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Heimerdinger Build Guide by Dadinizer

Banned (should be) Heim Build for Crystal Scar

Banned (should be) Heim Build for Crystal Scar

Updated on June 29, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dadinizer Build Guide By Dadinizer 3,074 Views 0 Comments
3,074 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Dadinizer Heimerdinger Build Guide By Dadinizer Updated on June 29, 2012
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I found an exploit.

Using it, I can consistently get high score on Crystal Scar with Heimerdinger, Beg or Inter bot games.

I think it's cheating, but it's fun to try out.

It stems from the fact that bots are programmed a certain way, and don't have any other way to play. This won't work in PVP games.
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How to use it

You protect two Capture Points with two Evolution Turrets. Enemy Champion Bots will run back and forth (even two or three of them) trying to get past your turrets. While the enemy bots are thus busy, and all of your teammates are wasting their time trying to get kills, you capture the unprotected capture points and rake in the points.

Since you get more points by converting Capture Points than you do killing enemies, you are not after kills. You are after capture points.

Unfortunately, most games will only last a few minutes, because you also keep most of the enemy bots busy running in circles.
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You need maximum speed, followed by maximum AP. Nothing else matters. You don't need life, or manna, or anything else.

You get maximum speed from boots of mobility. This means you get everywhere first. So you buy those first.

You get maximum AP from Rabbadon's Cap, so you get that second, and just keep buying them for more power.

If you think you'd like to try getting Force of Nature (or any other speed based item) by all means, give it a try.
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Skill Sequence

You need three skill-points on your turrets as quickly as possible. This will allow you to produce two Evolution Turrets, which you use to protect two capture points, one each.

Unfortunately, you can only start with two skill-points on your turrets, so you also get Micro-Rockets, which help you fight back while you are running from enemies, which you will do, since you are so squishy.

Always put any points you can on your ULT (R) (Upgrade) and if that's not available, put any points you can on your Evolution Turrets (Q). After that, just choose either of the other two, as you should never need them.
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Placing your Evolution Turrets

When an enemy Champion Bot finishes taking a Capture Point, sometimes it will run around the outside of the map directly to the next Capture Point, but occasionally, it will head for the same Capture Point, but first go toward the center of the map and then back outward again.

So, place your Evolution Turrets so they can protect the two closest entry paths. For the Lower Left Capture Point, that point is a 2:30 on the clock (a 45 degree angle toward the upper right).

Place the Evolution Turret on the pad of the Capture Point, but close the the outside edge of the pad. This is because you want your Evolution Turret to shoot first, and protect the Capture Point, but you want it close enough so if it gets attacked, the Capture Point will retaliate.
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Play Sequence

When the game starts, after putting two points on your Evolution Turrets and buying your Boots of Mobility, head bottom, to the Lower Left Capture Point.

Capture it, and place your turret.

Run to the Upper Right Capture Point and capture it.

Run to the Lower Right Capture Point and capture it (if nobody else is there.)

Place another skill-point on your Evolution Turrets.

Run to the Upper Left Capture Point and place your Evolution Turret at 2:30.

If a bunch of enemy bots are converging on a Capture Point, let them have it, and as soon as the move on, rush in and take it back.

Stay as far away from the fray (any raging battles) as possible.
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If you find the games ending too fast, try placing turrets at the Upper Right and Lower Right capture points, so the enemy champion bots hit them first and get stuck.

Keep a close eye on any of your Evolution Turrets that are busy with 2 or more champions (or if you placed one too far from the Capture Point) and use your ULT to keep yoru turrets powered up.

Remember that you (and your teammates) get more IP if the game lasts a certain amount of time. If you find yourself winning games too fast, try putting two turrets on one capture point, and let the enemy bots take some capture points too.

Be careful. If Heim dies, so do his Evolution Turrets. This build works better when you play ultra defensively. Better safe than dead.

Although, alternatively, you can change the build to "Tank Heim" and still play well with this method of Evo Turret Placement.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Dadinizer
Dadinizer Heimerdinger Guide
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Banned (should be) Heim Build for Crystal Scar

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