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League of Legends Build Guide Author Skrallz

Becoming a better player!

Skrallz Last updated on June 17, 2011
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Hey guys,

Since the general section is out, i'm just going to create a guide that will help you become a better overall player. Becoming a better overall player does not come just through league of legends !

Anyways this is like a tryhard guide to reach your maximum potential!

Have fun, and read on :)

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How does nutrition help your gaming?

Well, a healthy diet can create better awareness, reflexes, and reaction time. When you eat vitamins or other nutritious foods it will improve eyesight, your the speed of thinking, i.e., you reaction time.

What nutrients improve your game?

Protein - improves mental performance.

Zinc - sharpens attention span and memory capacity.

Carbohydrates - brain s main energy source.

Magnesium - enhances memory.

Iron - increases attention span.

Omega 3 fatty acids - regulates memory, learning, attention, and intelligence.

Water - transmits nutritious things to the brain, helps for concentration and awareness.

Vitamin A - helps eyesight, protects eyes while gaming for hours.

Vitamin B - improves reaction time.

Vitamin C - increases attention span, improves learning abilities.

Caffeine- increases awareness for a certain period of time (used in moderation).


Having a healthy diet improvers your brain skills, which helps you game better mentally.

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How does Exercise improve your game?

Well, exercise and keeping fit will make you have a more regular intake of oxygen and a higher one, which helps with awareness and concentration.

What improves your game?

Sleep - This is a mental exercise that helps you stimulate your mind and relax it.

Imagination - Imagining things stimulates your mind and helps you create an environment where it is easier to learn.

Cardiovascular - This type of exercise keeps you in shape and helps you have better lungs.

Raquet Sports - This type of sports helps hand-eye co-ordination, and is partially cardiovascular.

Weight lifting - This is not very healthy, but if you are fit and have a good amount of muscle, your brain is sharper and you are less sluggish when you want to make a decision.


Keeping fit while having a healthy diet is what makes you game better mentally and physically.

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General Game Tips

I don t really think I need to say why this is important to improve your game.

The old saying practice make perfect can be true but not always.

Take a beginner who plays on a low sensitivity with a bad button configuration. He always throws a grenade after he finishes a gun battle. If you practice that every time it becomes a bad habit, you lose grenades. Imagine he becomes the clutch and could win a game if he had thrown a nade, but no he wasted it.

Try and think how you die each time you die, and what you could have done to prevent it.
Take a break every so often.

What improves your game?

Practice - without bad habits, helps you have better muscle memory, hand eye co-ordination, you can learn how to use guns, and practice routes and strategies in maps.

Playing badly - if you play badly, punish yourself, exercise (helps oxygen intake). You will start playing better.

Listen to Constructive Criticism - When people critize you is for a reason. Listen to what people have to say, analyze it and then try to change your ways!

Play Guitar hero - This Game is the best training out there for better hand-eye co-ordination
Teamwork don t just play for kills, your team is the one that can save you or kill you.
Motivation don t play better in a scrim than in a pub, it s a bad habit. You probably play more in pubs = more of playing badly = not stressing your k/d ratio.

With a regulated diet, good exercise plan, and a good amount of gaming you can be owning in no time.

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League of Legends Tips

Things that will lead you to becoming a better overall player !

Here is a list of things that will lead you to becoming better over a short time and lead you to a higher chance of winning :

Last hitting - A great skill that will lead you to a higher amount of gold in a shorter time !

Zoning - A skill that will enable you to control the enemies gold and experience flow !

Warding - This is something that will prevent ganks for your whole team, for just 75gold

Here is things that will help you improve your own gameplay :

Playing many different champions to know their specialities, etc ...
Analyzing your gameplay after a ranked game, you can also watch better players and analyze that to see what they do differently and why !

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Useful Websites or guides

Here is a compilation of guide or websites that I find are very useful :



Hosts guides of all sorts and a great community


Hosts guides, blogs and livestreams


Hosts Livestreams and news about league of legends

Reign of Gaming

Hosts blogs of multiple people, main area for general improvement![/url


Mowen's New Player FAQ -
Click Here

Searz Graphing Ressource - Click Here

Rune Tips By Searz - Click Here

How to become a better player by SryImBad - Click Here

Warding Helper by Panglot - Click Here

5 Champs you should Know how to play by Jebus McAzn - Click Here

Summoner Spell Tooltip by Kibblinator - Click Here

List of useful forum threads - This link is full of useful mobafire forum threads, go check it out :)!

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Useful videos

Here is a mix of videos or channels that will help you with league of legends :

Zoning Tutorial

Last hitting Tutorial

Colby Cheeze Channel

Click Here

Stonewall Channel

Click Here

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This is the summary of the whole thing if you were to lazy to read :)


Keeping fit while having a healthy diet is what makes you game better mentally and physically. Playing games such as Guitar hero improve Hand-Eye Co-ordination. Many player skills in league of legends exist and you should learn them! Watching video's of better players or tutorials can be useful !

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6/17/2011 - Guide Created


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