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League of Legends Build Guide Author GuitarMonkey

Blitz: Crank Up the Pain

GuitarMonkey Last updated on June 4, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Edit Log

*Removed Manamune, replaced with Hextech Gunblade
*Removed second Archangle Staff, replaced with Trinity Force

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Hey everyone, this is my first build on Mobafire. I decided to make it for Blitzcrank for a couple reasons. One, Blitzcrank is a beast. If used correctly he is a great champion to have on the team. Second, I've looked through many of the Blitz builds here on Modafire and I haven't seen anyone post a build for him the way I play him. If I missed a similar build then I apologize, but most people seem to play Blitz as an off-tank or even an AD champion. This build is mostly an AP build for Blitz, but also has a decent amount of AD as well. I'll go into more detail later about why I use each item, as well as masteries and rune explanations.

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Pros / Cons

-Nuke Damage
-Great Ganker
-Awesome farming mid-late game
-Takes down turrets very fast
-Rocket Grab!!!!!!!!!
-By mid game he looks like a fat kid running a marathon.

-A little squishy early game
-Not as tanky as most Blitz players you'll see (but also far more deadlier)
-Very little armor or magic resist means you have to play a little smarter with him, although his passive will save your life many times
-Slow start, hard to farm, esp if they have ranged champions in your lane

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Runes are always so tricky to get right. The following are what I currently use for Blitz, but they are certainly not set in stone. I'm open to any suggestions you may have on a better rune setup.
Greater Mark of Insight, for that extra kick
Greater Glyph of Celerity, cooldown reduction is always nice, and this build lacks cdr when compared to many of the other Blitz builds out there
Greater Seal of Vitality, the extra health is nice, but these can be switched out for something else if you prefer
Greater Quintessence of Fortitude, again the extra health is nice, esp early game

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For masteries i go with a 9-0-21 setup, with Archaic Knowledge for more penetration, as well as more cdr, movement speed, etc.

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Ok, now the part everybody skips to. "Why did he pick THAT item??" I'll do my best to explain each item and why that item is good for Blitz.

Start the game out with a Sapphire Crystal and 2 Health Pots. On your first trip back get Tear of the Goddess, as Blitz can be very mana starved early on. If you have the money get your Boots of Speed as well.

After this you want to get Archangle Staff as quickly as you can. You want to start building up that extra mana pool as early as possible, since your passive shield is based on your current mana. It will be saving your *** many times throughout the game. Also, as soon as you have Archangle Staff, start spamming your "W" and "E" abilities every chance you get. This will build your mana a lot faster, not to mention Overdrive makes getting around the map easier.

Next get Sorcerers Shoes, the extra magic pen will help a lot. If the other team has a lot of cc then consider switching this out with Mercury's Treads. Most Blitz players I see gets Boots of Swiftness, but the small extra speed increase isn't worth it imo, esp when you have ghost and Overdrive.

Your next item is Lich Bane. Lich Bane is awesome on Blitz, everything it gives you helps a lot. The 3 most important things in this build is mana, AP, and movement speed. Lich Bane gives you all 3, as well as some Magic Resist and an awesome passive that deals 100% of your AP in extra damage after you grab someone with Rocket Grab. Very very nice.

Hextech Gunblade is next. 60 AD to help scale Power Fist, as well as more AP, life steal, spell vamp, and a nice active ability. Farming should now be a breeze, and you should be doing a fair amount of damage to enemy champions.

Rabadons Deathcap is next, and will make you even stronger than you already are, although most games I don't even get to this point, let alone the last item:

Trinity Force. Yup, this item gives you a little of everything. Unfortunately 99/100 games you won't even start building this item. If by chance you do, then you'll be tankier, stronger, faster... ya like I said it pretty much gives you everything.

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The reason I get Hextech Gunblade is because Rocket Grab gets stronger with AP, but Power Fist gets stronger with AD. The extra kick with Power Fist is better than having all AP imo. The reason I go mostly AP though is for his ulti, which scales with AP as well. You'll do a ton of damage in team fights, esp since Static Field is an AOE ability. The passive on Static Field also gets pretty strong, making farming even easier. You'll be getting most of your kills with Static Field, since it's such a great last-hit attack. Although nothing is more satisfying (or hilarious) than finishing off an Anivia with a well placed Rocket Grab through a wall after she thinks she's safe by her turret that kills her on impact and brings her egg right to you. :p

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Skill Sequence

Your skill sequence is pretty basic. You want Rocket Grab maxed out asap, followed by Power Fist, and then Overdrive. Like pretty much every other champion get your ulti at lvls 6, 11, and 16.

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Summoner Spells

Ok, summoner spells are like runes, they aren't set in stone must-haves. Experiment with different ones to see what fits your play style the best. I personally love Flash and Ghost for Blitz, esp for this build since you aren't going to be as tanky. The extra escape-ability helps a lot. Some other good options are:

Exhaust: can be used for escaping as well, or for chasing. Also nice against those pesky AD champions. If you take exhaust I recommend replacing ghost with it. The reason I prefer ghost over exhaust is because with exhause you can only slow down one enemy, if you get attacked by more than one you're screwed. With ghost you can run from everyone, and if you throw in your overdrive skill you go even faster.

Teleport: you lose some escape-ability, but gain great overall map movement. nice early game for getting a quick item then getting back to your lane fast. also nice late game for clearing a large creep wave.

Cleanse: Nice if you're going against a high cc team (which renders ghost almost useless anyways)

Clarity: Helps you early game since you will be mana starved if you're Rocket Grabbing a lot. Can also be used right before you take a lot of damage in order to get a stronger shield from your passive, since Mana Barrier uses 50% of your CURRENT mana, not your max mana. This can be very hard to time right though, and other than that it's completely useless late game.

Clairvoyance: Great skill to have period, just make sure no one else on your team has it too. You can use it to check for ganks, junglers, or even check the other side of a wall you're standing by to see if you can get a lucky Rocket Grab off.

Ignite: Nice for that champ with 10 hp that just barely gets away. I don't personally like this one though unless they have a Tryndamere. Wait a couple secs after he pops his ulti then ignite his ***. He'll try to spin away but 9 out of 10 times the ignite will kill him right after his ulti shuts off.

The rest I would stay away from with Blitz, they just don't have the usefulness the other ones give you.


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In summary Blitzcrank is a very fun champion to use, and with this build you will really piss people off. Please try it out before leaving a comment, and don't forget to rate!

Thanks for reading, happy Blitzing!