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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author BlitzMaster

Blitz Tank-Support and Nuke

BlitzMaster Last updated on May 11, 2011
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Blitz Tank-Support



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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


Brute Force
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This is my first two builds, it is to show people how i play blitz, there's two good way to play him, as a tank-support or as a nuker. I've been playing blitz since i started to play LoL, more than half of my games are with him, thats about 300 games with him at least. Blitz can change games, one good pull, stun or silence u get their team in trouble. I think to become a master blitz it takes a lot of time and practice, ill give u today all the tips you need to become a good tank-support or a good Ap blitz. I will not show my game stats or anything about that, lots of guide have stats to show how good they are with the build but do not want to tell everyone how good i am or how much i get assist or kills. On thing tho, if you have a good carry and you play well you will win 90 % of your games.
Please try it before ratting
My first language is not English so i am sorry for all the mistakes.
I am also sorry to not put pictures in the builds, i am not good with BBcode

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Patch notes and what does it do for us blitz master.

[ Recent Patchnotes ]
Veteran's Scars health reduced to 12/24/36/48 from 15/30/45/60, little less hp

v1.106 changes:
Blitzcrank's overdrive no longuer has a slow after its been use. Thats something amazing.

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Pros / Cons

+ Crowd crontrol amazing with both build
+ Even if i dont like to go in first, blitz is great at it.
+ Turrets kills
+ Good Shield, with a lots of mana, its like having a guardian angel
+ The funniest character to play ( try it with alistar )

- Hard to grab people ( wich make u a good blitz or a bad one )
- All spells cost a lot of mana, its hard to spam early game
- Farming is hard, early, mid or late game. ( not applicable with ap build )

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Red : Magic pen

Yellow : Dodge
Dodge saved me quite often and with the little speed boost in masteries its gonna help u out to grab people and get away from difficult situation.

Blue : anything you want, do not take cooldown reduction, i like get some mana regen, it helps you out early game


Red : Magic pen

Yellow : Dodge, Cooldown reduction
Dodge, even without masteries it does help a lot. If u do not like it, take cooldown reduction, you do not have much in the build
Blue : Cooldown reduction

For the magic pen, i dont think you will need more than that, if u encounter a team that has only MR, think changing your build accordingly

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A build is not something you should follow at 100 %, it should only gives tips how to build a character, some people will fail with this build, some will success. Most likely i build those two specific builds. I do love to get Shurelya's Reverie to get the speed boost or even grabing a sunfire cape to help me farming, depends of your team and what you are facing.

Tank-Support build
The core is simple, i get Sapphyr Crytal and heath pot at start, i back at base when have enough money to buy boots and chain vest. Upgrade boots into mercury threads, get banshee's veil and you got the core items !
Depending what you are facing :

More Ad than ap team :
Finish frozen heart, get thornmail, guardian angel then get randuin's omen
It gives you more survivability against ad team with a bit of magic resist.

More Ap than Ad team :
Get Negatron cloac for force of nature, go for guardian angel, finish frozen heart get randuin's omen
Again, you'll survive better agains lots of ap, still very good against Ad

Nuker build
Simple, if you do it right, you will get a ult of 1000 damage, your grab will hit at 800 so is your stun, your shield is amazing, it almost like having a guardian angel, you need to farm a lot and get really involve to reach all the items, if you are not good at farming that is not the build for you. Amazing damage.

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Early Game

Simple as hell, try to have the other team close to your tower, pull them, play defensive, you are not the best early game character. lvl 4 or 5 i try to go gank another lane if it fails, back to base and grab some items to go in lane again. If u success help mid pushing the tower a bit then back.
One tip for the first gank, if mid isn't pushing much, try to flash and pull, thats gonna help u out covering the distance you need.

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Mid Game

Thats the part where its important to follow your carry, he need to be feed. Go gank every lane, help people pushing their towers, in mid game your should get the first tower in each lane down. Try to do massive damage. One thing important, never forget your carry, he's the one that you should have your attention.

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Late Game

Thats the part where u do less damage and you become a CC master, silence, stun and pulls are more important than anytime before. Keep your lane alive, follow you team, you should never be alone, always follow someone or make sure someone is following you.

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Team fight

The most important thing with blitz is CC, crowd controlling, make sure that ult that are cast able suche as MF, Nunu, Karthus etc are stopped, if you manage to stop them thats a lots of damage loose for them. Grab to initiate, if u can manage to have their best damage dealer in your hand, thats gonna hurt them a lot. What i like to do is to keep my ult for later, your silence should be use in crucial moments,

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How to play - Tips

If u play tank-support build, make sure to spend all your time helping your carry in lane phase, if it mean dieing for him do it, if your both about to die and getting chased by two hero, simple way to save your team mate, stun the ranged hero and then pull the other one to you, if your team mate is getting chased and you are far behind, flash and stun the ranged hero than pull. I'll put up some videos to show how its done. Its not really hard to do. If u have trouble grabbing people, try to use your stun before trying to grab most likely people will run strait after and when you will grab him you will have your stun ready again.

If u play the Nuker build, well everything does a lot of damage, little thing is with blitz your damage at the start of the game isnt really big so you might have to Ks one or two kills.
Do not forget that you are blitz, you can still support your team mate.

Blitz is a support character, not a full tank, not a full, ap dps neither a ad dps. Think about saving your team mates. I've played against a lots of blitz and the reason why they all lose is simple, they don't support their team well. Its easy to save people, you have 3 way, grabbing, stunning, silencing and if u like to play with fortify you got another way to help.