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Talon Build Guide by TheTrooper15

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TheTrooper15

Blade in the Forest

TheTrooper15 Last updated on August 27, 2011
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Ok, at this point I'm sure you know who Talon is, so i'll skip the intro on the character. This is my first guide, but I've been playing Talon exclusively since he came out and I felt like sharing what I've learned. Enjoy, and please leave constructive comments where appropriate.

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My rune choice is fairly similar to others I've seen, but I'll explain anyway.

The armor pen marks are an obvious choice, as the negate a huge chunk of early-game armor and still help out later on.

Some may disagree with the attack speed seals, as Talon is NOT an auto-attacker, but I take them and then do not get any attack speed items until late game. The speed he has with the seals is good enough for most of the game.

CDR glyphs are extremely useful the entire game, as Talon's strength is always having his burst ready to go, but obviously shine most before the other CDR items are purchased.

The Quints are a matter of preference. I like the extra armor, but health or any other survivability quints are a valid option.

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Nothing earth-shaking here, standard 21-0-9 mix. I like more in good hands, but I know all the arguments about that, so do what you want with those first 4 utility points.

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Ok, items. Talon players seem to generally agree on which items to mainly take, but there are countless opinions on when.

Doran's Blade to start. Simply nothing better for Talon early on, and in fact it stays most of the game.

Boots of Swiftness- The extra speed is essential for Talon. He doesn't need attack speed, his CDR gets high enough, and Tenacity is only useful in specific enemy team makeups. With that said, if you are facing a high CC team, it may be worth it to get Mercury Treads. Decide based on the situation.

Brutalizer/Ghostblade- Although Avarice Blade has a nice passive that gets you gold, if you are farming properly and have one or two kills at this point (you should) the gold should not be an issue. Brutalizer gets you the CDR early along with some extra damage. Build it to the Ghostblade ASAP, as the active on it is extremely useful for sniping towers during teamfights/ failed enemy ganks. Of course, it's also useful for chasing for a last few hits to get a kill, and the CDR and damage are nothing to sneeze at either.

Bloodthirster- Generally, when i build ghostblade i have enough gold left over to get the vampiric scepter too. The extra lifesteal is great while you get the remaining 2550 gold for the final item. I take bloodthirster early for one reason- You should NOT be dying at this point, so it will stack full quickly and stay there. 25% lifesteal with Talon's heavy autoattack-based burst means a ton of bonus health in a fight, especially if you hit a squishy first.

Infinity Edge- At this point, you should be running around the map unseen, darting out to burst on a target that has been separated and vanishing again just as quickly. When you get infinity edge, you become incredibly lethal. If you crit on your E+Q attack (and you likely will many times) you cause insane damage. A recent game saw me crit Veigar for 1800 damage in one shot, killing him in seconds, just after getting IE. This is one of the most helpful items you will get for quickly dealing burst damage and disappearing.

Frozen Mallet- Once you get this item, and you may not many games, you can easily take anyone you face 1v1 and possibly 1v2 with little problem. Frozen Mallet ensures that your passive is ALWAYS active, prevents enemies from fleeing, and gives a huge amount of health for situations that see you pinned down. Remember, E to your target, autoattack to slow, then Q. Bonus from Q, bonus from E, bonus from passive, and a likely crit on one of the two attacks will leave any enemy reeling.

Trinity Force/ Phantom Dancer- Most games, you will never even get these items. For those games that do see you this late, these items are simply to add extra to what you already have. Sell Doran's blade for TF, replacing and enhancing everything DB had and adding extra in many areas. Next, sell your boots for Phantom Dancer- TF and FD will more than make up for the lost speed while also adding MORE CRIT and some attack speed, which is nice if not essential. Again, these items are only EXTRAS for those extremely long games where you need a little extra to finish.

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Guide isn't finished, but I have things to do! Let me know what you think so far- Be back with some strategy and thoughts as my schedule allows. Enjoy being the Blade in the Forest!