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Blitzcrank Build Guide by XXXON

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author XXXON

Blitzcrank - Destroyer of Bottom Lane

XXXON Last updated on October 17, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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**Still a work in progress. Still Adding alot of Pictures. Info will remain the same**

This is my First Guide so I mine as well start off with a bang :)
But before we go any further, this build is meant for semi-experienced players and up. Meaning you know the basics of Blitz, farming, and every other aspect of the game that is needed to be a good player. In addition to teaching you a new way to play Blitz, I will teach you a few extra things that will greatly improve your abilities with Blitz and every other champion.

In my opinion, Blitz is the best support/off-tank in the game. Your job is to seperate the oponents' main damage output and make the incoming team fight a 5v4. Right off the bat, if done correctly, will make a tremendous difference, and will eventually lead to winning games. But Blitz alone wont do much, you will be relying on your bottom lane partner as much as they are relying on you (see Pre-Game for more Information).

*Warning: There is alot of words, but also alot of Information*

***This build is also Extremly Viable in 3s as well as 5s***

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Marks: Greater Mark of Potency = +0.59 ablility power

This equals 5.31 AP right off the bat. This might not seem like alot, but this AP will help tremendously in the Early Game stage.

Seals: Greater Seal of Replenishment = +0.41 mana regen/5 sec.

=3.69 mana/5 sec.
This also might not also seem like much, but Blitz's mana pool early game is very small with the mana costs of his skills being extremly high. Plus, Blitz tends to be extremly mana in-efficient. This small amount of regen from the runes + the item build will make Blitz hardly never run out of mana.

Glyphs: Greater Glyph of Celerity = -0.05% cooldowns per level (0.9 at champion level 18)

= -8.1% cooldowns @ 18. Small Number, Big Results.

20%(Frozen Heart) + 8.1%(Runes) + 6%(Intelligence: Masteries) = -34.1% cooldowns once build is complete. This comes out to be an ult every 20-25 seconds. This ends games.

Quints: Greater Quintessence of Knowledge = +4.17 mana per level (75.06 at chamption level 18)

=225.18 mana at level 18. This is just off of these Three Quints. Blitz's passive, Mana Barrier, is based off of his total mana. The more mana you have, the more your barrier will absorb. Once you are level 18 in game, your sheild will be absorbing an additional 50% of your total health. You will have built up your mana pool to such a large amount, you are walking around with 150% health.

Yes, these runes are completly different than any other build out there, but there are always substitutions that you can make. I used to play Blitz with all cooldown runes and Mana Quints. This worked well just because I was able to get an ult off around every 30 seconds or so, but didn't really make much more of a difference then that. Through 300+ games as Blitz, I've come to realize that these work the best for what he is used for.

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This section is made for before the game even starts. This Blitz build revolves around you having a competent Bottom lane partner who you can communicate with through Vent, Skype, or w/e else there is. This person needs to be able to know how to play a Ranged-AD Carry. Through my insane amount of games as Blitz, I have learned that Ezreal, Vayne, and Caitlyn are the 3 Best Options. You need to learn how hard your partners' auto-attacks hit for, what their unique play style is, and their champions cooldowns. Together, my lane partner and I have around 3000 games under our belt, and we know each others' play styles extremly well. Communication is the key for this comp. Without it, bottom lane will be destoryed, and team moral will SUCK. Blitz + AD Carry bottom also leads into my Masteries...:

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Summoner Spells

Flash and Clarity.

Flash has gotten to the point to where if you do not have it, you are already at a disadvantage. Whether it has to do with Offense (Flash into a better pulling position) or Defense (Flashing to escape a gank or over a wall after a fail team-fight in the jungle), without just seems Silly. Plus, Blitz has no real escape spells, other then popping those thrusters on and attempting to Speed away like the speed machine he is. But 9 times out of 10, it will end with the other team going "LOL! wtf was he doing?". Avoid the embarrassment, grab Flash.

"Herp Derp...You have to use Clairty cuz your so BAD! bahahaha baddy!". 1. There will be times when you will just have no more mana, then what? Go back? Or just Auto-Attack when your team decides its time to fight! No. Skip this situation all together. You will run out of mana, there are no questions asked. 2) Clarity is used for your lane comp. in bottom. The more mana you and your partner has, the longer you will be able to stay in the lane, and pull the oposing champions in for the kill. This works, Trust Me. 3) It's Late Game, your all in mid attacking, Pop Clarity = Win. DUH.

Clairty can be substituted for Clairvoince, but there should always be an actual support champion on the team that picks that up. You have no idea how many times Clarity has won a game, whether is was directly or Indirectly, it Wins.

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Early Game

Here we go, Actual Game play time. You and your AD Carry will go to bottom lane. You (Blitz) will not Last Hit the creeps, thats the Carries' Job. You are there for 2 reasons: 1) Watch the opponents movements/play style and get that hook as soon as both of you are ready for the kill and 2) Watch the rest of the map for MIA's and randomness. If done correctly, before the Actual laneing phase is over, the Carry should have at least 4 kills*. ****No matter how good your oponents seem to be, they will slip up. If you are doing your job watching them, you will catch the slip-up, pull -> pop up -> and your partner will do the rest. Plus, you will randomly get kills off of your opponents alot of the time due to your extremly Manly/Robotic Auto attacks :)**** For the sake of this build, Early Game will end around level 8 or 9. That is when you no longer constantly stay in bottom lane and you branch off to make other lanes' lives a living hell.

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Mid Game

Levels 9-14. Somewhere within this time frame, you should already have your Banshess Veil and Around 2k Mana from the Tear you bought Early Game. If all was done correctly, Your Partner from bottom lane should be a force to be recokened with. Now, the only job you have is to pull the oponents Carries into the mob of your team and watch that red bar go down SOOPER fast. There will be times when you accidently pull the tank or someone who shouldn't have been pulled...Don't piss yourself. Get ready to leave that person alone and run into the group of other people and get ready to pop that ult and start that CC party. This is the time where your pull will not only be used to pull oponents to your group of people, but also to save your Team mates lives at some points. For example, Sona is being chased be a Rammus (OH NOES!), he powerballs, you pull him into you, breaks the ball, pop him up, haul *** out of there. The Mobes will kick in and you will run away laughing hard. This will happen more and more. The more you play Blitz, the more you will realize he can be used for more then what the cover says.

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Late Game

14-18. Nothing really changes from Early or Mid game from here, other then the gear. If the game even lasts this long, the game Literally lies in the palm of your hand. One wrong pull and its a team wipe, and a team wipe means your team could lose. This is where experience and and common sense come into play. If you are just beginning with Blitz, don't Risk it. If you are more comfortable with Blitz and doing the blind pulls, more power to you. If you have read to this point, a little further won't hurt...

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Starting off the game with a and Two (2) Health Potions. Blitz's Starting mana pool is poor to say the least, and the Sapphire Crystal is just what he needs to increase it. Health potions aren't such a bad thing either.

Blitz will be getting his main amount of money from the Assists he gets off the the kills in Bot Lane. Blitz shouldn't be farming until Mid Game, where his Ult+Auto Attack = Creep Kill. You will need to rush Tear of the Goddess to build up the Mana Pool early on. The more mana you have, the more Health you have indirectly. For Boots, I personally like Boots of Mobility. Reason being is the ability to pop your Thrusters on and have the Mobility boots is very good. You will be able to get across the map in no time.

From here you will begin building your Banshees Veil. The proc on the sheild is what I love. Doesn't matter if its an AD champion or AP, the Veil is always a wise investment. Plus, You get more health, More mana for your mana barrier, and magic resitance for those pesky Carries.

This is where you will have a choice in what to Build next. If the opposing team is mostly AD or the AD carries are ripping you apart, you rush the Sunfire Cape. If the opposing teams' AP carries are poopin on ya, then you will build a Guardians Angel. Either or, both items will be a must have by the end of the game, but the order to build them is all on you.

Next will be your Frozen Heart. It doesn't matter if its just the AP carries doing the damage, the CDR is what is going to make you buy this item. For the exact percentage of CDR you will have, check the RUNES chapter.

*Another great item to get with Blitz is Leviathon....Yeah. Once you are comfortable enough to get it, it is fantastic. In addition to getting gold for each assist, you get more health? Okay. It is probably one of the most un-used items now, but if maxed, 15% less damage? Who wouldn't want it?*

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Extra Tips

*In Early to Mid game, the tower will be your best friend. Especially at level Two, when you have your pull and your knock up, the tower will get you easy kills and awsome E-Rep.*

*Launch your grab towards a creep that is already being killed. For example, a caster creep is throwing his snowballs at another creep, and you begin to see how much health each hit is ticking. Launch your pull right before contact so it goes right through the area where the creep was. The person hiding behind it won't expect the pull to be directed at them but towards the creep that WAS there. Little to they know, they have just been pulled and are about to die.*

*Don't Ward the bushes in the River at Bottom. That is a waste of a ward. Ward the (+) Plus Sign where dragon, the Blue Buff path, and the River all connect. So from one ward, you are watching multiple different things.*

*Flash is not only a defensive skill with Blitz, but can Easily be used for the Offensive as well. Example: You are being chased by an Over-Entending Nancy, you flash within the towers range, and pull before your flash is finished. So as soon as you land at your designated Flash area, a pull is being directed towards them into the tower. So that pull plus a knock up equals them dying to your tower and you usually running away laughing.*

*Don't use clarity when you have full mana and your Lane Partner has no mana. If you have your Tear, Use all of your spells, get the extra mana gain from the Tear, then cast clarity. So you get more mana, they get more mana, and everyone is happy.*

*Don't Pull the Garen. Easy as that. Through my hundreds of Blitz games, 99% of the time, a pull on a Garen ends of badly one way or another. lol.*

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Now that my fingers hurt from all the words, I hope that you have learned a few different things about the game and new way to play Blitz.

I will be updating this guide more and more, mostly because I think I have forgotten alot of things that should probably be put in anyways. If there is anything that I have forgotten or didn't put enough Information up, I will add more as needed. Thanks for reading and I will see you in the League!