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Best skins per champion

Best skins per champion

Updated on October 26, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Hamstertamer Build Guide By Hamstertamer 59 9 91,682 Views 15 Comments
59 9 91,682 Views 15 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Hamstertamer Build Guide By Hamstertamer Updated on October 26, 2019
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Champion Build Guide

Best skins per champion

By Hamstertamer
Hey guys, this is my guide to all skins in LoL. Skins in this game are very heterogeneous, some of them are an insane improvement to a champion's model and animations and some of them are far worse than the base champion. There is also the issue of playability, some skins give you fluid animation while others feel sloppy and can even give free information to enemies.

So I made this to give advice to people who don't know what skin to take. Of course it's all a bit subjective but I still think it will help.

Have a good read!
Skins per champion

Base Aatrox is good already.
Mecha Aatrox and Justicar Aatrox are both solid though.
Sea Hunter Aatrox is basically just a chroma so meh.
Blood Moon Aatrox has an amazing splash art...but in game he looks more like Santa Aatrox so be warned :)

Base Ahri is already great.
Star Guardian Ahri is an awesome legendary to be even more of an e-girl.
Foxfire Ahri is the same but with your tails on fire, a cool effect.
Dynasty Ahri and Midnight Ahri are basically just chromas.
Academy Ahri is super cute on the splash art, but the in-game model is pretty terrible sadly.
Arcade Ahri if you like the style of pixellated 8-bit stuff.
Popstar Ahri is a bit outdated while K/DA Ahri is great and does the popstar ahri thing right.

Silverfang Akali and Headhunter Akali have cool perticle effects.
Blood Moon Akali has a sweet model.
Nurse Akali and Sashimi Akali are just outfit changes, rest is the same.
K/DA Akali is great.

Overall the existence of Moo Cow Alistar makes all other skins moot.
Hextech Alistar is decent but not worth 10 gemstones.

Amumu has several good skins but no great skins. Surprise Party Amumu is generally the favorite.

Blackfrost Anivia or Festival Queen Anivia , both are great. Papercraft Anivia also looks really cool.

Hextech Annie is great if you can afford it.
Frostfire Annie is my personal favorite, cute splash art, great model and animations.
Reverse Annie meme. They just swap clothes though, would be cooler if you actually summoned a giant Annie.
Panda Annie and Super Galaxy Annie are both solid skins with good effects.
Red Riding Annie and Annie in Wonderland are cheap but good.
Sweetheart Annie and Prom Queen Annie are approved by pedobear.

PROJECT: Ashe or Cosmic Queen Ashe is where it's at. Championship Ashe is also good but harder to get.

Base skin or Mecha Aurelion Sol .
Ashen lord is not a bad idea but the execution is meh.

Warring Kingdoms Azir is absolutely god tier.
Galactic and gravelord are all right, depends on taste.

No skin or Snow Day Bard .

Blitz has lots of good stuff, can't really go wrong.

Brand is one of these cases where the skins are worse than the base champion.
Zombie Brand is good but not legendary level, Spirit Fire Brand is all right, that's about it.

Santa Braum or mafia braum are great.
El Tigre Braum nice meme.

Pool Party Caitlyn or Pulsefire Caitlyn .
Lunar Wraith Caitlyn is a bit weird but the animations are good.

Coven Camille is great.
Program Camille is awkward. Give a robot skin to a cyborg...just why.

Eternum Cassiopeia is awesome. Other skins are just a slight visual change so meh.

Battlecast Prime Cho'Gath is the true legendary skin. Gentleman Cho'Gath is a cool concept but the model is really akward sadly.
Dark Star Cho'Gath and Prehistoric Cho'Gath also good.

All other skins are rendered moot by the presence of Urfrider Corki and Corgi Corki .

Dunkmaster Darius is one of the best skins in the entire game.
God-King Darius is good too but less memes.

Lunar Goddess Diana looks really good both on splash art and in game.
Blood Moon Diana and Dark Waters Diana are both great.
Infernal Diana is really meh.

Corporate Mundo is solid, and Pool Party Dr. Mundo has a very satisfying sound and recall animation.

Primetime Draven is great.
Several other good ones like Pool Party Draven , Soul Reaver Draven or Santa Draven .

Sandstorm Ekko or PROJECT: Ekko

Super Galaxy Elise , Blood Moon Elise or Death Blossom Elise , depends on personal taste.

Evelynn skins are just model changes. only K/DA Evelynn has new animations, which look pretty good.
Best model IMO is Shadow Evelynn .

Ezreal has good skins but since his visual rework the base champion is all you need.
Battle Academia Ezreal is absolutely god tier tho.

Fiddle skins are just a model change with the same 'spooky but not actually scary' theme.
Surprise Party Fiddlesticks and Praetorian Fiddlesticks are interesting new takes, while risen fiddlestick is a good epic skin.

Soaring Sword Fiora , Pool Party Fiora or PROJECT: Fiora .
Headmistress Fiora to smack'em with that ruler.
Royal Guard Fiora great for its price.

Best 'shark' award goes to Fisherman Fizz (Urf the manatee) and to Cottontail Fizz (giant rabbit).
Some people also like Void, Super galaxy and Omega squad.

Moving on...
Gatekeeper Galio is a good legendary and Hextech Galio is amazing especially since it's considered a 520 RP skin.

Pool Party Gangplank or Captain Gangplank .
Toy Soldier Gangplank for nostalgics.

Warring Kingdoms Garen . Very underrated, looks awesome.
God-King Garen and Steel Legion Garen also good animations.

Gnar has no bad skin, but Snow Day Gnar and Super Galaxy Gnar have the beat looking models.

Oktoberfest Gragas if you like pretzels and beer or Arctic Ops Gragas for cool animations.

Pool Party Graves or Snow Day Graves . mafia graves is ok but his gun makes no sense. Praetorian Graves design can feel a bit off but not bad either.

Elderwood Hecarim looks great. Arcade Hecarim depends on personal taste. Worldbreaker Hecarim looks good for a cheap skin. No point bothering iwth the gemstone skin.

Hazmat Heimerdinger and Piltover Customs Heimerdinger have great turret animations and Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger has that plus voice lines. Take any of these three.

Completely lacks a good skin so you're better off playing the base champion.

This one depends a LOT on personal taste. Personally my favorite is actually the cheapest, Aviator Irelia . But others are fine too.

Candy King Ivern looks pretty outrageous, some will like this some won't.

Riot loves their supports, lots of good stuff here, Forecast Janna is one of the best legendaries and all the others are also good.

Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV or Dark Star Jarvan IV .
Oher skins look pretty meh.

Poor Jax feels a bit outdated and lacks good skins.
God Staff Jax or Nemesis Jax look pretty good but they're out of character because they have a real weapon.
PAX Jax looks fine but has a sloppy attack animation.
Angler Jax and The Mighty Jax are just a model change but it looks good

Forsaken Jayce or Full Metal Jayce

Jhin : All his skins are great.

Jinx has great skins. Star Guardian Jinx , Firecracker Jinx , Odyssey Jinx and Ambitious Elf Jinx .

Bullet angel or K/DA.

Blood moon or championship.

Winter Wonder Karma , Order of the Lotus Karma , Warden Karma are all good skins.

Karthus Lightsbane for model and animations
Pentakill Karthus for the metal, he's a deathsinger after all.

Cosmic Reaver Kassadin clearly best.

Warring Kingdoms Katarina , PROJECT: Katarina , Slay Belle Katarina , Kitty Cat Katarina or Death Sworn Katarina . All fine, take your pick.

Kayle's rework changed things completely.
Aether Wing Kayle used to be by far her best skin but it no longer is. Now it's just a pretty awkward looking model for her top forms, and she traded lines like "I bring a vision of utopia" for being just another space cop, killing everything that made the character cool.
Unlike pre-rework, Classic Kayle looks already pretty good. If you want a skin, Iron Inquisitor Kayle , Judgement Kayle and Transcended Kayle all have a great model and some cool effects (e.g Iron inquisitor's glowing lantern).

Odyssey Kayn is god tier. Best dance in the game.
Soulhunter not bad.

Blood Moon Kennen or Arctic Ops Kennen . Base Kennen is awesome since the rework anyways.

All Kha'zix skins are good. Pick according to personal taste.

The base champion is still the best IMO, although Shadowfire Kindred is a great skin. Super Galaxy Kindred is decent but a bit over the top.

Count Kledula if you like vampires, Sir Kled if you like chocobos.

Battlecast Kog'Maw and Hextech Kog'Maw are fine skins, but the existence of Pug'Maw makes other skins completely pointless. And I'm a cat person :)

Beware, her best skins are legacy and the epic ones are really mediocre.
Ravenborn Leblanc has good animations
Mistletoe LeBlanc has a cute model

God Fist Lee Sin is awesome, alternatively Muay Thai Lee Sin is very popular for his clean animations. Pool Party Lee Sin for originality.

Pool Party Leona , Lunar Eclipse Leona , Solar Eclipse Leona or PROJECT: Leona

Thankfully Coven Lissandra is a thing, because otherwise I'd say the base champion is way better than her skins.

PROJECT: Lucian or High Noon Lucian

Lulu has tons of great skins. Cosmic enchantress, star guardian, pool party, Winter wonder, dragon trainer...definitely loved by Rito.

Lux has a lot of skins but only a few good ones.
Elementalist Lux is great but expensive.
Lunar Empress Lux is really cute.
Star Guardian Lux is VERY e-girly, so only take it if it's your style.
Don't be fooled into getting Spellthief Lux , the splash art is amazing but that's the only good thing about the skin, the in-game model looks like a walking potato sack.

Odyssey Malphite , Glacial Malphite or Mecha Malphite
Other skins are essentially chromas.

Snow Day Malzahar , Battle Boss Malzahar or Hextech Malzahar .

The presence of Meowkai makes all other skins pointless.

Many good ones. PROJECT: Yi , Cosmic Blade Master Yi , Eternal Sword Yi .
And don't forget Chosen Master Yi the jedi, showing that some of the cheapest skins can be some of the best.
Snow Man Yi is very troll.

Lots of good stuff here.
Arcade Miss Fortune is a favorite, Star Guardian Miss Fortune is cute, Gun Goddess Miss Fortune is expensive but great, Pool Party Miss Fortune is a classic.
Captain Fortune and mafia miss fortune are good cheaper skins.

Morde model and skins are heavily outdated, rework soon.

I'll always have a weak spot for Bewitching Morgana , really not sold on the other skins.

Nami has lots of good skins, pick whatever you want.

Infernal Nasus is very overrated. There's better.
Lunar Guardian Nasus goes even further beyond super saiyan.
Worldbreaker Nasus is really good for its price
Archduke Nasus is pretty swag

AstroNautilus ...nuff said.

Winter Wonder Neeko looks great, like winter skins in general

She has okay skins but lacks really good ones.
Headhunter Nidalee has good animations
Warring Kingdoms Nidalee has amazing splash art but an awkward model
But you'll probably end up playing French Maid Nidalee just for the cleavage.

Eternum Nocturne is a good legendary, some people like Haunting Nocturne too.

Maybe I'm biased, but I think Nunu's best skin skin. Seriously, base Nunu is awesome.
Nunu & Willump Bot has great voicelines but can get annoying at times.
You can still get Workshop Nunu & Willump and trade your yeti for a giant hamster, or Papercraft Nunu & Willump .

The existence of Brolaf makes all other skins moot.

Winter Wonder Orianna , Heartseeker Orianna or Dark Star Orianna .

Thunder Lord Ornn looks awesome.

Dragonslayer Pantheon has the best looks, but Baker Pantheon always here for the memes.

Star Guardian Poppy or Snow Fawn Poppy if you want a huggable yordle.
Hextech Poppy decent but not worth 10 gemstones.
Lollipoppy is one of the most infamous skins in the game, take this if you want to troll your opponents (and your teammates).

Pyke has 2 good skins, depends on personal taste.

Poor Quinn lacks a good skin. Corsair Quinn still the best model.

Cosmic Dawn Rakan definitely first choice.
The others are good skins too.

Guardian of the Sands Rammus has the best animations, sadly his other skins are either meh or basically chromas. Some like Full Metal Rammus , but not sold on that.

Eternum Rek'Sai is a good skin, but Pool Party Rek'Sai is where it's at. Pool party not only has great animations, but it also buffs your champion by changing the music when an enemy walks nearby while burrowed, making them very easy to spot.

Many good skins, Bronekton ( Pool Party Renekton ) is sweet, Renektoy fits the champion very well since his movements are very robot-like in the first place, and Hextech Renekton is a good skin although not worth 10 gemstones.

Rengar has no bad skin, depends on whether you like bears, robots or vampire terminator cats. But Pretty Kitty Rengar definitely takes the cake.

Lots of good stuff here. Pulsefire Riven , Dawnbringer Riven , Arcade Riven ...and Battle Bunny Riven if you're into this kind of stuff.

Super Galaxy Rumble all the way. Best by far.
Rumble in the Jungle is also a good skin.
Badlands Baron Rumble is one of these 'so bad it's good' skins. Literally a walking trashcan. Take that one if you want to troll.

Poor Ryze seriously lacks a good skin. Uncle Ryze is basic but fun.

Hard to do better than Poro Rider Sejuani , but Firecracker Sejuani comes close.

Shaco has lots of average skins, but no great one.

Poor Shen didn't have anything good besides maybe Warlord Shen (= samurai Shen), and then came Pulsefire Shen which is amazing.

Poor shyvana doesn't have very good skins, a lot of them just look worse than the base champion. Ice Drake Shyvana is the best overall, some might like Ironscale Shyvana and even then it's controversial.

Beekeeper Singed fits him perfectly, Snow Day Singed or Surfer Singed are also all right.

Mecha Zero Sion is clearly the best, but Lumberjack Sion still looks good.

Very interesting one, since a lot of cheap skins on her are great. Warrior Princess Sivir is a good example.
Blood Moon Sivir is still overall the best looking, but snowstorm and pizza are nice memes.

Battlecast Alpha Skarner is a good legendary, but Guardian of the Sands Skarner also looks great.

DJ Sona is one of the best skins in the entire game.
Arcade Sona and Odyssey Sona are also good but nowhere near the former.

Soraka is lucky, she's got great skins. Can't go wrong here, pick any of em.

Tyrant Swain looks a lot like Final Boss Veigar
Dragon Master Swain looks sweet

Lunar Wraith Sylas is fine, but the base champ is all you need.

Star Guardian Syndra or Snow Day Syndra .
Justicar Syndra is all right too.

Coin Emperor Tahm Kench has great animations.
Master Chef Tahm Kench is just a model change but he looks cool.

Taliyah has only 2 skins, but they're both great.

Blood Moon Talon is awesome.
Enduring Sword Talon looks great but sounds a bit off character.

No bad skin here, but go Armor of the Fifth Age Taric to be truly outrageous.

Omega Squad Teemo is one of the best skins in the entire game.
Beemo is kinda cute.
Rest is for the memes.

All Thresh skins are good, can't go wrong here.

Dragon Trainer Tristana is a great legendary.
Omega Squad Tristana has sick animations.
Others are not bad either.

Trundle has a lot of decent skins but no great one. Constable or traditional are still nice.

Demonblade Tryndamere is a good skin but not insane for a legendary.
Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere is fine.
There's a lot of good in the cheap skins, like King Tryndamere or Sultan Tryndamere .

Lots of mediocre skins, but Blood Moon Twisted Fate and Pulsefire Twisted Fate are solid.

Pickpocket Twitch looks good and is very popular for his clean attack animation.
Omega Squad Twitch , gangster twitch and Ice King Twitch are solid, depends on taste.

Spirit Guard Udyr is fine but not worth the insane price.
Definitely Not Udyr is straight up trolling, you're playing winnie the pooh.

All Urgot skins are good, can't go wrong here.

Arctic Ops Varus has really cool animations.
Dark Star Varus is all around awesome.
Arclight Varus looks good and has an infamous invisible ultimate, harder to dodge.

PROJECT: Vayne , Arclight Vayne or Firecracker Vayne are solid skins.
Don't bother with Soulstealer Vayne , not worth 10 gemstones.

You have the choice between Final Boss Veigar and Omega Squad Veigar , both are great.
A much less known and criminally underrated skin is Bad Santa Veigar , with sweet new animations on each spell.

The base champion is already awesome so the skins are just as good, they give a nice variety tho.
Arclight Vel'Koz looks great, and Battlecast Vel'Koz has awesome animations.

Meh. Demon Vi is all right, but nothing amazing.

All Viktor skins are good, can't go wrong here.

The base champion has a really outdated model IMO, so a skin is welcome.
Dark Waters Vladimir is AMAZING.
Blood Lord Vladimir is a good legendary.
Soulstealer Vladimir is good but depends if you like the style.
Marquis Vladimir , has a good splash art but not much else.

All his skins are one big meh. Captain Volibear is all right but that's it.

Urf the Manatee Warwick is a nice meme but the price is absurd.
Lunar Guardian Warwick is awesome.
Big Bad Warwick is cheap and really fun.

Wukong has several okay skins, but no great one. Radiant, lancer stratus and underworld are generally people's favorites.

Cosmic Dusk Xayah and SSG Xayah are both great.
Sweetheart Xayah feels a bit off in-game but it's not terrible either.

Meh. All his skins are basically chromas, the base champion is still the best IMO. Guardian of the Sands Xerath is all right tho.

Cosmic Defender Xin Zhao and Dragonslayer Xin Zhao are both solid.
Don't bother with Warring Kingdoms.

Yasuo is very lucky...all his skins are good. You can't go wrong here.

Meowrick makes all other skins pointless.
Arclight Yorick just
Pentakill Yorick is nice tho. have the choice between the blue chroma...and the purple chroma. Really needs a good skin.

Meh. Lacks a good skin. Shockblade Zed has some cool lightning animations, really not sold on project or death sworn.

Master Arcanist Ziggs all the way. The animations are awesome.
Pool Party Ziggs , Odyssey Ziggs and Snow Day Ziggs are all good skins, but not as good as the former.

A champion with no real good skin, Blood Moon Zilean is all right and that's it.

The base Zoe is really well done, so she doesn't need a skin. Her two skins are good tho.

IMO the skins are all worse than the base champion. Dragon Sorceress Zyra is the only one being decent. She really needs a good skin.
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