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League of Legends Build Guide Author Chaotic Bliss

Blitzcrank: Battle Mode Activated

Chaotic Bliss Last updated on November 12, 2010
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One of the most interesting Champs, The Great Steam Golem is one of the most fun. Being able to hook people to him-self and his team, a disable, and movement and AS boost. Thats a lot of power in one champ. Lets get started shall we.

Masteries & Summoner Spells

Ive gone for a more offensive build. Ive seen a lot of bulky and tank like builds, but I dont like bulky Blitz. Ive gone 22/0/8 getting all the melee friendly masteries, and the Mana friendly ones. This will help with his melee offensive power, and his shallow mana pool.

Summoner Spells I have and . This build is an effective ganking build so these Summoner spells fit it perfectly. They help chase and provide great mobility. Also they can be used defensively to escape.


Like most Blizt builds, is my starting skill. This is what will make things fun. Now you have to be patient with this due to the fact its a skill shot. You can miss completely, or hook a minion instead. Either way just take your time and aim carefully.

This is a phsyical DPS build so I like to take as my 3/5 at LvL 5. This will be great dmg output with the ArP that I have. Not to mention the effectiveness of it once is built.

is the icing on the cake. You can complete the tradional Blitz combo by ending with this. With the AS and movement boost, you will be dealing great dmg. And you will more than likely get the kill if you have on the target.

And of course get [ico=static field size=35] when its up. This is one of the greatest ults in game IMO. An Aoe dmg and silence. Thats a great thing to have when team fights break out.


Like most of my builds, my runes focus on two things.

Marks and Quintessences are ArP. With the items and great use of you cant go wrong. This isnt a tanky Blitz.

Seals and Glyphs are Mana Regen per lvl. This will help him lane. He has a shallow mana pool so instead of taking flat mana, which would increase his passive, I go with regen to help his mana pool fill faster. Plus I have an item to help increase mana.


is always a great item if you can get the target close. And with that is easily complished. Not to mention with , even though there might be diminshing returns, its a great way to deal massive dmg or to chase. The stats are great too. I use this a lot when it comes to melee DPS builds since it has many great uses.

is another great item to have. The 150% base dmg boost, I think it was raised to 150% in a patch, will work great when the next attack that consumes it will be :D Great stats, awesome bonus procs, and all around great item for Blitz.

is a great item for this kind of blitz. It gives more mana, AND gives me some AD. Its not a lot, but some it better than none. Lets do some math shall we?

Ok with the 100 bonus mana, he will have 2558 mana. Very nice for him. Now 2% of that is 51 dmg (thats rounded down). Thats a nice bonus if you aske me. combine that to his dmg and he has 259. Thats not bad, and when you add the ArP his dmg will be great. Add the bonus of and its even better.

is next. You cant ask for something better than this for the build. AS, LS, team buff, enemy debuff, and it just fits perfect with his classic 1-2-3 combo. This is just a great item for this build. Many uses, and with a successful hook, there is no way they can get away.

is the last item. This will give him more health and the passive will make sure that no one gets away. Just a great item to have.

for the simple fact he have enough of everything already lol.

Other items that can be used are , (for bonus dmg from ult and , (for more power from ult and . There is a huge amount of things that can be used here. Hell if you really wanna play Hybrid, pick up an . Mana bonuses all over. For tanks get or . for deep mana pool casters.

Game Play

Early Game

Here you will want to harass all to hell. If you can aim right, you can set up many kills. You will want to build and work on . These are two of the three core items. is the third. If you feel that getting that first would be best, by all means go for it. But I suggest Ghosblade/Trin Force. If each of your mates grabs a ward, if they can afford one, than you can start tele-ganking early. Nothing beats a good tele-gank, plus it gives you an edge in map control and awareness.

Mid Game

Here is where things get really fun. You should finish up Trin Force ASAP and start working on MM or Starks. Remember Tele-ganking is part of this builds game play. I cant stress that enough. Now if your team works right than you will be ok. In this game you should have taken a few towers by now. With the great harassment of you and your lane mate, you can pop and and take the towers like nothing.

Late Game

You should have your core items and starks by now. If you can get FM than you are on a roll. You will be a beast. With an AoE silencing ult and the ability to pull people to you and your team, you can easily change the flow of a fight. You should have no issues in this game with kills, mobility, and map control.

1v1 & Jungling

is a fierce 1v1 champ. Able to stun, silence, and deal great dmg, if you hook someone you will devastate them with ease. Your passive is that much better with so dont worry about running. If you do have to, you can port out, use OD, or Ghostblade. Either way you are set. Play aggressive, but play smart.

Jungling should prove interesting. I would say that taking or would be best for killing jungle creeps. You will want to place wards at Lizards and Golems. These will be nice for you to port to when they are up. Blitz can benefit from both Lizard and Golem so get them if you can.

Ganks & Team pushing

Lets face it... Blitz cant gank like most other champs. He brings the gank to him. Grab some friends, wait in a bush, and take aim. That will make a huge difference. You can chase easy so dont worry about runners.

Team pushes are one of those things that Blitz bring to him. Hook someone and watch them die. Aim for Carries and Caster. Never tanks. Although In the items section there is an item for them ;)

Homies & Haters

Homies: are everyone lol. Blitz brings out the best of so many champs. This build will prove to help control people so melee champs can do what they do best. He can hook people away from support and casters. I mean who dont love blitz.

Haters: Anyone that can Silence you. If you are silenced you cant WTFPWNROLFNEWBSTOMPLOLPROSMASH!