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Lux Build Guide by aguyinag

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League of Legends Build Guide Author aguyinag

****** Beam Destruction

aguyinag Last updated on November 17, 2011
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My Lux Build. That is all. I know, straight text is boring. But it's faster than adding pretty little images.

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My runes focus on Magic Pen, Mana Regen, and Cooldowns. If you haven't played Lux before, trust me, in team fights, the most ANNOYING thing is to run out of mana and become a useless block of meat. And that happens A LOT without much mana regen or max mana. Cooldowns are for my ult. My runes, plus a blue-elixir-buff-thing/blue-buff, plus an Evil Tome should be satisfactory to keep my ult at a ~25 second cooldown. Also, I get magic pen for those pesky magic resist stackers who hate Lux's ult. Or, in other words, magic pen = more damage = kills.

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Yum, masteries. I get the standard 9-0-21, putting one in the magic pen. Then, because I get max mana rather than mana regen in my build (Rod of Ages vs Archangel staff), I get some mana masteries in the utility section. I then go with the more starting gold because I like the extra hp pot I can get. And cooldown reduction and yeah. If you want, you can substitute one point in cooldown reduction for improved recall. I like to do that just because of the number of times I've ALMOST recalled in time but got hit just before it finished channeling >.<

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Clairvoyance.


Flash - Lux needs better escape mechanics. Either Ghost or Flash works, I just prefer flash. She's really slow, and her snare can only hold off a chasing Yi for half a second. Flashing over a wall will definitely throw a sword in their plans to catch this 20 stack Lux.

Clairvoyance - This is a safe spell. I don't get Ignite or Exhaust because, frankly, if I'm close enough to use those spells, I'm too close and I'm a dead Lux. Also, in case I go supporty, it helps. And, it helps majorly to secure those early kills against newbies or players who aren't paying attention blue pilling. They retreat to tower, you clairvoyance and immediately cast your ult. They won't know what hit them. Until they look at the death report, then scream LUXXXXX!!!!!!

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Ah geez. Items. Kkkkkk. Lets do this.

I like to start out with an Amplifying Tome to build directly into a Mejai's. Why do I get a Mejai's? Because, as Lux, you should NOT be dying. You should be far behind your tank in battle, spamming those spells like crazy. Shield teamates, AoE damaging with Ult and E, sniping escaping carries with your ult, and maybe initiating with a snare on one of their carries. By initiating, I don't mean you run in there. I mean, you snipe an enemy with your snare and your team runs in. Anyway, basically, you shouldn't die much. So I find the AP stacks from Mejais really help. Also, if you hit 20 stacks, you don't need a blue buff. Cooldown ftw. BUT. BUTTTTT. If you start out reallly poorly, you can go straight into a Fiendish Codex, which helps a lot to get you back up and going.

HP Pot cause HP is important. Though, you shouldn't need it much either, you should be staying back and not being too aggressive, only harassing occasionally with your E spell. And if you can, snare them from the bush, hit them with auto attack, E them, hit them with auto attack and back off, maybe shielding yourself before the combo in case.

Once I go back, I go basic boots, a Sapphire Crystal, and Mejai's if I have enough by then. You really want to get that Mejai's early in case of early kills. Which happens a lot when enemies escape with 50 hp. Ult, dead.

Next, I build my magic pen boots and finish my Catalyst, getting ready for the Rod of Ages.

Once I finish my Rod, I go and rush a Deathcap, because the ~30% (Is it 30%? Something like that) fits well with my 4-6 stacks by now. You should be getting assists and maybe a couple kills by now. Those snares should be hitting the champions at least 60% of the time. Otherwise, get better at them.

By now, it's pretty much freedom of build by now. I like to either get a Evil Tome or Void Staff next, depending on if they're building early magic resist or not. And I finish off with an Hourglass just cause it has armor, ap, and the awesome active. Also, you could totally replace one of these items (Evil Tome or Void) for another survivability item. In that case, I would either recommend the Abyssal Staff or the Banshee's. Both are quite good.

Anyhow, the choice is yours for those last few items. Just know that the core build is:

Sorc Boots
Mejai's (or not, your choice, but I realllly recommend it)
Rod of Ages
Rabadon's Deathcap

I've been playing around with the interchangeability of the Rod of Ages and an ArchAngel's Staff. I prefer the Rod of Ages because with my masteries and runes, I have enough Mana regen to last me a while, but my maximum mana is pretty lacking. Plus the Rod of Ages gives me health as well, and we all know Lux is squishy.

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Sooooo. Skills.

Passive: Illumination

Lux's damaging spells charge enemy units with light for 6 seconds, and the light is proc'd when Lux auto-attacks that unit. Does not stack. Meaning you cannot cast multiple spells on one unit, then auto-attack that unit for that many stacks of the passive. That would be amazing, but sadly, no. This is a great skill for early game harass, and your combo. Adds around 20-70 damage + base AD to your damage output for each skill. Use this by snaring or E spelling enemy champions from the bush and auto-attacking them really quickly, then retreating back to the bush.


Light Binding is a skill shot snare that passes through one target and ends at the second, snaring and damaging both targets. This is what will get you and your laning partner a kill early game. REMEMBER, at level 1, this snare is STILL a 2 second long snare. Therefore, you don't have to focus on leveling it to get a longer snare. Also, though it does more damage than Lucent Singularity, it can only hit 2 targets, while the other is an AoE and thus more useful for farming. The travel speed is relatively slow compared to skill shot's such as Ezreal's Mystic Shot. I'd say the speed is a little slower than Ezreal's Essence Flux, and a tiny bit faster than Morgana's snare skill shot. Also, REMEMBER, it can go through ONE enemy and snare the second. HOWEVER, the second target hit only gets 50% of the effect of the first target hit. So, whenever you can, avoid hitting an enemy creep before the champion. But if not possible, it is totally viable to shoot through a creep to the champion then harass with auto attack and Lucent Singularity. This spell is good for escapes and for chasing. Snare a chasing enemy champion or snare an escaping enemy champion. Or just ult them.


A skill shot shield that provides allied champions and yourself with a shield when it passes through them, does no damage. It travels in a straight line to the edge of its range and comes back, shielding with both pass throughs. Also, when it comes back to Lux, it shields her a second time. This is a great counter to Ignite. That's why I take it at level 3, in case of a close situation where I get ignited and am lower than 100 hp. Pop my shield and pop my blue pill. Or of course, same goes for your laning partner. Shield them.


This spell is most of your damage output early game. This is your AoE spell that deals decent damage and is a great farming tool level 3 and up. This spell is a skill shot AoE spell. Lux "warps" light in an area, slowing enemy targets and providing sight to the area until either Lux triggers the area to implode with light, or it runs out of time and implodes by itself, causing damage to enemy units in the area. After level 3, this spell is a great farming skill, just throw it on the ranged minions, blow it up, and auto attack each one for the passive proc and last hit. You can't really use it to farm the melee minions until the skill is a higher level or you pre-damage the melee minions first. Also, this is your long range harass skill. Try to hit both minions and champions at the same time with this skill in lane to conserve mana. Ok for escapes, cast it behind you to slow enemy champions, and also ok for chases, slow enemy champions in front of you (Q spell better for both cases).


This is Lux's signature move. Finales Funkeln, or ****** Beam, as I like to call it, shoots out a long range rainbow lazer after an initial charging. When charging for around 1 second, it emits smaller red lazer to warn enemy champions of an incoming deathbeamofdeath. It is a immediate lazer, meaning there is no travel time like Ez's ult or Ashe's ult. This is amazing for killing low hp champions under their turret, escaping a battle, or just huge AoE damage in a team fight. Also, this skill is great for minion farming. See a wave of creeps coming down the lane? Shoot your lazer, INSTA-FARM. Unless you're underlevel/underfed. Then throw a Lucent Singularity afterwards to clean up the melee creeps. Really low cooldown as well. At level 1, the cooldown is 80 seconds. But by level 3, the cooldown is only 40 SECONDS!!! Plus some Cooldown redux and you got a 24 second cooldown megasuperlazer. The best part about Lux is seeing someone run away, and sniping them. Just makes you feel all gooey and happy inside. Maybe cause the beam is rainbow. Anyhow. It's good.

So first, I get either Light Binding or Lucent Singularity. It's really your preference, but I advise the Q spell first. Reasoning: At level 1, both spells are really not going to be much of a bang. Therefore, I get the spell with the most utility, the snare, over the slow + sight. Remember, I'm taking Clairvoyance, so I have sight already.
Next, I get the one I didn't get, Q or E, whichever. Then, at level 3, I take a Prismatic Barrier as a counter to a DoT or Ignite, just in case. Next, I focus on leveling my main damage, Lucent Singularity, taking points in the R spell as I can. Then, I usually go for the Q spell max, if I'm doing pretty well. If not, I'll take some W levels as support instead of an AP carry (in that case I'd skip out on the void staff seeing as I'm mostly supporting). Last, I'll max whatever I didn't get before.

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Skill Combo

Many combos are possible with Lux. With almost all of them, you want to maximize the damage you do with your passive. So in between each spell, you want to auto-attack once, but only if you are SAFE to do so.

Combo #1 Max damage without ult:
Lead the snare with a Lucent Singularity to slow the enemy champion(s) and make it easier to land the Light Binding. Once the snare lands, auto-attack once, pop the Lucent Singularity, auto-attack again, and back off.

Combo #2 Safe combo:

Snare then Lucent Singularity from a safe distance. Or visa versa to get the snare land easier.

Combo #3 Maximum damage:

Lucent Singularity to slow, Light Binding them, use Finales Funkeln (Ult pops the passive too), auto-attack, pop the Lucent Singularity, auto-attack, then back the hell off. This one maximizes damage but is risky, leaving you open for a good 3 seconds, and within range for auto-attacks and/or cc.

For all these combos, you can use your snare first if you want to surprise the enemy and you're confident in your abilities to land the snare without a slow applied first.

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Like any player, you should be buying them every time you go back to base with extra money, no matter who you're playing.

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Lux is a really fun champion to play, but if you're not good at skillshots, good luck, because all of her skills are skillshots :3. Practice? Anyway, good luck huntin' with that ult of yours ;)