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League of Legends Build Guide Author Otalp

Attack Speed Kennen

Otalp Last updated on October 23, 2010
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Attack Speed is what it says.

I like to use all Attack Speed runes with this build. The reason? I immediately have +38% attack speed. That means I will do 138% of the damage I normally would in 100% of the time and I like that.

This is primarily a mid/solo build but it works otherwise as well, it's just slower. When laning, try to lane with a tank if possible, or a ranged character. Non-tank, melee characters are low on the list of desired laning partners.

Start of game: Buy: Cloth Armor (building Madred's Bloodrazor) and five (5) Health potions.

Early game: Not a big fan of trying for First Blood, but if you have an overly aggressive (ie stupid) opponent who sticks his chin out there and you feel safe, give him what he wants. Encourage your melee lane partner to be aggressive and then provide cover for them with your range...if someone attacks your friend, you stand and attack them. Whoever your partner is or if solo, use your range attacks to keep distance between you and the enemy.

When you get 700 gp go buy Madred's Razor.

Mid game: At this point you have all three basic 'spells'. Lead off with a Thundering Shuriken. If you hit, your oppenent is in for a surprise. Give him a second to calm down, then Lightning Rush him and hit him with an electrical surge...and viola, stun. Your opponent just had an "oh s**t I didn't expect that", moment so be a friend and pound him with your range attack and anything else that's ready to fire (Ult, etc). Depending upon the effect on him be prepared to run, or chase and finish him.

End game: At this point your Attack Speed is 2.5 and you have a Madred's Bloodrazor and Infinity Edge. You can stun and finish most oppenents before they can get away. BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY, you eat turrets like marshmellows. Start pushing hard and taking down towers. If one oppenent shows up to defend, get out of turret range, stun and give him a go. If two or more show up, retreat...always look for numerical superiority because it is after all a team game.

Good luck!