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League of Legends Build Guide Author Babytux

Awesome Jungle/Hybrid Akali

Babytux Last updated on February 4, 2011
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Chapter 1

Welcome to my first guide here on Mobafire. This guide will be for all you who wants to try out jungling with Akali. The build will be focusing on a heavy hybrid/survivabillity build so you can towerdive easially and 1v1's. I've used this build in about 30 games and it works really well. Penta kills wont be rare.

Summoner Spells
Smite is quite an obvious pick if you're going to jungle.
I prefer ghost as the second spell since it will help you chase people down or if you are in a tight situation while under twilight shroud you could just pop ghost and run away.

Mark of The Assassin
You start to max out Mark of the assassin since it will give the most health back with spell vamp. It is also Akali's best burst spell.
Crescent Slash
After Mark of the assassin you take Crescent slash since Twilight shroud wont be neccessary until later.
Twilight Shroud
At level 4 you will take Twilight Shroud since you will probbably gank soon or if someone is going to try and gank you.
Shadow Dance
Of course you pick Shadow dance as soon as you can since it will help you tremendously when you are going to towerdive or run away.

Plentiful Bounty
Plentiful Bounty will give you a small bouns income and will allow you to use Smite more often.
Hardiness gives you more survivabillity and unlocks Harden skin.
Evasion gives you more survivabillity and unlocks Nimbleness.
Nimbleness is crucial for this build. It makes you're dodge worth so much more and allows you to get away/chase much more easially.
Harden Skin
Harden Skin will make it a bit more easier for you to jungle or lane.
Veteran Scars
I chose veteran scars because it will help you if the opposing team will try and gank you at the start.
Perseverence allows you to farm abit longer.
Haste makes you ghost alot more effective.
Awareness is really important since you're not going to have the same constant exp as when you're laning.
Utility Mastery
Utility Mastery will allow you to gank more often without having to get the buffs from the lizard and the golem that often.
Greed will give you a slight money boost.
Quickness will help you to run away or chase someone.

I chose magic penetration marks, dodge seals, ability power per level glyphs and flat hp quintessences.
Greater Mark of Insight]
I think Magic penetration is better for akali since most of her spells deals magic damage.
Greater Seal of Evasion
Dodge seals gives more survivabillity and allows Nimbleness to proc more often.
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude
Flat hp allows you to run away from or kill in a early gank.
Greater Glyph of Force
Ability power per level gives you higher ap fast and since this build will focus on attack damage at the start it will make you more of a hybrid from the start. When I tried this build I didn't have the IP for other glyphs so since I already had the Ap per level I picked them so you could pick other glyphs as you like and it would still work.

Core Items
Ninja Tabi
Obviously in this build dodge is key for movement/survival so Ninja Tabi is a great choice. (A true ninja wears a pair of Ninja tabi ^^ )
Hextech Gunblade
Hextech Gunblade is a great choice since it gives more spellvamp + lifesteal. It also is a good choice for a hybrid. The active is awesome for chasing or more burst.
Guinsoo's Rageblade
Guinsoo's Rageblade is an obvious choice for a hybrid and gives you the attack speed you need.
Rylai's Crystal Scepter
Rylai's gives you an additional slow and more health. The extra ability power is just a +.
Trinity Force
Trinity Force is a good choice for Akali since it gives + in all aspects. Movement, health, attack damage, ability power, slow and the phage buff. The only downside is that it gives mana which you don't need. I've played with people saying that Lich Bane is a better choice for Akali and I think Lich Bane is an awesome item but not for this build since Trinity force gives so much more than just damage but that's your own choice.

Optional Items

You will get these items in late game if you even get there. I recommend that you don't got for these items early but if you are getting really feeded it could be worth it (except for Banshee's Veil since you wont need that in early/mid game).
Black Cleaver
The item I go for when i get really fed as last item is usually Black Cleaver. I know there are alot of builds out there that speciallizes in AP for Akali but for you who haven't tried a little bit more AD Black Cleaver is a good choice. It's good for killing towers and adds some attack speed.
Banshee's Veil
Banshee's Veil is usefull if you meet alot of AP users/stuns,cc's etc. The downside is that it gives mana which you dont need but sometimes it's worth it.
Phantom Dancer
Phantom Dancer is awesome if you want more dodge, movement or just wanna crit like hell.
It's usefull against low hp carry's. With Phantom Dancer in your arsenal they will melt away in seconds.

Build Order
Ok let's get down to the build order.

I start with a long sword and a healh pot. The long sword gives me 10 % spellvamp from Akali's passive.

First Return
After my first run I go back and buy a Amplifying Tome.

Second Return
Now the second time I come back it depends if I've been killed or if I just could continue farm all the time. If I died i probbably buy normal boots since that's what I can afford but if I just farmed all the time I buy either Ninja Tabi directly or normal boots and a Ruby Crystal/Vampiric Scepter. In some cases I buy a Hextech Revolver.

Third Return
The third time I return I will probbably ganked someone so I will have quite alot of gold which I will spend on uppgrading my Long Sword to a Phage and get Ninja Tabi if I don't have them already. It's also important to get Hextech Revolver fast since it gives alot of spellvamp. And occationally if you ganked alot you uppgrade to Hextech Gunblade

Forth Return
At the forth return you should be able to get Phage, Hextech Gunblade, start on Rylai's or Guinsoo's.

After forth return it will either be over already (happens alot since they usually surrender when they see this awesome Akali) or you continue building Rylai's, Guinsoo's, and last Trinity Force. It's Really rare that you ever build the last optional items.


You start with going for the normal golems (not the buff golem) which you use smite on. After that you go for the wolfs (no smite) and after that your smite should be ready for the wraiths (note that you must use it on the big one). After that it depends if you're good enough to kill the small mobs at the lizard (you kill one of them then kite away the lizard but the other mob should not reset then kill the other one) or you just go to a lane and steal some gold till you can afford an Amplifying Tome.

Now you will go for the golem buff. Sometimes I use ghost here just to speed it up a bit but that's your choice. Kill the golem and use smite (do note that you cant kill him if you're not lvl 3 and that you're not supposed to kill the small minions first). After I go for the wolves, normal golems, use smite on wraiths then I should be able to go back and buy again.

After second return I go for lizard ( with smite) which will not have his lesser minions. After that I could go and gank or just continue farming. After a while ill go and buy again.

I usually don't gank until I have normal boots at least since it will help alot but you could just use ghost. I go for the dragon at around level 7-8 and it will require that you haveand you will usually have aaswell.

After that you just stroll around in the woods and go to the lanes where it's needed and gank whenever you want. Do note that the golem buff is REALLY good for ganking and phage helps alot since it slows, the lizard buff is fine aswell.

Things to consider
If you are going to towerdive make sure you have at least one stack of Shadow Dance. If you're target has about 300-400 hp it should be easy just make sure you have some kind of escape route (either ghost or a mob to shadow dance. You will have a stack after you kill your target since you get one stack when you get a kill or assist).

Your targets are of course other carry's and low hp champions, mages are an excellent choice. You should avoid strong 1v1 champions such as Olaf and Warwick. If you see someone with Oracle be careful since you cant escape that easially. In this build you can often win in 1v2-1v3 fights if you have your Twilight Shroud. I've even taken down 1v5 once but at that time I was extremely feeded.

Spell Rotations
When I engage in a gank I start with Mark of The Assassin most of the times or just use Shadow Dance. Try use Mark all the time and remember that your next auto-attack will deal loads of damage so always hit them before you use your next Mark. Use Crescent Slash whenever you're in range. Try saving your Twilight Shroud till you either end up meeting more than one opponent or to survive. The slow is not that good to slow enemies thats why you have items like Phage and Rylai's.

In team fight's you should wait until your tank/initiator attacks and you pop a shadow dance right into the fight. After you're in the fight cast Twilight shroud and try stand inside it while attacking your enemies. Remember that you get new stacks of your Shadow Dance everytime you get an assist or a kill so you can spam your ulti.

Thanks for reading my First guide and I hope it will help all you LoL players out there. I would also like to know what you think of the guide if it's something that i can improve.