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Gangplank Build Guide by Blank

Blank's OP Dominion Gangplank

Blank's OP Dominion Gangplank

Updated on October 6, 2011
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blank Build Guide By Blank 2,529 Views 0 Comments
2,529 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Blank Gangplank Build Guide By Blank Updated on October 6, 2011
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LoL Summoner Spell: Ghost


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash



I was getting sick of the few dominion gangplank guides on here and mainly i wanted to create something that made him a little less squishy late game. So far this is pretty damn good imo...let me know what you guys think but I've been doing great with it.
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For quintessence go greater desolation for the Armor pen. With the marks get armor pen again so ya end of with pretty much 25 at 18. For the seals I go crit chance mainly for the earlier game. The glyphs I go all celerity fot the cool down reduction so your parrley and remove scurvy are nice and quick. All pretty standard for gp
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Go full offensive with Gp with the rest of your points in utilities.
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Get the boots first so you can go top with 4 others, your not the one caping mid you need to have your parrley up top in the fight, cloak of agility for the early crit along with your runes. Finish your berserkers greaves next then go for a phantom dancer so you got the crit and attack speed. Now get another cloak and finish up the infinity edge and your pretty strong at this point. Next is my big change from most guides up and I feel it really makes gp great at this point, get the giants belt for some health and finish it with a frozen mallet. This makes gp not so squishy and have a slow which in dominion both are great. Get trinity force here, I find most guides are going for it to early and it makes you too weak and squishy for to long. If you ever get to this point in a dominion, which is very rare for me, you finish up with last whisper for the pen. GG Allen
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Summoner Spells

spells go the basic dominion ghost flash, use ghost on your way to top in beginning. Later use ghost to get to towers that are being capped quickly try not to use it to chase since its dominion. If you have to chase only do it when they have one hit left and use flash then parrley then immediately fall back to your tower. I mostly use flash to avoid being ganked and getting back to my towers, only if they have one hit left will i use it offensively unless our towers are not at all threatened.
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Skill Sequence

Use parrley to harass champions at towers, I like to fake cap towers and then parrley them and run back a little and then return, always be supported with your team gp doesn't do to well solo. You pretty much want to constantly be using remove survey, in dominion GP almost never will run out of mana so always keep your health full at all times. Always use raise morale at 1:19 so your whole team gets a little speed burst on there way to your first towers. The rest of the game try and use it every time your going into combat or just trying to get to a tower faster. That combined with the speed buffs and ghost make you pretty quick getting from tower to tower. Cannon barrage is prob one of the best ults in dominion for tower defense, always be watching the map and use it to keep the other team from capping towers. Try and not use this offensively, a big mistake i see gangplanks doing. Its always the worst thing when you use it in combat and then someone comes in to ninja your middle tower and you would have been able to stop them and run in on it and get the kill.
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I find this guide to be a good balance of attack speed crit and mid game you get a little more health for survivability. Gp is so good in dominion for defending those towers when your teams not there, especially when there just trying to ninja one real quick. Never use it for offense unless its a 3 or 4 champion team battle and even then only if you really need it, you always want it available for defense when you need it. Make sure to always be using remove scurvy while your in combat so you stay alive. Leave me some comments and let me know what might be able to get better or just let me know if ya try it and it works out for ya, this is my first guide Ive ever done so I hope you all like it.
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Pros / Cons

Great crit chance low lvl and maxed
Decent survivability all game
Interrupt enemy capping towers

Like all gangplanks a little squishy but a lot better than most builds
Hes got scurvy
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Play as a team

I feel not enough people in dominion play as a team and it gets really annoying so i made this its own category. Gangplank can't be on his own unless you have to defend a tower in which case you want to stay away from the champions until they try and cap and then just parrley them and run back till it cools down. If there are multiple then maybe use your ulti too. Besides that situation always be with your team Gp will die very quickly alone but if your in groups of at least 3 he does so much damage and can stay alive with remove scurvy.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Blank
Blank Gangplank Guide
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Blank's OP Dominion Gangplank

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