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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author shinokage

Badass Soraka bot

shinokage Last updated on January 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Soraka is one of the most badass support characters. She is also one of the under rated characters in all of LoL!!! This is because a lot of people don't really know how to use her well...they don't really get that she is a SUPPORT HEALER and not much of a DPSer...and also because heaps of people don't really notice that with a Soraka on the team, they are saved during team fights HEAPS of times!

Just try out this guide and see how many times you save your team!!!

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I chose the masteries as 8/1/21 coz i find that to be the most useful for her! with the utility spec, u get heaps off the heal spell plus another 30sec.

it also helps her keep mana up! notice i didnt get awareness over expanded mind...this is because you will need all the mana you can get.

i also didnt get perseverance, this is coz the regen only applies to moves that already give you regen.

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Skill Sequence

I have chosen 'e' first coz it provides a good harass early game. you must....MUST however tell your laning partner that heals are at lvl 2 and to wait till then to continue harassing hard out!

i feel that 'q' is just a move riot needed to fill in the it has such a small range, you hav to b close up (not quite melee) to cast it. this brings you too close into the fray for it to be any use as you just end up getting killed. she has a hard skill sequence to balance because if you get more heals than mana, you oom but if you get more mana the heals, you're ****.

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Marks: Get all flat Cd red. runes.

Seals: flat CD Red. Runes

Glyphs: AP per lvl

Quints.: Cd red. runes

*i get so many CD runes coz she really needs it! think of it this way, with a lower cd, you heal more than you would with more ap + longer cd!

*you dont wanna OVER do the cd red. though! she still needs ap!!

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the first 3 items are CORE!! you are nothing without must get them in that order, and that order alone...the boots can be swapped with either mercury treads or swiftness (treads being the obvious favourite over swiftness). the last 3 items you can play around with....however, i suggest that the 4th item be +AP, the 5th item be defensive and the 6th to be +AP again! elixers can b bought at any tym throughout the game.

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Summoner Spells

I chose ghost and heal for specific is both an escape mechanism and a way to reach your allies in time to save their butts!

i got heal for the obvious reason....its a heal!!

other options: THERE ARE NO OPTIONS......nah, jus kidding...

id prefer to leave em that way but if you really wantd to, you could get:

  • flash
  • clarity
  • teleport
  • cleanse

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Levels 1 thru 6

At this stage, ur sole purpose is to not die.

at level 1, you have 'e'. this can b used to harass...try not to use ur heal at this point but do it if u must. for now, just hit creeps (last hit if possible) and auto attack enemies that stray close enough. if your partner is ranged, all the better for harassing...

at level 2 - 5, ur partner is getting more adventurous, and goes in to attack more often...this time you have your heal and jus heal you way thru their attemps! remember, though, if your partner strays too far and he is between 2 enemies, leave him....who told him to be superman? jus hang bak and throw a heal if you can coz if you go too close, its the end for you and then him!

at level 6, your ally can roam the map and go gank as much as he wants while you hang bak, hug the tower and push back towards the first bush...try not to go too far out coz a gank is ALWAYS imminent....think about it, soraka, alone in bot next to your'll eat her up for brekkie!

*tip: ask ur allies to ping heaps of times at their location if they require a heal with your ulti!

in this stage, you should have saved up enough for the kindlegem and well on your way for another ruby crystal!

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level 6 - 11

you are most probably alone and tower hugging bot at this stage... you may or may not hav enemies in the lane but do not be too bold so as to push bot all the way! the enemy always lurks near!

if you want, once minions hav pushed far beyond wea you dare tread, you may jungle golems/ghouls/dogs and mayb try for the blue buff...if not, go to a lane wea there are group fites. stand near but dont get involved. heal the **** off ur allies. help out as much as you can...if ur lucky, you may even get a kill or 2 (thru ks-ing though :P).

this stage is all about farming. farm the f*@$ outta those minions. by this time, you should have ur soul shroud and have saved up for the boots. also, u will have started saving for the blasting rod. if ur lucky, you alredy have blasting rod or needlessly large rod (oooohhh, sounds kinky!!!) and are working towards completing your third item.

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level 11-16

at this stage, the team fites are gettin more intense and ur are mostly in mid! this wea we try to ignore the creeps and be more wary of incoming ganks and healing your partners! inspite of all of this, kill minions in ur spare time for money and xp.

continue this until u breach their base and win the game!

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Tips, tricks and hints.

  1. NEVER SOLO MID. you are useless there...give it to someone who needs to farm and carry.
  2. early game, you can use 'e' to last hit minions. it costs nothing so use it wen you can!
  3. your mana is more important than ur allies mana...prioritise 'e' for urself b4 ur ally or enemy
  4. do not waste time. if u cant push or dont want to go to far away frm the tower, dont stand near it like an idiot! go jungle!
  5. try not to leave ur allies health below half wen healing...try to keep ur ulti and summoner spell for group fites. if you have no choice, then use them. for all else, use 'w'.
  6. try to lane top or bot with someone who can absorb damage and deal it...2 squishies in one lane = DOOM
  7. stealthers are your oracle if you must to avoid gettin raped by eve or twitch!
  8. ghost has dual uses. u can use ghost to flee or to run up to ur allies as fast as possible and use all the heals u can!
  9. you have a triple heal! 'w', 'f' and 'r' can turn the tides of any group battle!

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Chapter 11

thus ends my guide. im not a pro player or anything. im just a guy who decided to see how my guide would fare with other people and if it works for them as much as it has worked for me.

all suggestions, comments, amendments, thoughts, opinions and inputs are very much welcome!