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Garen Build Guide by Jakelz

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Jakelz

auto win on garen dps tanky

Jakelz Last updated on July 14, 2011
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Hi this is a tanky garen build. In this build I will tell you why I chose my runes, items, how to play garen, how to farm, skill sequence, team work, pros / cons, summoner spells and why I chose my masteries like I did. It will go in that order. Please vote and leave a comment on your feedback and how I can make my garen stronger. Thanks everyone.

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Runes: If your going to be a dps tanky garen you need armor, magic resist, damage and armor penetration. Red runes or marks are the dps runes while yellow is defence and blue is magic resist and ap stuff. That's why my runes are chosen like they are especially since your a garen. You need armor penetraion which is dps related so you need red for those. Armor or defence is yellow so that's where you get armor from. Magic resist is blue so nine of those. And purple is good with everything so I got 1 of each to wrap it off. More defence, more armor penetration and more magic resist.

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Dorans shield is good start hit point which garen need, hp regen which will give you a bunch of regen which your passive and armor which you need as a garen. You can get that or boots 1. Boots. Pretty self explanitory. You want to reach which your bladestorm and be able to get in and out of battles quickly. Sunfire Which makes enemies take 40 damage per second along with a bladestorm plus hp and armor. Thornmail so dpsers can't kill you. If they have to many ap get something else with magic resist like a force of nature or armor penetration. Since this is Dps tanky garen you need some dps. Infinity edge is perfect. Your crits hurt and it will help with your bladestorm and your q. Now some more dps and armor penetration. Last whisper the more damage the better. Now you want to slow. Frozen mallet is prefect for garen. 700 hit points and you slow with damage. That's 6 items. (You sell your dorans shield for frozen mallet).

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How to play garen

Garen is very strong. Especially when finishing with an ult. You can harrass with your q because all they can do is hit you with melee attacks when they are silenced. Then e them until silence wears off. Don't worry about mana or hp loss. Garens abilitys are free to use all they have is a cooldown. Garen can gank easily if you go in with your q. When you need some health wait in the bushes with your passive on. If they come in you'll have 200 more health with a passive and you'll easily kill them. When your fighting use your courage or w.
When you ult do not make it a starting move get him to low health then your ult because the lower the health the strong it is.

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If you truely don't want to get when farming go up q a minion for a last hit. Don't autoattack. Try and keep your enemies from getting xp and farming with your bladestorm and q. You can farm with your abilitys easily because it gosts no mana or health. don't bladestorm minions because you won't be able to last hit them all. Just use your q. As a garen if you know you can't reach someone when you go up to hit a minion just hit the minion and go back because they will be trying not to let you farm.

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Skill sequence

Bladestorm is super strong so that 1st. If you get boots and potions you will hit with bladestorm longer. I get boots but you starters should start with dorans shield. Get your q next so you can hit and use bladestorm. Then lv up bladestorm, your q and then your w. Ult of course. Keep lving up your bladestorm and q then finish off with your w. Even though when you get kills and you have a w you get armor. But 1st you need to be able to get kills. So lv up your bladestorm and q.

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Team work

Silencing the mage in team fights is importent it makes it like their dead while they are alive. Bladestorm the middle that way it hits everyone. Attack the squishys or fed people because they can be eliminated easily that way less damage is done. Save your ult for the tank when he/she is low (go leona XD). You can easily kill ap or squishy dps with a q bladestorm walk with him to hit him with sunfire another q and bladestorm then they are dead so attack next squishy. Your infinity Edge should be devastating against squishies.

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Pros of garen: very good tank and dps
abilitys cost no health or mana
good finisher
has nice health
squishy eliminator
can regenerate fast
his w doesn't leave when he dies
cons of garen: long ult cd
importent to have a good build because if you don't garen cang et eliminated easily

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Summoner spells

Exhaust and flash. You need exhaust because without your q bladestorm is hard to stay with someone. Flash because you can escape, engage and turrent dive while getting out safe. You can switch flash for ignite if you want.

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Magic resist, armor and health are all in the defence file so lv that up until you get to health. Then you build damage in offence because dps is offence. You want a upgrade in exhaust since thats what your taking. If you pick ignite don't put a point in that because no abilitys require ap or use it and all the mastery does is give you ap. You just waste a point if you put a point in their.

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I just want to say thank you for reading this please leave your feedback on how I can make it better and please vote. Also I'm gonna try full dps garen so I'll tell you when I've tried it and if it has worked or not.

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Awesome garen

This is a good way to learn to play garen.