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Yuumi Build Guide by Kluckadell

Support BECOME CHALLENGER IN 13.1✅ | #1 Yuumi Guide To Victory / Kluckadell RANK 1 YUUMI

Support BECOME CHALLENGER IN 13.1✅ | #1 Yuumi Guide To Victory / Kluckadell RANK 1 YUUMI

Updated on January 12, 2023
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Kluckadell Build Guide By Kluckadell 184 13 271,250 Views 30 Comments
184 13 271,250 Views 30 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Kluckadell Yuumi Build Guide By Kluckadell Updated on January 12, 2023
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Runes: My main runes

1 2 3
Summon Aery
Manaflow Band
Gathering Storm

Zombie Ward
Ingenious Hunter

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


1 2 3
Aggressive Laning
LoL Summoner Spell: Exhaust


LoL Summoner Spell: Ignite


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

BECOME CHALLENGER IN 13.1✅ | #1 Yuumi Guide To Victory / Kluckadell RANK 1 YUUMI

By Kluckadell
Chapter 1 - Laning
Hello, this will be the first chapter in this guide - We will be talking about laning.

For you to have a good and safe lane you must learn how to use your w and passive good. If you are against an engage sup with cc you never want to go out if you know you can't go inside your adc instantly because of w cd. You can try and use your passive as much as you can without getting caught. Try and trade with it, its worth trading the shield you get to gain the mana out of it.

Passive Tips:
1. If you already have a shield from your passive and going for a new one, wait for the incoming damage before you procc it for a new shield, then you don't risk to lose the new shield you get.
2. Don't risk to get caught to procc passive when you are full mana already if there is risk to die.
3. If your adc is getting jumped on and you have a shield wait with going outside him until after the shield from your shield is broken.

Use your q if you know you have mana for both E and Q. Don't waste q, like never try hit a hard q only q when it's easy to hit. Try and get the extra damage out of it by making the q travel for 1 sec before hitting. After resetting everytime you can watch your wave if it's pushing towards you, if it is you can roam mid / jungle if its needed otherwise just go back to lane.

IF their support is roaming and you have a slowpushing wave you should 9/10 times dive their adc if you have ignite up or your adc is really high dmg burst. You deal alot of damage as well.
Chapter 2 - Diving or Dived
To start a dive you can easy do this by sitting on your target first and starting an empowered Q that will hit the enemy you are diving to gain tower aggro, after this you leave your partner to basic for shield and be able to tank tower longer and ignite at the same time , after that you want to go close to the tower range so you can leave the range whenever you want, save E as long as you can to see if you need to heal yourself for last tower hit.

To survive a dive where you are the chickens in the cage you want to sit your adc if he is full hp and wait for him to lose hp to insta E him and then go out and procc your passive and then back in again and use your ult after that to try and root them all so at least you trade 1 for 1 or 2 for 2. Some dives you actually survive and get all 3 if it's only jungle because of the heal and shield you have, a lot is based on if you have sums up as well.
Chapter 3 - Summon Aery + Moonstone | 10K HEALING FROM MOONSTONE
In this chapter we will have a look at something I don't think a lot of yuumi players use, this is the aery + moonstone combo. For me to explain this you gotta understand what aery and moonstone does. Summon Aery allows you to shield your ally if you empower him in any way, this you can do by pressing E or W on the ally. So yuumi is a good champion for the use of moonstone.
To average 10k healing like I do, you need to understand that moonstone only proccs if you or the attached ally is in combat. And you only procc it by dealing damage, healing or shielding. What I do is using my w to procc aery on an ally this will procc moonstone once but to make this 10k average healing every game you need to start w everytime moonstone is off cooldown in fights, this can be hard because you risk getting cc'd and killed so I would only recommend w'ing when there is no real danger of dying. When you mastered this technique you will instantly see that your average moonstone healing will skyrocket. When you have mastered to time Summon Aery with Moonstone cooldown you can start do even more crazy combos. This I will talk about in another chapter
Chapter 4 - Who to sit on?
"Who should I sit on?"
^ This is probably a question you question yourself a lot, I get this question a lot as well. To answer this we need to go through a few things, such as, enemy comp, your comp, timers and so on.

Let's start talk about your adc and laning. Let's say you have an Ezreal and you are 0-3 against a Nautilus Samira lane with a diving jungler as well. What I almost ALWAYS do after level 6 is I leave my adc because we will get doven anyway so better to just not give 300 extra gold and just let the turret fall instead and let Ezreal farm on t2. While you leaving him you MUST try and get as much impact as you can on the other side of the map. Try take rift get top/mid ahead. So while your Ezreal is giving up t1 and safe farming at t2 you will probably have 2-3 kills + rift on the top side of the map. If this is the case that is perfect gameplay by you, wp!

Now we will talk about a scenario when you are winning lane and you have so much kill potential, let's say you are playing Yuumi Lucian VS Sona Vayne and your Lucian is 3/0/0 in lane. in this scenario you obviously don't wanna leave him because A) He has a shutdown and if you leave him he might die B) You can keep killing bot and get plates easily because of the match up and gold difference C) You will almost always get more by staying bot if you are winning lane. So what you wanna do is try and slowpush always if your jungler is topside of the map and if he botside of the map you wanna be as aggressive as you can because you have the support from your jungler.

Now we will talk about an even lane where you are not winning nor losing. Here there are 2 things you can do, you can either leave your adc or stay, this often depends on your other teamates if they are winning and what jungler you have. If you have an evelynn after 6 / any champ that has an easy gank potential you want to leave your adc to sit the jungle. Here you can gank all 3 lanes, top mid and bot just try and be efficient when you are on your jungler. Is your jungler doing wolfs? Ok fine go cover mid if he needs to push the wave so he doesn't risk dying. Is your jungler doing raptors? Go ward river and try find some wards to clear.

Late game, who to sit?
This is a really good and important question, who in earth do you sit on in lategame teamfights? What I do is always check the comp of both teams, does your team have a lot of frontline with good peeling for your adc? Good go sit your frontline and help them siege the enemy team. Does your team have an hypercarry like Vayne? Good sit her, buy a knights vow and prayge that she is alive after the fight is done or at least didn't die first. Is your team only has one fed champion, go sit him. You have more use if you are sitting on a champ with more items. If you see throughout the game that 3 of your teamates are really tilted and can do easy mistakes, then go sit the guy who you've seen performing. Let's take me for an example I sat a Kayn one game he was tilted and did 1-2 ints, for some reason I didn't realise I shoud leave him because he is tilted and probably don't know what to do with a yuumi on him. So I leave him and sit my mid laner after laning phase and we take over the game 2v8. So to win games as yuumi and to know who to sit, remember you have to think of a lot of things.
Chapter 5 - All Different Combos
In this chapter we will be talking about combos, tips and tricks you maybe haven't heard about before. These tips & tricks I will explain to you is not useful all in the same phase of the game. Some can be laning tips & tricks and some can be late game tips & tricks, but let's start!

1) Always have eyes on where your Summon Aery is
Summon Aery is really strong early mid AND late game. So why have eyes on where your Aery is? Well this is because Summon Aery shield/dmg can decide a fight where 50 hp would matter. Can you give me an example?
Sure let's say you are 20 minutes into a game, you have moonstone purchased and you are sitting your adc. Then a fight occurs and you use all your cooldowns so you have nothing for the 3 coming seconds, there is 3 alternatives you have here, you can keep sitting your adc for adaptive damage, you can go out basic attack to procc moonstone or you could do the 2nd option but while you wait for your cds you want to time the Summon Aery that will come back from your basics from the opponent. So let's say you have 1 second on your E and Summon Aery is back in 1.2s what you wanna do is wait until your aery is back and THEN attach to your ally and e, this will not only heal your ally but even shield and this shield can be game changing.

2) Abusing Moonstone with basic attacks
Moonstone has a 2 second cooldown and can heal up to almost 200 heal per cast. People have a hard time understanding moonstone as a item, people thinks the item is harder than it looks. So if you are yuumi with an early moonstone in lane you can do INSANE healing like really insane. To do this you need to know what to prioritize in your kit, you always want your w, pasisve and e to be on cooldown but when these are on cooldown and you have nothing you don't want to sit your adc. You want to get off and basic attack the opponents because this will make moonstone take effect and heal your adc, not for 30-40 health but almost up to 100 every 2s, so while all your abilitys are on cooldown you will still be more useful than enemy support.

3) Always check your moonstone cooldown
If you are building moonstone the item will have a 2 second cooldown where you heal the lowest ally, this cooldown can be really useful to keep a track on, let's say you have 0.5s left on moonstone cooldown and you wanna q, try and wait until the moonstone cd is ready and then q, to procc the heal as well as you q.
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