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League of Legends Build Guide Author Macromute


Macromute Last updated on September 22, 2010
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Sona is by far the easiest and most laid back Champion I've ever used, at least with this build! If your obsessed with racking up kills this is not the build for you, the only thing you'll be racking is twice the amount of kills of the top player in place of ASSISTS as that's what Sona was built and known for! Which isn't bad at all, considering it will help your allies rack up monstrous amounts of kills; most helpful to Miss Fortune with Celerity/Perseverance spammage stacking that hoe's strut. People will simply adore you, no lie! Sona is by far extremely handy for racking up kills between lv1-8 or especially lv1-3. It is important you get at least two kills before you hit level 4, the gold will help and the intimidation is set in stone. Be my guest at trying to rack up kills, Sona is prone to get KSed almost constantly but makes ganks easy to avoid or/and produce. Prepare to be a pro and put kill racking at the back of your head, making kills with Sona is mostly practice and you can almost always live without making kills as Sona is extremely supportive even with at least 3 items.

It is important that you have the following stat boosts for the following reasons;

Get this item in place of the second slot, Philosopher's stone upgrades to this item!!!
This item is not on the list on this website.

You can stack this item as much as you want but I'd suggest just getting Innervating Locket next and stack either or last depending on your flavor.
Boots of Swiftness - You need this all game to keep yourself handy and alert for nearby players, hit & run, and running away often. So purchase boots of speed to start with, makes your molesting frequent and consistent.
Cooldown Reduction - Must have! Spamming auras produces real music! Not only that, it will keep your team VERY alive! You'll need mana regen to back that up, which comes with the cooldown reduction items you purchase.
Mana Regeneration - You need mana and use mana constantly, thats why!
Magic Piercing -or- AP - Depends on whether your looking to make some kills, I suggest AP for stronger aura effects. It's a given, shes a caster.

You start with Valor aura because you CAN molest the enemy constantly and snag up to a few kills or five with it without having to stop to attack him/them, always be sure to get close enough to reach both champions with it if the chance is there, which it often is! Sona is somehow intimidating with Valor. So once you cast it, the enemy is more than likely to try to run away since it's loud and flashy, so give it an additional attack and it doesn't matter at all if the enemy gets one or two hits on you since you have Perseverance Aura (Heal) to spam the hell out of, which you better be using it every chance you get since Sona's mana is hard to drain, considering you'll have Clarity handy in time to recharge you a few times nicely, in time for you to have your mana regen and cooldown boosts purchased!

==As A Team==
Almost always stay behind or at distance from your ally/allies your on lane with and spend most of your time Heal your ally unless your gank senses are tingling, Sona is a gank queen with Speed Aura so stay confident about ganking or molesting the enemy. If your partner is a stun type like Xin Xao or a ranged DPS, make sure to just level up Speed Aura priority in place of Valor in that situation, unless the enemy is squishy you might wanna stick to Valor molesting them.

==As Yourself==
Sona is hard to kill and if she's stopped in her tracks, she can Heal and Speed Aura spam, be sure to have Flash handy on you to ensure your survivability and NEVER EVER EVER wander alone! Use Flash as a last priority because you will desperately need it down the road with unexpected ganks. Don't even bother getting Clairvoyance, Sona will do completely fine without it.

==Running Away==
I hate to repeat this but yes, you will run often and that's how the game works get over it. If you and your ally is about to get ganked, immediately cast and spam Speed Aura and If your ally is looking to get in a quick attack or tower dive, BE THERE to spam cast Heal and Speed Aura. It's best to stay in the mindset that if your partner dies, your easily next because you aren't the main target the majority of the time till you pissed off the other team enough AND your simply quite squishy. This is probably the most important thing in the long run is giving people their Speed Aura when appropriate if not constantly, saving many lives and keeping yourself alive. Speed Aura also will enable you to let your partner fall back for a brief moment to get Healed a few times by you, I've seen this give confidence back to my allies countless times, obviously replenishing their health just enough to get by with a boost of speed to zoom back into combat which can make a battle between sides last very long and end in positive results.

You will more than often need this to simply yes you guessed it, GANK. Either use it to start a gank or to end a gank successfully, will require far better judgment than you'd think considering it effects the enemy for a very short time and not much better maxed out. I'd say Crescendo will best suite saving you from countless deaths and counteract ganks. Using Crescendo on a gank will be a massive waste unless you have more than two allies surrounding you to save your butt with enough DPS, otherwise keep it to yourself and die if you don't have Flash or mana handy. Crescendo takes a lot more patience and timing than most Ults, use it to either escape or support a massacre. Be sure to cast your speed aura immediately after casting Ult in order to keep the enemies from running too far.


-Haku ❤