thats not that bad cuss they all build into something else and i go recurve before thirster because it enhances ur other items making them better sooner

BLOOD THIRSTER this is were u start to have fun ur dmg output is good ur utility is great and now u add normal dmg and lifesteal ow dont try to out dps/lifesteal ww or yi (unless u have executioners that one kinda ruins their day but the crit and lifesteal is still nice for u plus the off dmg it causes is kinda funny when someone runs off and dies but because u got to atk them for 2 secs and their stacked up with a dot)

NOW THE MONEY MAKER mandreds atk speed atk dmg and 4%mg dmg per attack now lets think that would be 10% of their life every sec HELLO TANKS and u know plus ur 167 mg dmg from wits and divine plus ur normal atks doing fairly decent dmg and the 30-40% crit rate u have and if ur thirster is charged 35% life steal now all that coming together is rather impressive i think

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Summoner Spells

i generally take flash and teleport because u gotta think of urself as a team player supporting and pushing with others and there nothing better than teleport for this i dont know how many times ive been like hey sion stun dat idiot i teleport to a nearby minion hit them with an arrow and then when they try to run (assuming they survived this long) u slow them shot after shot and u or sion will kill them uve had almost 5s of them doing nothing to be messing up their face

Flash works two ways defensive and offensive u can get the hell out and u can get the hell in and slow someone allowing ur team to get in and mop the floor with their face