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League of Legends Build Guide Author shinussiel

Behind these Teeth I'm a Nice Guy

shinussiel Last updated on April 28, 2011
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Hey guys and welcome to my Guide on Renekton. I bought him the day he was released and have been playing him regularly ever since and after having many successes I figured I'd share my knowledge with the Mobafire Community. But, before you read this I must remind you that this is a Guide. You DO NOT have to do everything I say and you ARE NOT guranteed success because you used this. And please try this more than once, do not play one game and because you lost downvote and tell me this is bad. There is no Guide that can gurantee you success and Renekton does take some practice as he is by no means a easy 123 champion like Ryze. So now without further adue, enjoy.

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For those of you who don't know Renekton is a Tanky DPS also known as a Offtank. This means he is made to be able to take some punishment (not as much as a tank) and deal a good amount of it (not as much as a carry). As Renekton you should always be going in second and making their squishies life a living hell. He works very well in both Solo Top and Duo Bottom as he has exceptional harassing capabilities and can easily get a few kills early on. He is also great in teamfights, dealing constant aoe damage with his ultimate and sunfire cape as well as his cull of the meek and slice and dice being capable of damaging multiple enemies. At no point in the game is he worse than others and I find him to be a dominant force throughout the game and have not noticed any signifigant differences in his power during the game. So, if you like being able to deal damage while taking a good amount then look no further than Renekton as he fits the role perfectly.

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As I said before, Renekton is a Tanky DPS so I build him as such, this item build gives you some damage early on with Brutalizer before building Sunfire Cape and Force of Nature which give him both Survivability and Damage before building my Brutalizer into a Youmuu's Ghostblade.

Doran's Shield - This item is perfect for Renekton, this makes him exeptionally tanky early game allowing him to take harass and more importantly harass back. Every stat it gives is beneficial and I get this every game.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity - I get these boots most of the time unless the opposing team has more than 3 hard cc's then I will pick up Mercury Treads. Since his abilities have no cost and are on large cooldowns these boots are great and fit Renekton Perfectly.

Brutalizer - Some good early game damage and the cooldown reduction helps with his base cooldown abilities and it builds into Youmuu's Ghostblade later on. Very good item on just about any AD champion.

Sunfire Cape - This item is perfect for Renekton. Gives him health which allows him to take plenty of damage and the armor helps with their carries. But most importantly the AOE damage works perfectly with Renektons already AOE heavy kit. This allows him to farm much faster and combined with his Ultimate, does some great damage in teamfights which your opponents will not be able to ignore.

Force of Nature - Since you already have some armor it only makes sense that you get some magic resist. This is in my opinion the best magic resist item for Renekton. The health regen heals alot in both teamfights and after. The movement speed helps with chasing and escaping and makes it extremely hard to get away when you have 420 movement speed.

Youmuu's Ghostblade - Now that you are quite tanky you can focus on more damage. This item gives everything Renekton needs for more damage. The Attack Damage makes all his abilities hurt even more as well as increasing his damage done from just right clicking. The Armor Pen hurts anybody who wishes to counter you with armor and the Cooldown Reduction allows him to use his Abilities more often. Along with all this it has a awesome passive which boosts both your attack speed and movement speed for a short time. This allows him to catch up to anybody and bring the pain even easier.

Black Cleaver - So you have good resistance and some nice damage, what now? More Damage! This works very well with Renekton. It increases the damage of your abilities. It's attack speed allows you to attack fast without the Youmuu's active and the passive allows you to basically take away their armor! Since your Ruthless Predator applies on-hit effects you will have 3 stacks on your opponent in a couple seconds allowing you to destroy anybody building armor.

If the game is still going on then you can sell your Dorans Shield and get whatever item you feel you need. I will not go into detail on this because rarely does a game get this far and I trust you should be able to make a good choice on your own.

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These masteries make you very tanky in the lane and allow you to take harass easily. They give you everything you need on Renekton and I have tried different masteries but find these to be the most effective. As I said before, you DO NOT have to follow everything I do and if you like a different build then by all means go with it.

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I have used these runes since day one and I find them to work great with Renekton. The armor pen allows you to hurt them even more, the dodge works well with Nimbleness mastery with gives you 10% movement speed whenever you dodge and the Magic Resist helps in the lane to reduce the damage from mages harass as they will give you the most trouble in the lane. Once again, you don't have to use these just because I do and there are plenty of other runes that can work well with Renekton.

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Under Construction

This guide is still being worked on by myself but I think it is in a state where you can learn something so I figured I'd let you guys look at it. When I finish I will archive this and post my final build. Constructive criticism is much appreciated as I am by no means the best League of Legends players and may have made a few mistakes or there is something that you dont agree with, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you as soon as I can. I hope this helped you with Renekton and it was enjoyable.