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Lee Sin Build Guide by Mray03

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mray03

Basic Lee Sin JG

Mray03 Last updated on September 22, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello fellow summoners. If your a person who wants to learn how to play lee sin my builds would get you through the basics. I will be talking about how to gank, farm, team fighting, unique skills. I hope you enjoy my suggestions on how to use and build lee sin. First lets talk about how to gank. Lee sin has the best ganks when level 3. First off after you get level 3 look at all the lanes and gank of there in trouble, as in if the enemy is pushed up. Now if they don't notice you coming from behind don't use your Q. Try to get close enough to use your E because it slows. If they flash then Q to them. But you must make sure that you starting ganking when your teammate goes sin first.

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Lee Sin is not one of those Jungler's that needs to rush feral flare and get lots of stacks on it because he is suppose to be a tank. First you start at red..Once the time is 1:35 ask your teammate at top to ward blue. Blue buff is useless to Lee sin because he uses energy but its just a quick way to get level 3. After you get Red buff go after the raves, so when you go to blue buff you get level 3. What you must do is that by 25 min into the game you should have 5 feral flare stacks. Its not a lot but its good for now. Try to always give your blue buffs to your teammates that use Mana. If your wondering why to you get wrigglys lantern then spirit of an elder lizard is because when Lee sin is level 18 is ability's are on a very short cool down and also attack speed is better for Lee then Cool down reduction.

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Team Fighting

Lee sin is a great engagement champ. What you try to do when engaging is that you try to Q to there strongest player. After you Q to there strongest champ just only attack him so that he can be very low for the fight or that you can kill him and you win the fight.But,Then during the fight if there is someone with an ability that can destroy your team in a fight like morgana's ult, try to kick them away by using your ult.

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Unique Skills

Now what Lee sin is known for is his dodging and Jukeing. One type of jukeing is that when getting chase go threw the jungle and try to Q to the buffs. The most common and best one is the ward hoping. Again for another reason to use wriggly's lantern is that when turned into feral flare it provides an second ward. How to ward jump is that you first place and ward and then use your W ability to jump to it my clicking it. Also you can use your W ability to dash to minions. Ward jumping is great for ganking because when you have your ult you can ward jump in front of them then kick them backwards.

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I hope I have given you the basic knowledge on how to use Lee sin. I'm in bronze so this information is very useful. But, when your in Gold Lee sin becomes almost a full tank. My runes are just for the extra damage but if your getting into better division use tanky runes. Please leave comments if you have any questions.If you one of those douche bags you think they know everything Don't leave a comment on my page saying that your information is stupid.