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Fizz Build Guide by Haseo126

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Haseo126

Beating Fizz? Forget'da 'bout it!

Haseo126 Last updated on September 11, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings everyone. I'm Haseo (IGN is Astoru2306) and this will be my first guide on the first champion I fell in love with, Fizz. I believe Fizz can be a versatile champion, and is amazing at two roles, (Although he can definitely play others) such as AP Mid and Tank. This guide focuses on a hybrid tanky AP burst champion that I've loved ever since I've started playing Fizz. Of course the items can be highly situational, you must be able to adapt to sudden changes in the enemy defenses and playstyles.

What I mean by adapting to enemy defenses and playstyles is how you build Fizz and the way to react to things such as early, mid, and late game ganks, and how the champion you're facing (usually Mid because this guide is well suited for such a lane) is building against you. This all depends deeply on who you're facing and how well they build to either counter act or out damage you, but of course with this tanky burst build, they're going to need to know most to all the ins and outs of Fizz, or you can easily win the lane.

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Simple 21/0/9 masteries taking all the AP/CDR/Magic Pen masteries is a must on Fizz. You will not be able to deal maximum damage without taking those masteries, because you're risking a huge loss in damage, regardless of how the enemy teams builds against you. These masteries are definitely going to help score that first blood depending on how you play him.

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This is going to be one of the most stressful things you will be forced to do in lane. Farming is not easy with Fizz and you are always risking harassment from the the opposing champion in game, depending on who it is of course. Farming against any AP Ranged champion such as Annie or especially Ziggs will almost be a nightmare up until level 4 when you put the first point in Playful/Trickster as if can help you last hit minions and dodge any harass you might take in the process. Being able to farm against a melee AP champion will not be as hard although you will easily run the risk of trading damage and missing last hits. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW IMPORTANT LAST HITTING IS. Every time you miss a minion, you lose out on gold that can be used to buy that one item you need in lane to win it.

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Unique Skills

My favorite part about this entire guide. Fizz's kit is quite amazing, you have a bleed effect that can easily tear people to shreds, literally, you've got a dodge that can dodge nearly any attack and any ult (Here's lookin' at you Karthus) and an amazing gap closer that applies on hit effects which increases your damage even further.

Urchin Strike
Part of the Bread and Butter combo. You always, always, ALWAYS need to max this second, there's no exception. This gap closer is one of, if not the best gap closers in the game besides Amumu's bandage toss. The on hit effect that this applies can apply to things like Wit's End and Madred's (Which are not included in the itemization of this guide, I will expand on why later).

Seastone Trident
The almighty bleed of rage. This skill is just amazing, combined with Urchin Strike and Ignite can 95% of the time gurantee first blood. There's hardly anyway to heal out all the damage coming from those three abilities, and its only so much mana you need to use, its hardly noticeable.

Oh my goodness, anytime you play against a Karthus and he ults, there's always that time inbetween the ult landind and you hoping up on your trident to avoid it. Any time I was able to dodge that ult, I always prided myself on never giving a Karthus 300 extra gold to deal even more damage with it. This spell, use it to dodge ALL THE THINGS!

Chum the Waters
Need an initiation? Don't have a good initiator? Here, let my shark that knocks everything into the air as its hits everything and deals tons of damage in the process, initiate for you. This spell is just so fun to use, use it to get away from a pack of greedy champions chasing you, use it to eat a yordle, use it for tons and tons of magic penetrating damage. This spell will never get old, I promise.

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Lane Matchups

I only can really expand on one lane matchup that makes me lol everytime the champ is in the game.

Laning against...Fiddlesticks.
Fiddlesticks is definitely one of the easiest lane matchups I've ever had to face up against. No matter who it is playing as Fiddlesticks, as long as you're a decent Fizz, you win. No matter what. You see the silence coming? Playful. Is he draining you? Activate Seastone and Urchin strike in for tons of damage and a champion killing Dot. There's one thing I'd recommend watching out for though, and that's his fear. Its for a good 3-4 seconds on his fear that can really mess you up, especially if he follows up on the silence, which they often do. As soon as that hell is over, depending on your health, you can either Seastone/strike in and get him away from you/go for the kill, or you can playful/trickster out to go recall. I'd only recommend recalling when you can buy the next item you need to help in lane against fiddlesticks. Itemizing against Fiddle isn't going to be very hard, in fact, its basically taking candy from a baby. If you feel like you're getting harassed too much, silenced and feared, get the quicksilver sash, that's going to mess up his sequence a lot. If you really want to mess him up, get a Zhonya's, its going to save you from the ultimate+drain combo for a good two seconds, and it may save your life.

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Ending Comments

Fizz is one of my favorite champions. He was always the tanky AP champion that I wanted and desired in a game like this. I don't quite play him as often as I wish, but he's still a great champion either way.

What I know I need to edit;
cleaning up the guide in general, making things shorter and easier to understand.

(I'm currently getting back into school, so it'll be edited mainly during weekends and free time I have during the week.)