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League of Legends Build Guide Author Herby

Attack Speed Teemo: Three Blind Mice

Herby Last updated on March 1, 2011
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Teemo is an incredibly diverse and at times Unique champion. I prefer to build Teemo Attack Speed however he can be built in a multitude of different ways including AP, AD, and a hybrid of all. With that said my reasons for building teemo AS / AD are numerou and will be outlined in this guide below.

I've been playing Teemo for a good bit now and have noticed that a lot of Teemo players don't really focus on AS. AS Teemo has a rather large potential for damage due to Poisons and can really chew down enemy champions regardless of type. From the squishy champs like Ryze, to the heavy hitters like Yi and Xin, to the pesky tanks like Malphite Teemo can adequately cut these champions down to size with some clever build orders and proper positioning.

This is my first build and I don't want to spend all night writing this. So, if there are any sections that you think you want me to add, or anything you want me to expand upon comment away. I'd love to hear your thoughts. Constructive criticism is key to all builds. They are rarely right on the 1st try.

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Many may look at my room build and question my choices but I will attempt to back them up here. For marks Attack Speed seems to be the way to go for a quick first blood and early kill. Your first point will be put into poison and by being patient and hitting level 2 in stealth you can pop out and surprise your enemy for a fast gank. The poison damage is rather extensive early game, and with Ignite, and exaust you shouldn't be taking a lot of damage. weven if the gank fails, your enemy will likely be forced to recall putting them at a quick loss of important early lane xp.

For Seals I choose to go for critical strike. A little bit of crit goes a long way on Teemo. And that one large crit can be the difference of that enemy champion getting away or laying dead mid lane early in game. You could also go for Armor Pen. seals however I prefer critical strike.

Glyphs for Teemo are somewhat arbitrary and you have many options however I choose to for Mana per 5. This allows you to harrass freely early game, and assists with shrooming and harrassing as well. Its a nice option and a luxury really.

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The items listed above are more or less core to the central build. After these items are done I build based on what is needed. If there is a Jax in the game I frequently build Sword of the Divine. If they are tank heavy i will build a black cleaver. If I just want more damage to decimate my opponents I frequently build Infinity Edge. If they have an abundance of utility and mana users I'll build Wit's End. It is really up to personal preference at this point. Anything that you build strictly for attack speed should be avoided since you are more or less at cap. In addition Frozen Mallet, and some items like Guinsoo's can all be equally nice pieces to round out the build. Use your judgment based on what is needed and work from there.

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Pros / Cons

- Great Early and mid game and is excellent at beatind down champions like Ashe, Cait, Yi, Xin. Any AD carry you can entirely neutralize
- great damage output
- the damage is sneaky. You don't do 900 crits. Rather Malady, Maldreds, Poison, and the speed adds up FAST. By the time the enemy realize how FAST they are taking damage it is too late. Speed boost and poison kills anyway.
- excellent farmer
- Red Buff is amazing in this build and easy to get almost all game long.

- You are VERYsquishy, especially in this build. Positioning is essential
- beware champions with thornmail or those that start with R and end in ammus. They hurt you just by hitting them period.
- Can be put behind the 8 ball vs champions like Morde, or Malphite early game. Try and stay away until you get a ffew kills under your belt.

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Team Work

Your positioning in team fights is always vital. Try and make sure that you use your shrooms in this build to gifve yourself and teammates a way to run. With Phantom dancer and your w you can get away VERY fast. If any enemy hits even one shroom the abilities they have become very limited if they want to kill you. In addition all it takes is 3 seconds of no movement and your invisible. Put that much space between youself and the enemy and they won't find you w/o oracles.

When a team fight start you dont want to be the one intiating. I prefer to come in just a second after our intiator is in and begin throwing blinds to the proper targets. Your attack speed will get you plenty of kills as champions try and run. Get your blinds out there and focus down enemy champs. I love hitting down the enemy carry and making them a moot point. You also have a strong ability to hurt tanks with the Magic Resist debuff you put on tanks and Maldreds. Use these to your advantage.

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Early / mid game I farm as simply as possible. I hit a creep twice, and then change targets to a new creep. 2 Hits is all you need usually for poison to finish it off. Late game you can kill large waves of creeps threatening towers with one shroom. You can really eat creeps away in this build and thats just about all there is too it.