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League of Legends Build Guide Author Willpwns

Beastly Singed

Willpwns Last updated on July 24, 2010
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Ok first of all this is the first build ive made cause i love singed so much :) So give comments if you can please.

Some little information about singed: His passive will increase his health depending on how much mana he has. More mana = more health. Although you dont want to just stack mana as it wont do him much good without the damage will it!


-Great farmer
-Tough to kill
-Decent Escape

-Easy to Harass(Melee)
-No Defensive Skills
-Vulnerable to Disables

Summoner Spells:
-I definitely pick Ghost just cause its a great Chase ability or Escape for singed with his ultimate and Swiftness boots.
-Only reason i get clarity is for early game so i can lane longer and farm minion gold more.
-Cleanse might be a decent clarity replacement as i said before clarity is only good begining of game.
-If you dont care for clarity or cleanse then clarivoiance is a good option aswell. As you notice your teammates in random games dont like to call their mia. This works well to see if any ganks are heading your way.

Rune Build:
-I choose all Mana Per Lvl runes due to the increased health and with archangel's more AP. With nearly 850 more mana at Lvl 18 thats Quite a bit of an increase.

Ok now time for the Item sequence I shoot for:
-Begining of game start with a Saphire Crystal and a mana and HP Pot. You should be able to lane with just these until at least level 6 then you get your ulti.
-Head back to Home and rush Rod of Ages. This will let you get the full item stats fairly early game.
-Next go for the Boots of Swiftness. By now you can probably just run straight through minions turn on poison and go back and watch them all die. Easy Farming.
-Archangel's Staff is next. If you dont have enough for it right away then grab the Tear of Goddess to start. You should have low rank of your Mega Adhesive still so just use this every time it is available to get your Archangel's mana stacks. With how much mana Singed has this does great deal for his AP.
-Grab Frozen Heart next. This gives you a decent amount of armor and a great amount of mana for Singed's health and AP.
-Next is Rylai's Crystal Sceptor. This will cause any champion chasing you to be slowed just by your poison trail alone. Beast item for Singed. And he gets even more health out of it! Excellent escape item aswell: Poison trail slow + Ulti + Ghost = Where'd Singed go??
-Last but not least is definitely Zhonya's Ring. If you ever make it this far your a beast. This boosts your AP to over 500! Anyone chasing you will be slowed + taking 300 - 350 damage a second from your poison ticks and they would never catch you. When in team battles just run in and run around the enemy players to poison them all. Watch their health go down nice and quickly. Run away if they chase you! Haha.

Some nice tips for Singed:
-Tower Huging-Enemy players will most likly still try to harass you even at towers. When you see them coming at you put up poison trail go at them aswell. They might get a hit on you, if so fling them right into your turret and use mega adhesive to slow them from runing away. This causes the tower to get quite a few hits on them.
-When no enemy is in a lane put up you poisons and rush all the way to the tower as fast as you can running right through minions. They will chase you and die to your poisons. Excellent farming method. When all the minions reach a tower use ulti to get that increased damage on the turret for 25 seconds.
-When trying for an escape pop everything. Ulti/Ghost/Mega Adhesive Last when you a little bit ahead of the enemies chasing you. Your ulti has a quick enough CD it should be up by the time you engage the next enemy.

-Thank You for taking the time to Read my strats and please leave comments on how/if you liked my build or even how I might be able to improve it! :)