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Renekton Build Guide by Laserkitteh

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Laserkitteh

Bits and pieces Renekton guide

Laserkitteh Last updated on June 20, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Good day and welcome to my new guide about Renekton.

I love making guides about champions who noone really likes or are extremely underrated. Renekton is one of these champions. Once people started to say:

Renekton is only used to shut down other snowball tops! and Renekton is so weak lategame, why would you bother playing him?

Both aren't true. Renekton is a monster, early, mid AND lategame. He has a great escaping mechanism, you cannot run from him and he has decent build in sustain(people just dont seem to realise it ISNT bad).

Renekton is by far my favourite solotop because you gotta play him hyper-aggresive. At level 6 he destroys ANY solotop.

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Item build and runes

Item build might look real strange to you.
Thats because I always start building tier 1 items on Renekton. That gives you the needs of the items you pick in minor ways so you can rush them fast.

Late game these items come out:
Pickaxe->Last whisperer

Situational second/third
Armor->Sunfire cape
Phage->Frozen mallet

Situational fourth/fifth
Brutaliser->Ghost blade
Dorans->Maw of Malmortius(careful this item is very expensive)

Runes are very self explaining in my opinion. Gives a ****load of armor penetration and attackspeed to get up fury fast when you need to. Cdr is also very obvious on Renekton.

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The power of ignoring armor

Renekton does this like a boss. Armor doesn't bother him.

I'll give you reason why:

Masteries-> 10% armor pen
Last whisperer-> 40% armor pen
Slice and dice-> 35% armor pen

Total: 85% armor pen

Now lets take a tank/beefy bruiser: 200 armor.
200-170=30 armor, and we penetrate 25+15 armor making the damage we dish out TRUE because we ignore MORE than his 200 armor at the hit after Slice and dice.

You see what we did there? We ignore ALL ARMOR of the enemy tank, ALL of it. And how are you calling Renekton weak now?

Lets sketch something:

You manage to get your fury up high thanks to using your ult. You slice their tank, reducing his armor by 35% for 4 seconds. Now we have enough fury left to use our MASSIVE damage skill Ruthless predator(which will deal like 720 damage lategame). That takes AT LEAST 1k damage from the enemy bruiser/tank AND you can escape when you see your not going to survive.

Lategame? We LAUGH at armor. Renekton doesnt even fall of a little late game.
I think the main problem of people who whine about Renekton dont realise how SUPER powerful his abilities get when he has his fury up. It's a hard thing to master, but the reward is incredibly high.

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Your role as Renekton/Pros and cons

When you build like this your an not-too-beefy bruiser but with very high mobility and its easy to escape.

Your target: ANYONE whos a treat to the team, armor doens't bother us at all.

But be really careful in battle, you need to know what you are doing and you gotta realise you can die fast and you wont be able to escape when your abilities aren't off cooldown. It's also very very hard to manage your fury when your in a teamfight. For example: your Q's damage increases by alot but its most defenitely not worth it to waste your fury on in a teamfight. Your fury should be spend on Slice and dice and Ruthless predator as finishing move.

Pros and cons about Renekton:


-High mobility, can rush in,deal damage and rush out
-Armor doesn't bother him the slightest
-Amazing teamfighter
-Great farmer


-Very hard to play and insanely hard to master
-Pretty squishy, has to be careful in battles
-Needs ALOT of farm to be as viable as it sounds

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Thanks for reading my guide! I kept it as short as possible, because when I look around for guides I never bother reading the entire thing.

I might add some pictures and stuff later, if the guide gets popular.

Now get out and have fun with Renekton, the extremely underrated mad crocodile!