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Ashe Build Guide by Skyrme

Ashe: When one arrow simply isn't enough.

Ashe: When one arrow simply isn't enough.

Updated on July 19, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skyrme Build Guide By Skyrme 2,355 Views 0 Comments
2,355 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Skyrme Ashe Build Guide By Skyrme Updated on July 19, 2011
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Heya all, This is my first build I have uploaded to Mobafire and as you can see, It is almost pure damage output and is most effective when placed in Mid early game.
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As you can see, We have Armor pen Reds, Mana regen yellows, and CD Reduction blues, Finalized by Armor pen quints,

In terms of the Reds and Quints, Armor pen is simply vital for ashe as a champion purely because the majority of her attacks are auto attacks and can throw arrows out like wildfire when built correctly.

When we come to the yellows, The mana regen is extremely useful due to the fact that you can A) Sustain frost shot for a longer period of time, and B) When early laning, The mana regen is useful for constant pressure with Volley (to a certain extent as the runes do not cover the amount of mana consumed by the Volley if fired every time if off CD)

And finally we come to the CD Blues. I personally have chosen these purely because they can potentially turn most fights around; one example being if your laning mid, and you realise there is a gank heading your way you cannot avoid, with those runes, you can increase the chance of getting your ulti ready, just incase an enemy champion gets close. I realise you can choose to use Flat CD blues for this, but I prefer the per level due to the higher CD near the end game.
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The masteries I have chosen are purely offence, as personally -Because I am mid most of the time- I mainly see the defensive masteries are primarily useful if you are in the side lanes due to the fact that you will most likely be attacked more often. I have also gone into the utility tree for the Increased mana and health regen (To compliment the Mana/5 yellows) And so I can get into the additional Exp gain. You will note in utility there is one in the reduced death timer, This is purely because in this build I have chosen to go with flash as a summoner spell, If you wish to go with Ghost, Then by all means, take the ghost mastery.
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For the items, I open with a Vamp Scepter so I can survive in Mid longer than if I were to take a Doran's blade, I tend to do this purely to save gold in a way as it is one less thing to buy when it comes to the Bloodthirster, I then move onto the Boots of swiftness to be able to A) Chase, and B) Run the hell away if a gank comes my way. Also this proves very useful when kiting enemies to stall them so your team can get nearby. The B.F Sword follows this swiftly after so I can start building the AD and get my shots to do more damage, And so on. The rest of the build mainly speaks for Itself, If needed, the Last whisper can be swapped out for a Stark's fervor / Banshee's veil, Depending on the enemy team.
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Skill Sequence

Primarily, Volley is maxed out first, due to the fact it is one of your main damage dealers as it can provide an extra burst, if timed between auto attacks as well; I go for the hawk shot at 2, solely so I can make sure no-one is in the bushes either side of mid, and so I can get an additional gold income. I then proceed to Max out volley when available, Followed by Frost shot, and so on..
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Overall, This is my first build that I have uploaded to Mobafire and it is one I use quite regularly, I can guarentee, if you were to use this, (Especially if you get fed in Mid) You will rack in the kills left right and centre.

If you could please leave comments on how you found it, And also, anything I can improve on, I wish to begin making more builds and to increase the quality on which I create them


League of Legends Build Guide Author Skyrme
Skyrme Ashe Guide
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Ashe: When one arrow simply isn't enough.

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