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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Ashe Build Guide by EggNoodlez

Ashe- Watch the tank drop.

Ashe- Watch the tank drop.

Updated on March 18, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EggNoodlez Build Guide By EggNoodlez 3,368 Views 0 Comments
3,368 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author EggNoodlez Ashe Build Guide By EggNoodlez Updated on March 18, 2012
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V 1.0
*Added Details to Farming & To the Cons. "Very Consistant with CC"
V 1.1
*removed all the "Sorries"
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Hello welcome to my ashe build. I am sorry for the poor quality. But today I am showing you a very good tank dropping build. I mean it can drop a very beefy person or a tanky person in about 5 or 7 hits. This build is very effective against anybody.
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Purchase Items

I don't know how to add pictures to this. But I will explain with great details. Why to start off with A Dorans Blade? Well, First off, you might want to stay in lane for a long good time. So the Dorans blade have everything you need. Also the dorans has enough lifesteal in early game. According to a good friend that I've lend this build to, "Has Enough, and maybe better subsatain to stay in a lane early games. Well depending on your opponent and how you play ashe." After your Dorans blade, you would want to get a Berserkers Greaves. Why? Well for attack speed and some movement. I would recommend to get alot of last hits! If you last hit straight off the back for atleast 5 - 10 mins. You'll be able to have atleast 2.5k and above. Thats when you can get a bundle of supplies. After the greaves. You may want more Attack speed. So I would get a Zeal due to the fact that it increase your Speed and Attack speed. It's very useful to get away frm a gank. How I use it is by Unleashing my Volley, and Escape. If they are still hitting you or catching up. i would love to hit that up with a frost shot. To slow them while you exscape with your boots and zeal. After those items I've explain up above. I would save up for a B.F. sword. This will increase your Volley damage to give you better farming and to hurt many other people. After you get your B.F. sword. Work for a Vamparic Scepter. Just to give you a boost off Life steal to knock the stats off the Dorans Blade. And Also to help you have more substain if you would like. After your Lifesteal. You would really love to get your Cloak of Agility. Just to give yourself a WOW factor to people in your lane, or just to scare the poop out of someone. The crit damage is very high with ashe. Crits over 200 is scary early game. Finish off your Phantom dancer and go work for an Infinity Edge. Just to Add a little kick to the enemies butt. You really will be feared by squishies. They're not expecting what this ashe got. After you get your IE. Work for your blood thirster to boost up your lifesteal. Just in and out a team fight. Refuel in the camps. Really well. After your bloodthirsters. Get another Phantom dancer, just to be a boss. This will give you more lifesteal per sec, and more crits also damage. After that you will get the mother of all scary carry that ads get to destroy tanks and other squishies like Riven. The Madreds Bloodrazor! Wow, And I thought that was over! But nope. This is still it. This will take care of all your worries of a tank tanking all of your damage. Even if they had thornmail. You have the Lifesteal to gain all that back. So no worries :)
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Pros & Cons

Lots of Damage
Can Destroy a Tank.
Great Farmer
Lots of Life steal and Attack damage

Will be Targetted for ganks and other things in team fights also.
Will be recieving death threats from enemy team.
CC can kill her!
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Pop your Ult in the middle of there team. BOOM! That stuns someone. Then your team can come in Devouring their team 1 by 1. Then Use your volley whenever you have it. Target the squishies, then finish with the tanks.
Sorry for the short guild. I will learn more on moba fire and how to use this.
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In farming you might want to Volley. Of course volley. Then pick off the weak ones out. This build. Ashe can back door. But I wouldnt recommend doing it. Because you will get ganked tons of time!
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Despise by her Size and Shape. This guild Brought her inner beast mode out and showed the enemis whos the boss. Thank you for reading this guide. And I leave you with a Good Bye.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author EggNoodlez
EggNoodlez Ashe Guide
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Ashe- Watch the tank drop.

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