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Warwick Build Guide by Fiendolo

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fiendolo

Balanced Junglewick

Fiendolo Last updated on July 18, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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This isnt meant to be anything new or outrageous, and thats why I made it, so that there will just be a standard, solid jungle warwick build that can fly through the early jungle and survive late game while still dealing damage. You may be inclined to troll a bit when you see me start with a mana potion, or have both wriggles and bloodrazor, but there are reasons for everything, so please read and preferably try it out before voting.

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armor pen and armor are essential for quick and safe jungling. For late game play it sometimes makes sense to go with mpen runes with madreds and especially if you're using wits end, but by gearing the build a bit more towards AD it allows armor pen runes to be effective both early and late game. The armor just ensures your health is a bit higher through the jungle phase and gives an extra layer through the rest of the match. CD/lvl and MR are more for mid game dominance and minor late game effectiveness. The MR helps you get to right around 150 MR with the full build, so WW has some pretty decent survivability.

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Nothing crazy here, just maximizing damage and then experience and buff length for jungle phase. The 15% mpen is enough to make sure the madreds magic damage still has some teeth. You could arguably use the offense mastery point elsewhere, but considering its a jungle build, you will get your money's worth from it.

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Why do i start with a mana potion? that way I can spam skills (mostly q) in the jungle before getting the blue buff and even get to the blue buff sooner.
I know what some of you might think... two madreds? well the passive on madreds bloodrazor doesnt keep the original razors passive, so the continued utility of wriggles passive + its active makes it worth keeping on top of a bloodrazor to ensure quick dragon kills and minimize the amount of time you have to spend in enemy jungles when invading and stealing buffs. As long as the razor to build bloodrazor is the last component you buy, there shouldnt be much time where you have a useless overlapping of wriggles and a razor.

Otherwise, the items are geared towards some survivability without compromising damage. Madreds bloodrazor along with the black cleaver should help keep tanks honest regardless of what kind of defensive items they have. And the combination will eat through carrys. I used to almost always go with wits end because of how effective it is with ww's ult, but the recent changes to it make me less excited since i dont get to burn their mana. Either way, it's still a viable option, as is a malady or sword of the divine, but it's situation and comes down to play style and preference.

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Skill Sequence

through level 6 the skill sequence is to maximinze jungling speed and to set yourself up for a gank. After level 6, there is a lot of flexibility based on your preference. I personally max "q" first because of the cooldown. At max lvl, "q" will probably always get used more than once in a fight, whereas even when maxed and with some cdr, "w" will rarely get popped more than once in a confrontation.

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Summoner Spells

Flash is a great second spell for junglers. Not only is it a get out of jail free card in the jungle, with ww's sometimes seemingly suicidal ultimate, it can either get you out of trouble right after, or spring you forward so you can land it in the first place. Either way, use wisdom and prudence because often you will need it as an escape spell since ww doesnt have much else.

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Start at golems, smite right away and hit hunters call. from golems do wraiths, then wolves, then blue then red. Gank or invade the enemy jungle depending on how the map is looking and then hit the golem => wraith => wolf path again

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Warwick generally does not excel at pushing lanes. An if you are a bloodrazor/malady/sword of divine/wits end kind of build, you will probably suck at taking down towers too. That is where this build is different. Keeping wriggles lets you pop a "w" and make quick work of a minion wave. Then focusing mostly on AD instead of relying on bloodrazor for damage, means that you will actually be able to kill a tower before a match is over. Given, ww probably wasnt designed to be an amazing counter/split-pusher, but he can fill that role if its needed, and the more people on the team that can split push, the thinner the enemy team will have to spread themselves out or risk paying dearly.

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Team Work

Just because you get wriggles, dont think you never have to buy a ward. You're the jungler, you have more occasion to walk around the map than most teammates you will have, so dont be a punk and actually buy wards as well. Throw down wriggles in one spot, and throw down a real ward somewhere else. Your team will love you and maybe they will follow your map awareness initiative and buy some wards themselves... but i wouldnt count on it. Map awareness is key and you should never let wriggles and the price of wards be a crutch that stops you from doing your role to keep the map lit up with wards.