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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hitsugaya

Avast, Me Hearties!

Hitsugaya Last updated on June 9, 2011
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Gangplank is hands down my favorite champion to play. He has his Parrrley dealing massive damage to enemies mid-late game, he has a cleanse and heal, and an ultimate with so many uses your team will love you.

Seriously this guy is overlooked too often. Many people think that due to the recent nerfs(buffs imo), Gangplank has been broken beyond viability. Built correctly this is absolutely untrue.

I haven't ever felt useless using this build. Other than early game, I am able to deal awesome damage to all enemies and be able to get out of lots of sticky situations.

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Masteries/Runes/Summoner Spells


Mana Regen Glyphs, along with the 2 faerie charms, provide enough mana regeneration to be able to farm and heal with Remove Scurvy until you have the 1400g for the first trip back to base.

Crit Damage marks & quints, This is the most cost-effective way to build extra damage into the build. It also greatly helps your harass after you have picked up the basic crit-strike items until you get your infinity edge

Crit Strike seals and quint, with the items in the build, not much crit-strike in the runes is needed, however these seals/quint help to inch closer to 100% later in the game. They also occasionally give you the surprising crit at lvl 2.


Standard DPS carry of 21-0-9, make sure crit damage/crit strike are included.


These are my personal favorite, but it doesn't matter what you pick as long as its not rally, smite, revive, clarity, (etc). You might want to pick up cleanse just to be extra annoying, but its up to you.

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NOTE: I do not turn my 2nd Faerie Charm into a Philosopher's Stone, I usually sell it to make way for the Brawler's Gloves. The extra hp and mp regen of a second Philosopher's Stone is too much for Gangplank. It is not cost effective nor damage effective to be wasting that money on a second Stone instead of crit-strike items.

Start withand. This will be enough mana regen to keep you alive and farming until you need to buy the next set of items.

When you get 1400 gold port back and pick up theand. You do not need any more incoming money than this, and both of these items are built into other things in the build, so you wont be wasting money later.

Once you have the, its time to beef up the crit. Pick up, and. This will give you about a 65% crit chance, and you will start to actually be effective when fighting other characters and in teamfights.

Build those items into anand, followed by the best new item in the game:. At this point almost all of your attacks will be critical strikes, and the other team will begin to take notice and fear you.

Finish up by upgrading theto a, and theto, Most games will go no further than this.

In the rare case that you are left wondering what to build around min. 57-60, sell yourfor a, supplementing the loss of crit strike with.

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Early Game

Play defensive and farm as much as possible. Gangplank can't do much early game, and if you attack the enemy to early and often, you will run out of mana and have generally a much harder time putting together the engine of the build being the Philosophers Stone and Avarice Blade.

However if you are laning with say, a GOOD Lee Sin, By all means go to town on your opponents (lol).

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Mid Game

If everything has gone according to plan and you have picked up the crit-strike items, begin harassing at will. Roughly 2/3 shots will seriously hurt a squishy opponent, and being able to cleanse out of CC with Remove Scurvy and hitting tons of crits gives you awesome credibility in a 1v1 fight.

Eventually you will notice the damage trail off, and this will be the indication that you need to farm hard for the rest of the $ for the Infinity Edge. Pick this up ASAP as this gives you your Late-Game Damage.

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Late Game

Help in teamfights. Gangplank is not the best pusher in the game, but he can wreck an entire team if left to his own devices.

Shoot enemies with Parrrley, Use Raise Morale when your team initiates the fight, get right into the melee fray and pop Remove Scurvy if you begin to get focused. You might die, but not before taking 3 of them with you.

It is AWESOME to get a kill 6 seconds after you die due to Gangplank's passive.

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Tips for Solo-Mid

Your two main priorities when taking solo-mid are farming and staying alive.

Last hit as much as possible with Parrrly for the extra gold, melee last hit if you have to. You need to be outpacing your opponent on the farm to be able to kick their *** at about lvl 9.

Use your Health potions before wasting mana on Remove Scurvy. Remove Scurvy is 1.5 the mana cost of Parrrly, so every time you use it you hurt your farm slightly.

When you port back (if all has been going well) your opponent may have pushed their way to the tower in your absence. Don't be worried about using your ultimate to push them off of the tower. You will have many other chances to pick off that bastard Teemo with 2 HP from across the map.

The best way to kill your opponent, unless they are terribad, is to wait for a gank from one of your teammates. Your job at mid is to keep that tower as healthy as possible, and you being dead trying to take out Malzahar is not the proper strategy to that end.

You can try to gank lanes, but I do not advise doing this. Gangplank does not do the required damage to gank properly at early levels, and you are better off keeping your distance and helping with your ultimate at opportune moments.

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Gangplank is amazing if played correctly. Make sure you /t, /d, and /j in the chat. I hope this build helps, good luck to everyone giving it a shot.

I will edit this build later to add more/make it look better, but for now, I shall Publish.