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League of Legends Build Guide Author MrMaggles

Bio-Ooze Maw

MrMaggles Last updated on December 3, 2010
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Welcome to my build for Kog'Maw, id like to share with everyone how I play Kog, I wont go much into the Runes and Masteries as they can be twisted to fit your playstyles, the real bread and butter of this build is in the items and strategy.

- Impressive Range.
- Massive Damage to Tanks.
- Can stay at range and assist the team.
- Underestimated.

- Very Squishy.
- Mana problems at start.
- Very item dependant.
- Easy to Gank.

How to play Kog with this Build:

Early Game (Level 1-6):

First start by getting a followed by a , now either pair up with a tank or healer in a lane or go mid (if there is no other decent mid player) I prefer to lane with others as Kog is very squishy and once you start pushing back the mid lane you will be ganked hard. If you find that you get ganked often especialy by stealthed characters dont be afraid to get an for 400g its a steal and will help you first hit those nasty sneaks, this item alone can stop the ganks agaist you atleast for a little while.

Try to keep the other heroes at range and if possible out of the fight so they miss on some of the ticks of xp from creep kills, if you do this effectivly you can make it to level 6 before them and without returning back to base for hp, good use of and are key to this whole build so also use this time to practice combining them for max damage.

When you hit level 6 Kog's harrasing ability improves drasticly with the you can keep the enemy on the ropes and even if you are lucky getting a killing blow as they blue pill behind a tower thinking its safe (bare in mind this only usualy works once), its not a sure thing but if your having a really good game you should have got a kill by level 6 or 7 (dont worry if you havnt its hard to get kills with Kog early)

Mid Game (Level 6-12):

Nows time to upgrade your to a set of if you have the money also get yourself a but if you cant afford it yet get one of its base items instead. Returning to your lane with the Razor will make it much easier to push back creeps (not that Kog needs much help doing that) stick to your stratagy of followed by to drop your enemys health, if your paired with a champ with stuns or a nuker this should be a kill for your team, Tanks will be particuarly squishy against you and will often swap out to another lane if against you.

Also try to keep an eye out for ganks Kog is very good at keeping people at bay but if rushed and stunned by a gank squad of 2 or 3 people he will melt quickly (make sure that if you are killed in a gank to charge at the lowest hp enemy champ you might just take them with you using )

Now if you havnt already get your get them and as soon as possible upgrade it to with this item you will now become a powerhouse, in team battles you will take out Tanks and other high hp champs in seconds giving your team quick kills, be carefull though this will make you a priority target so stay at range.

Depending on how good you are doing you may not have the gold to buy the next itme on the list but i'm going to add it in the mid game section because it is a very usefull item to have at this time, the item ofcourse is such a sweet item for Kog giving extra magic damage and reduced magic resist to his foes (good combined with the and combo)

Late Game (level 13-18):

If all is going well you should be one of the most feared Champs on the field getting manny assists and kills with your and combo. is your first item to get and if your rolling in the dough upgrade it to the now after you get this it should be close to game over but if not a nice item to get is it gives you attack speed bumping you up to that holy 2.5 attacks a second aswell as life steal buff that everyone in your team fight will get (who dosnt like life steal?)

The game will usualy be over by this point however for the rare games when you have the spare gold and its dragging on a bit i recomend getting a nice for the HP and Slow...

Optional Items:

Thankyou for reading my first guide ever, I really enjoy playing Kog'Maw and I hope that this guide will help others who are looking at different strats with Kog...