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Irelia Build Guide by ChancoShaman

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ChancoShaman

Basic Guide to be Hybrid Irelia

ChancoShaman Last updated on June 7, 2012
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Hello this is one of my first guides and i made this one because there are people that say I play Irelia much more different than others. This Guide is not just a guide but its explanation to why I play Irelia in such a hybrid way. I won't explain how to play as Irelia, but this build is most effective if you are soloing top. This build is mainly focused being able to chase your opponent for the longest time and finishing that kill, and surviving the chase if you find yourself in that postition. My runes and masteries are made to purely focus on getting through the early stages of a match with ease, because its what happens after those early stages is when Irelia is at her best

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Chapter 2


I spent some time thinking of a mastery page that could allow me the most survivalbility without being a broad tank. This Mastery page gives you this by getting both armor and magic resist to give you variety against whoever will be your opponent at your lane. I also think having mana and health regen is great because it should be enough to get you back on your feet if you have low health after defeating an enemy. If you have the time.

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Chapter 3


The reason I got Magic penetration marks is because with your item build in late game you will have enough armor penetration to go well over your magic penetration stat wize. I do try to balance these out by getting sorcerers boots, but I personally find that boots of swiftness are much better suited for trying to finish the kill. The next runes are flat health seals, the truth is that I don't have enough IP to buy those seals so I got cheap with flat armor seals, because that just the way I am. Although, if your willing to go for these flat health seals you will see yourself lasting much longer in and early game battle.
Then there are glyphs which you may have questions about since my build mainly focuses on damage increasing rather than ability power increasing. Well this is because I would not want to mainly focus on doing physical damage to my opponents. They would be able to counter that easily if they were a skilled player. So this way I can have variety of damages going to my target making it harder for them to counter. The last runes are quintessences which dont need much explaining other than they make you quicker early game. If your still obsessed with getting an even number of armor and magic penetration. Then swap out the swiftness for magic penetration.

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Chapter 4


Items are probrably the most important part of this build because I wanted Irelia to have high conistent damage with the most survivability so that she is able to 1v1 anyone in the match. I strictly say that you get hextech gunblade as soon as possible and then get trinity force as soon as possible since these will be your source of damage throughout the match. You should also have gotten boots of swiftness before you got trinity force. Now that you got damage its time to get a little bit tanky. I go with randuins for armor and maw of malmortius for magic resistance. What I like about my the items I chose is that there is a chance on whether you are being hit or hitting someone else that they can be slowed wich gives you more leeway to use most of your abilities to your advantage. This again makes yourself very survivable. Also, the passive effects from maw of malmortius help out when your at low health because you will be surprised on how well you will do if its not a burst champion chasing you.