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Teemo Build Guide by Reppen

Attack Speed is #1

Attack Speed is #1

Updated on July 20, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Reppen Build Guide By Reppen 1,449 Views 0 Comments
1,449 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Reppen Teemo Build Guide By Reppen Updated on July 20, 2011
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Hello I am Reppen and this is my Teemo guide, my build is an attack speed build that is designed for the items to synergize with Teemo's "E" which does magic damage. Teemo is a wonderful 1v1 champ against any ad carry, well, maybe not Corki. Because of his blind, Teemo can blind any champion, thus disabling their auto-attacks.
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Pros / Cons

Fantastic burst
Can shred anyone, even more so if they have high hp
Generally not to squishy
Very fast
Surprising passive
Good farmer after Malady
very small :D

Squishy early game
Not large amount of burst early
Will get focused
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Armor Pen helps out early game
Armor helps early game and even a little late game once it is stacked
Attack speed!
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Magic Pen is cool and reduced CD along with some AP, no crits because we do not need them.
20 in Defense because it gives attack speed and ap and we do not need the last point in Defense.
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Unique Skills

blind makes you one all 1v1 verse most AD carrys.
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Early Dorans helps farming
Malady- AP which scales with all your abilities, but mostly for the attack speeds and passive
Berserker Greaves/Merc Treads- If not lots of CC you get Greaves
Madreds Razor- will help boost your CS through the roof and later be built into a important item
Wits End- Shred your targets, attack speed, magic resit, such a good item on Teemo
Madreds Bloodrazor- Armor, Attack speed, Attack damage, and a passive that makes them getting hp dangerous, especially with all the attack speed you already have
Frozen Mallet- Teemo lacks CC so you need this to slow your enemies
Bloodthirster- attack damage and lifesteal, so op if you max the stacks on it, with this build to you have pretty good survivability.

Boots(Merc/Greaves)Malady/Wits End/Madreds Razor
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Summoner Spells

Flash- Helps little Teemo escape or get that kill
Exhaust- Slows your opponent so you can get that kill
Ignite- Its ok but you have poison
Ghost- Your movement speed is insane already and you can use your W to escape
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Team Work

Your tank iniates and you sit behind and blind the AD carrys
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After your malady and dorans this is a piece of cake, last hitting is key though.
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AP Teemo/Nashors Tooth

NO NO NO, This build gives you so much more burst, nashors tooth is ehh item, but doesnt give you a good passive like Malady or Wits end which is what makes you so poweful.
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attack speed magic damage not AP! Teemo try it out and tell me how it works, feel free to give me suggestions, preferably runes cause I am not 100% positive on them yet, send me your game scores, good luck summoners!
first guide to please teach me how to add pictures of the items in the chapters,

- Reppen


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