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League of Legends Build Guide Author Bishoplarue

Best way to Cho'Gath tank IMO

Bishoplarue Last updated on August 18, 2010
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I would like to start off first by saying that I am taking a lot of ideas from a guide I read from made by Lunaras. There are only a few minor changes I have done I just wanted to get this up on mobafire cause I like this site better.

This build is made for chogath to take mid solo and lane as long as it takes to rush GA and hopefully with a kill or 2 or just good farming your MT too(or just boots of speed if you don't have the money on first trip back to afford the whole thing). Yes you can go lane with a partner on either bottom or top but not getting GA asap and being ready for team fights really hurts, not to mention you won't even have your boots by then.

With the runes and masteries your mana regen is perfect for harassing away with rupture, assuming you are not missing all the time AND not using it as soon as you can all the time cause that will make u go oom no matter what setup you have. Most of the time i find myself not even having to use my health potion at all but its a good insurance for only 35g. The health regen chogath has with his passive is great and combined with a doran's shield you can just keep taking punishment from your opponent and then laughing 1 minute later when you are back at full health. I have yet to run into a champ that I can't handle at mid as chogath but i suppose there could be some(vlad comes to mind immediately cause he can spam all day using no mana plus has great health regen too with his spells).

Once you are level 6 u can chose to go for a kill with feast, or just start stacking it through minions. I would suggest that unless u can assure yourself a kill, preferably successfully feasting the enemy to get 2 stacks right away but a kill alone would be a nice consolation as well, just stick to feasting on minions till you feel like you can get the kill through wearing them down or you simply get 6 stacks of feast and have nothing better to do but take a chunk out of their face. I have been successful on most games farming away at mid never having to go back until i could at the very least get GA if not my boots of speed as well.

Once u get GA start push a lane hard. Pushing mid if you have yet to take down the tower would be the best idea until you can afford your MT. When you get your boots the team fights can commence. Your feast stacks provide the health you need at the moment, and GA not only gives you great defensive stats, that 1 instant revive every 5 minutes can allow you to be very aggressive and even tower dive to get a kill or two. Just remember, DO NOT DIE being stupid. You can't go through every game with no deaths but silly deaths on chogath really hurt cause you lose up to 3 stacks of feast and should wait 5 minutes to get those back up before you re-engage the enemy. Basically don't try and kill anybody alone unelss they are low on health, cause after feast u really don't do much damage, unless the other person is stupid and lets you get in range to melee them to death.

The item build is set to maximize survivability plus great contribution to your team. Getting GA lets your team dps the hell out of the other team while u get "killed", then come back and get away or continue the onslaught. Frozen heart de-buffs the other teams auto-attackers, and AotL gives a little bit of several things to everyone. Evaluate the other team after you get your boots to see if you should be getting either frozen heart or force of nature first. If you don't find either their dps or AP nukes to be a big threat then you can get AotL then those two in order of priority. I rarely get past my first 4 items so i usually don't get to AotL or starks, and if you are wondering why starks its because you should have all the tank items needed at that point, so getting snother item that greatly benefits your team is best in my mind. If you find you still need some help at tanking, you can get a warmogs for straight health or i suppose if the other team has either great AP nukes or raw dps'ers, a banshees veil or randuin's omen would be nice too.

This is my first real guide I have ever written so rate me fairly and let me know how it goes for ya if you give it a shot, THANK YOU!

By the way, i just realize i never said why i picked my summoners spells. Exhaust to gank/feast on anyone you want, plus it helps shut down an enemy carry during team fights. Ghost cause you are a sloe bastard as chogath.