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Gangplank Build Guide by warbreakr

AD Offtank Bend over son it's rape time - solo top

By warbreakr | Updated on October 6, 2012

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Extra Tips

Things like if you take mercery's treds or ninja Tabi is all up to you like when your playing against a darius take ninja Tabi or when your against a champ that has AP pokes use mercery's treds. So what im trying to say is that you don't need to follow this build 100% but apply this build to the correct situation GL summoner
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solo top

this is a great guide/build if you want to rape their top champ or even if you want to go AD carry
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Pros / Cons


-Good Farmer thanks to his q
-late game really strong if build/played correct
-high movement speed
-hard for enemys to escape his slowing passive and ult
-great gangker
-can easily escape cc abilitys making him hard to gangk
-can herrast like hell


-can be zoned if your jungler sucks
-abilitys use quite some mana
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With this build you're a tanky AD champ who's poke resistant and who can farm and zone your enemys like a boss with your q
League of Legends Build Guide Author warbreakr
warbreakr Gangplank Guide

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Bend over son it's rape time - solo top
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