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League of Legends Build Guide Author AutisticOstrich

Blitz Hybrid Ar/Mr Support Tank

AutisticOstrich Last updated on June 6, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Brute Force
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Okay so i made this build because i saw that many of the other builds make blitz look like viegar with pure ap and honestly he doesn't need it to get kills. Basically he can chase down anyone with overdrive, pull and flash i dont see why u need to try and kill them in one shot, sure its more fun but i just don't see it working on blitz. I started this build as just armor and tank but found karthus and veigar would bend me over and take advantage of me late game so i added mercs and spirit to even out the flow and against evenly spread teams u don't die and really make a diffrence in team fights in the middle of the fight not just killing one person by pulling them out of the fight and ulti and punching them. To play this build though u have to try and play as a team player with your carry in your lane and pull to tower and get them kills it really pays off. P.s If you play this right you'll end up 5 0 20 and if your not okay with the assists then this build isnt really for you this build is to add depth to your team and make them unstoppable :)

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Pretty simple don't get killed and get some ap and cooldown

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Basicly a tank build not to hard to figure out with some cooldown because the pull is a bit of wait with out max cd

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So I know Blitz is very mana hungry early and everyone just builds with regen but imo mana regen takes to long and i just like take more mana and it adds to your sheild so win win. I start with sapphire Crystal and mana and health potions. This usually can keep u in the lane until 700 gold and u can harrass nicly with your pull until here. Once at 700 u can go back if you need to and build a chain vest (towards your glacier). You have to remeber only go back when you have to because lane domination is key. When you go back again you should have enough for Mercs and to start Spirit. After Spirit it depends on who's giving you a hard time if its a magic char build to bv if not get sunfire so u can farm like a boss ( awsome with ulti :)) and after those two are built u can make the frozen heart if you want or if your feeling tanky on that day go for warmog it makes you unstoppable or if your getting kills build a void staff and you can mess around how ever you want from there. If you see your still getting raped by ap chars grab some a gaurdian angel and the rest should basically explain itself on that one :P

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Summoner Spells

Flash: is Beautiful plain and simple great for postioning grabs tower diving and catching those annoying boots of swiftness. Bonus flashing through walls with low health uhhh you dont die ever :P

Exhaust: Pull Knock-uP Exhaust First Blood lvl 2 thanks very much and late game Exhaust is nice in team fights or running

These are my highest recomended but Clairty is nice early and you can focus more on mr earlier with it and ignite if your planning on carrying

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Pros / Cons

- Tanky: Personally i find AP blitz to be really squishy and when i play agaisnt another Blitz i enjoy watching them Die 4 times Before they buy some armor LOL

-Great Early Support: Pull to tower equals win Knock up when your good friend Vayne is geting beat on is great

-Annoying: The enemys in your lane won't like being pulled every fifteen seconds and will back off near your tower and you can force them out of Experience range easily

Easily Harrassed: If your lane has Miss fortune and fiddle sticks your already annoyed because you can't get them close enough to be grabbed

Defensive Players: Personally when a dps hide behind his minons it annoys me because i wanna kill them in my tower rang but when trydamere is hiding behind a wave of minons you will be extremely unhappy

Focusing: There's a team fight your not a tank but everyone seems to think your are you are stunned three times and silenced your team mates are like "omg we should run and let him die and we will all survive :) thanks blitz" and your like no when they focus me you should all have at least one kill >:( and thats probably the most irratating thing about Blitz Im getting angry just typing this >>>>:(((

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So basically I play this build to help out my team as much as possible as off-tank and off-support (idk if thats a real term but i just went there) b/c of his pull you can get ppl of your team in run aways and single out ppl in a team fight with pull knock up and lux gets a nice kill. Lvl 18 you can tank towers but b4 that you really don't have enough health and thats why i'm saying he's off tank b/c if i'm a tank i wanna tank those towers asap. Basicly play your towers early and pull those over aggressive dps into your tower and feed your carry and make trydamere rage quit b4 endless rage. Mid game you can out run every one because they cant kill you and with overdrive you can get to your towers b4 you die with flash and what not. Also remeber to help out your team if someones getting chased pull the enemy off or go knock him up then dip dip dip dip and you save a kill and you get praise for being a boss. Lastly poeple don't seem to understand that Blitz's Ulti sliences that is huge if you silence the whole other team in a team fight your team wins its that simple if seen builds where it says save your ulti for for sure kills uhhh silence AoE and 20 sec cd i dont think so spam that **** and you'll be greatfull and thats my build i'm sure there will be lots of suggestions and i'd love to hear them please comment and rate and don't feel shy to suggest a change or point out some flaws i just dont critizing my fav character :)